His to Tease

Charlotte Byrd 
<b><i>Dark pleasure is pulling me in…</i></b><br /> I doubt that I would ever see him again. He may be<b> beautiful and flawless </b>on the outside, but he is <b>damaged and tormented </b>on the inside.&#xa0;<br /> But then he calls. Now I know that what I feel is real. It’s not just the <b>dark pleasures that are pulling me back to him.</b> It’s something more.&#xa0;<br /> Now, Aiden Black wants me to be <b>his for a week</b>. On call. To do whatever he demands. <b>Do I dare comply?</b><br /> <b></b><br /> <b><i>Praise for Charlotte Byrd&#xa0;</i></b><br /> "<i>The story is dark and enticing, taking me deeper into a world from which I never want to emerge.</i>" - Lover of Alpha<br /> <i>"Addictive and damaged, their love burns slowly but deeply." </i>- Heroes and Alphas&#xa0;<br /> <i>"Sophia and Jax' chemistry sizzles right from the beginning. He's the gorgeous and dangerous stranger we all need in our life."</i> - Making Words Up<br /> <i>"Her words made me fall in love. It slayed me!"</i> - Sizzling Books<br /> <i>"Left my head spinning! I never wanted it to end!"</i> - Heartbreakers and Heroes<br /> <i>"Her words make me ache and yearn for more." </i>- Dancer in the Dark
Suspense  Books  Romance 
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