Death Comes to Suburbia

Leslie O'Kane 
Trouble returns for cartoonist Molly Masters when Preston Saunders, the husband of Molly's least-favorite person--Stephanie--is murdered in his and Stephanie's living room. An hour earlier, Molly and Preston had a terrible argument on Molly's front porch, when he confessed that he'd stolen Molly's one ribald cartoon, which won a contest in a porn magazine with Preston posing as cartoonist "Mike" Masters. Shocked at discovering her husband's body and nine-months pregnant, Stephanie goes into labor, and Molly winds up having to play midwife.<br /><br />While holding her newborn son, Stephanie pleads with Molly to do the one thing that, as a mother herself, Molly doesn't have the heart to refuse: to help prove that Stephanie's teenage daughter did not kill her own father. Molly's quest leads her to going undercover at both the high school and the country club...and to becoming a killer's second target.<br /><br />This new in 2017 edition contains Molly's cartoons!
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