Burning for the Baron

Alyson Chase 
<i>Like a moth to the flame… </i><br /><br />Maximillian Atwood, Baron of Sutton, is consumed with guilt. The lives he saved as a spy for the Crown are never enough to atone for those he destroyed. Retired now, the woman he hurt the most is the one he can't avoid. She works for him, haunts his dreams … sets his body on fire. She's the woman he desires most, and she doesn't know he's responsible for her husband's death.<br /><br />Longing for independence, Colleen Bonner takes on a scandalous new job as manager for a bawdyhouse. Having money in her pocket feels heavenly; the way her new employer makes her burn feels even better. But she won't let the searing heat she and Max create melt her heart. Because Colleen has a secret of her own and if discovered, her life could go down in flames.<br /><br />When an enemy from Max's past resurfaces and takes aim at Colleen, Max is torn between duty … and revenge. For now that he knows what it truly means to love, he'll do anything to protect Colleen, even if it means watching their future together go up in smoke.
Erotic Romance  Books  Romance  Historical  Suspense 
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