Breathing Lessons

Anne Tyler 
<b>WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE</b> • <b><i>NEW YORK TIMES</i> BESTSELLER</b> • <br /><br />“More powerful and moving than anything [Tyler] has done.” —<i>Los Angeles Times<br /><br />“A wonderful novel, glowing with the insight and compassion of an artist’s touch.” —<i>The Boston Globe</i></i><br /><br />Unfolding over the course of a single emotionally fraught day, this stunning novel encompasses a lifetime of dreams, regrets and reckonings.&#xa0; Maggie and Ira Moran are on a road trip from Baltimore, Maryland to Deer Lick, Pennsylvania to attend the funeral of a friend.&#xa0; Along the way, they reflect on the state of their marriage, its trials and its triumphs—through their quarrels, their routines, and their ability to tolerate each other’s faults with patience and affection.&#xa0; Where Maggie is quirky, lovable and mischievous, Ira is practical, methodical and mired in reason.&#xa0; What begins as a day trip becomes a revelatory and unexpected journey, as Ira and Maggie rediscover the strength of their bond and the joy of having somebody with whom to share the ride, bumps and all.<br /> Regarded by many as Tyler’s seminal work, <i>Breathing Lessons</i> celebrates the small miracles and magic of truly knowing someone, and evokes Jane Austen, Emma Straub, and other masters of the literary marriage.<br /><br />“Displays her extraordinary gifts in supreme harmony: exquisite narrative clarity, faultless comic timing, and the Tyler trademark of happy-sad characters inspiring a mid-American domestic drama that somehow slips the surly bonds of the quotidian to become timeless and universal.” —“The 100 Best Novels,” <i>The Guardian</i>
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