A Mother's Goodbye

Kate Hewitt 
‘<b>Heart-wrenching and captivating… as good as anything Jodi Picoult and Diane Chamberlain have ever written… gripping, engrossing and compelling</b>’ <i>Bookish Jottings</i><br /> <b></b><br /> <b>‘My arms ache with the need to reach and hold my precious child, and then to never let go. But I can’t. I know I can’t.’</b><br /><br /> <b>Heather</b>&#xa0;is devastated. There’s no way she can keep her baby. She can barely pay the bills as it is. But&#xa0;when she meets <b>Grace</b>, a wealthy, single career woman, who wants a baby more than anything, Heather believes she has found the perfect adoptive mother.<br /> &#xa0;<br /> As Grace and Heather’s lives become entwined, they are tested to breaking point, though neither can deny the other’s love for the child. But just when they think they are learning how to live with each other, they receive devastating news that turns their fragile world upside down.<br /><br /> Will either mother know what is the right thing to do for the child they both love?&#xa0;<br /><br /> <b>An absolutely gripping, emotional drama with a tear-jerking twist. If you love Jodi Picoult, Kelly Rimmer or Diane Chamberlain, this will warm your heart, make you cry, and stay with you forever.</b><br /><br /> What readers are saying about <i>A Mother’s Goodbye</i><br /><br /> ‘This is <b>an absolutely stunning novel</b> … The story is told with empathy and compassion and I literally couldn’t put the book down… I found the story <b>incredibly moving</b> and shed tears on several occasions… I thought it was <b>powerful, honest and an excellent, unmissable read</b>…I am so happy that I have at last discovered this incredibly talented author’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars<br /><br /> <b>‘This is a powerful story of love and heartbreak. I read this book with tears streaming down my face in some parts. It is real, visceral and so emotional.</b> I felt so much empathy for both the women and could understand totally their points of view..<b>. The gut-wrenching decisions that had to be made were so realistic and so poignant.’ </b>Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars<br /><br /> ‘A very moving read. I really felt for Heather. <b>I just couldn't put it down</b>… loved the story and the characters. This was very well written… even <b>brought tears to my eyes</b>’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars<br /><br /> ‘There are so many different emotional subjects, it just feels like you’re on a rollercoaster ride full of sympathy, grief, sadness and sorrow.&#xa0; That does make it sound like it’s a whole book of sadness though, which it’s not!&#xa0; It’s also full of love, affection and warmth.&#xa0; <b>A highly recommended read, just keep your tissues close by – you’re going to need them!’ </b><i>Stardust Book Reviews</i><br /><br /> <b>‘Really gripping… This is a very emotional story and I'm not ashamed to tell you I had to put this book down and step away from it a few times because I couldn't stop crying.</b> I love a book that can create these sorts of reactions from the reader and despite feeling heartbroken towards the end I still couldn't put this book down!’&#xa0; Goodreads reviewer<br /> &#xa0;<br /> ‘<i>A Mother’s Goodbye</i> is a riveting story. It is indeed very touching. I thought the story was already pulling at my heartstrings, but then <b>there was a twist, one so tragic, that I read much of the story with a lump in my throat</b>.’&#xa0; Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars<br /><br /> ‘<b>This book was so well written and genuine.</b> Told from both women's viewpoints, the reader gets a look inside how a perspective mother feels when adopting and how a birth mother feels giving her child away. <b>Heart-wrenching, fast paced and a major tear jerker, this book is a must read.’ </b>Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars<br /> <b></b><br /> &#xa0;‘What a <b>powerful and gut-wrenching</b> story about making hard choices and then living with the results. And when you finally get the chance to have what you thought you wanted, another decision&#xa0; to be made: is this what is really for the best? <b>This book brought me to tears</b>!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars<br /><br /> ‘This book was so absolutely heartbreaking… It’s <b>one of the best books I've read</b>’ Goodreads reviewer<br /><br /> ‘<b>This book touched me and made me sad and happy and I loved it so much.’ </b><i>Gidget’s Reading</i><br /> <b></b><br /> <b>&#xa0;‘Well written, touching and heart wrenching</b>… this story will grab you and not let go.’ Goodreads reviewer<br /><br /> <b>‘This is a tale with such depth, pure gut wrenching pain, beware you will need tissues</b> … A mesmerising read from beginning to end’ <i>Ali the Dragon Slayer</i>
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