Willow Summers 
CODE NAME: BLAZE<br /><br /> All the girls call me Blaze. I set panties on fire. I'm damn good at what I do. <br /><br /> With all the money pouring in, I’m going to ride this gig as long as possible.&#xa0;<br /><br /> But I’ve always got time to help out a friend.&#xa0;<br /><br /> So when my girl-bro Janie is in trouble with rent, I figure I’ll do the right thing and move in with her. Why not? It saves me money.<br /><br /> The problem is, when she starts wandering around in her under-roos, something occurs to me that hasn’t before: Not only is she awesomely sassy, she’s a scorching hot little number.<br /><br /> Suddenly the move doesn’t seem like such a great idea. Not if I want to keep my sanity while trying to keep my hands to myself.<br /><br /> * * *<br /><br /> NOT-THE-CLIENT: JANIE<br /><br /> Dave is rolling in money. Why he wants to come slum it with me, I have no idea, but whatever. It saves me money. I’m not worried about it.<br /><br /> Besides, his unorthodox career is awesomely taboo. If I only had as much money as he did, I’d pay for a night with him. You know, just to say I’d done it.&#xa0;<br /><br /> There’s another thing he fires up in me.<br /><br /> My desire to paint…him. Nude. And hard.<br /><br /> But he’s off-limits. Hookers can’t be in stable relationships. It would never work.&#xa0;<br /><br /> If only my muse, and my desire, would line up with my logic.
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