The Foreplay

Haleigh Lovell 
From the <b><i>New York Times</i></b> &amp;<b><i> USA Today</i></b> bestselling author, Haleigh Lovell, comes a sexy new romance. <br /><br /> “If there is one word that describes The Foreplay as a whole, I would say <b>flawless</b>. Ender and Adelaide will give you <b>life</b>! I was <b>laughing so hard</b>, I cried, but my heart was oh so warm. I’m just <b>so in love</b> with their story! Their relationship is one for the books, and that’s saying something considering this is a book.” ~ <i>Eb’s Dirty Diary</i> <br /><br /> “When it comes to foreplay, Haleigh is the queen of writing them in this <b>masterpiece</b> of a novel.” ~ <i>Cristina Reads</i> <br /><br /> “Haleigh blesses us with the <b>realness</b> that is this couple and brings you back into their world effortlessly with the same quick banter, unexpected laughs, <b>hot</b> naughty bits, and <b>sweet moments</b> that you may have missed between the first book and now.” ~ <i>Mells View</i> <br /><br /> “A <b>delicious</b> masterpiece of a story.” ~ <i>Mahoganey M, GR</i> <br /><br /> "I <b>swooned</b> and caught myself <b>smiling</b> almost through the whole book." ~ <i>Becki D, GR</i> <br /><br /> “This is a <b>beautiful story of love</b>, mutual respect, and unconditional acceptance.” ~ <i>Lori, GR</i> <br /><br /> "Once again, Ender and Adelaide <b>stole my heart</b>." ~ <i>R. Smith</i> <br /><br /> "This was my first book by Haleigh and it was <b>phenomenal</b>!" ~ <i>Tracy. G, Goodreads</i> <br /><br /> "<b>Perfection</b>! I am sold on this author. I will read anything she writes. She is a <b>SURE BET</b>. She is able to incorporate everything in this book: sweetness, hotness, angst, humor, wit, seriousness, playfulness, and realism at just the right times throughout this book." ~ <i>Konnie, GR</i> <br /><br /> THE FOREPLAY<br /> by Haleigh Lovell<br /><br /> An athlete. A scientist. A love story. <br /><br />I’m addicted to her; she’s the real deal and every woman other than her would be a placebo.<br />Her name is Adelaide and she’s a scientist with a brilliant and in-depth mind that analyzes and dissects everything.<br />Yep. She knows things. A lot of things.<br />What do I know? <br />I know I need to make her mine.<br /><br />Note: THE FOREPLAY is a deliciously sexy, full-length novel packed with heat, humor, and heart. It’s a sequel to THE SLAM, but it can also be read as a standalone.
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