Iron Wolves MC, Books 1-4

Elle Boon 
<b><i>Iron Wolves 1-4</i></b><br /><br /><b><i>Blurbs</i></b><br /><br />Get the first four books of the bestselling Iron Wolves in this four book set. Four larger than life alphas, who are sexy as sin, yet when they find their mates, they find a side to themselves they'd never known. Books also include heroines who are never to stupid to live and are every bit as amazing as the heroes.<br /><br />Warning: contains sexy alphas, fearsome fights, fiery love scenes and fiercely protective mates that can melt even the toughest feminine heart. Oh, and did I mention there's a crazy Fae Queen you can't help but love?<br /><br /><i><b>Lyric’s Accidental Mate, book 1: </b><b>A WOMAN IN NEED OF SAVING…A TOUGH AS NAILS SOLDIER…A LOVE BEYOND REASON…</b></i><i>When They Collide, everything changes…</i>&#xa0;<br /><br /><b>Xan’s Feisty Mate, book 2: </b><b>A FEMALE SHIFTER LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO LOVE…THE ALPHA WITH AN ATTITUDE...</b><b> </b><i>What happens when someone threatens the woman he denies is his? He’ll tear the world apart to protect her.&#xa0;</i><br /><br /><b><i>Kellen’s Tempting Mate, </i></b><b>book 3</b><b><i>:</i></b><b><i> </i></b><b>AN UNDENIABLE BOND…THE BIG BAD ALPHA…A NOT SO NAÏVE SHE WOLF<i>…</i></b><i>Will Kellen be able to claim his mate before she’s taken away from him forever?</i><br /><br /><b><i>Slater’s Enchanted Mate,</i></b><b> book<i> 4</i></b><b><i>: </i></b><b>WOUNDED AND HIDDEN FOR YEARS…NEVER ONE TO BACK DOWN…WHEN YOU STIR A HORNET’S NEST<i>…</i></b><i> When you stir a hornet’s nest…you should always be prepared for what might come out.&#xa0;</i>
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