A Shameless Little Con

Meli Raine 
I didn’t do it.<br /><br /> I never betrayed my friend.<br /><br /> Last year, I was kidnapped along with presidential candidate’s daughter Lindsay Bosworth, forced to help her assailants, my mother implicated in one of the biggest political scandals in American history.<br /><br /> I've been cleared of any wrongdoing, but that doesn’t matter. Once you’re tried by the media, you’re guilty as sin. The truth doesn’t get the public’s attention.<br /><br /> But shame? Shame <i>sells</i>.<br /><br /> And everyone assumes you’re tainted.<br /><br /> Now I have my own personal security team, courtesy of the United States government. Not the one you learned about in civics class, though.<br /><br /> I’m being tracked by the deep state. The shadow government. They’ve assigned Silas Gentian to be with me twenty-four seven. He thinks he knows everything about me – all of it bad -- and he does.<br /><br /> On paper.<br /><br /> Like everyone else, he assumes I’m a traitor. A backstabber. A betrayer. Someone who helped a group of violent psychopaths, puppets of powerful men in Washington who made me into a tool.<br /><br /> Yet I see how he looks at me. True desire can’t be faked.&#xa0;<br /><br /> Or hidden.&#xa0;<br /><br /> And that goes both ways.<br /><br /> He assumes I’m trying to fool him.<br /><br /> And he might be right.<br /><br /> But not for the reasons he thinks.<br /><br /> <i>A Shameless Little Con</i> is the first book in the Shameless trilogy by <i>USA Today</i> bestselling author Meli Raine.
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