Summer Snoops and Cozy Crimes: 12 Mysteries for the Dog Days of Summer

Judith Lucci  Cindy Bell  Colleen Mooney  Amy Vansant  Colleen Helme  Kim Hunt Harris  Anna Celeste Burke  Ava Mallory  Sandi Scott  Susan Boles  Sam Cheever   Anne R. Tan 
Have a howlingly good read during the dog days of summer with a dozen cozy mysteries from Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors.&#xa0;Murder lurks in every corner during the dog days of summer. Solve the mystery as our snoops leash the criminals – at the beach, at the farm, on the mountain – everywhere!<br /><br />Solve the mystery as our snoops leash the criminals. Fetch it now and read the twelve best mysteries of the summer!<br /><br /><b>Summer&#xa0;Snoops and Cozy Crimes includes never before published books by:</b><br /><br />WSJ Bestselling Author Judith Lucci&#xa0;-&#xa0; Gawd Almighty &amp; the Corn<br /><br />WSJ Bestselling Author&#xa0;Cindy Bell&#xa0; -&#xa0; Murder at Pawprint Creek<br /><br />WSJ Bestselling Author&#xa0;Colleen Mooney -Dog Gone and&#xa0; Dead<br /><br />USA Today and&#xa0;WSJ Bestselling Author&#xa0;Amy Vansant - Summer Teeth<br /><br />WSJ Bestselling Author&#xa0;Colleen Helme - A Midsummer Night's Murder<br /><br />WSJ Bestselling Author&#xa0;Kim Hunt Harris - The Murder of Bandera Bandito<br /><br />USA Today Bestselling&#xa0;Author&#xa0;Anna Celeste Burke -&#xa0;A Body on Fitzgerald's Bluff<br /><br />Ava Mallory - A Dream Stray-Cation<br /><br />Sandi Scott - Croquembouche Murder<br /><br />Susan Boles&#xa0; - Death on the Beach<br /><br />USA Today&#xa0;Bestselling Author&#xa0;Sam Cheever - Toxic Tech<br /><br />Anne R. Tan - Just Lost and Found<br /><br />Bonus recipes from the authors are included!
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