In Too Deep

Jordan Marie 
I did a bad thing.<br /><br />I did a <i>really </i>bad thing.<br /><br />I’m not a bad person, I swear. I just made a few mistakes.<br /><br /><b>Mistake number one</b> was agreeing to rent my hotel out to an insufferable a**hole, named Aden Smith­.<br /><br /><b>Mistake number two</b> was ignoring his threats to sue me when he handed over a list of items he deemed <i>“unacceptable”</i>.<br /><br /><b>Mistake number three</b> was saving his life when he fell.&#xa0;<i>It would have been less complicated to hide his body. </i><br /><br />When the hospital refuses to let me know how he is,&#xa0;I panic.<br /><br />Claiming to be his wife might be <b>my biggest mistake</b> yet—especially when he believes me!<br /><br />He might have been the one in an ambulance, but I’m sinking in a bed of lies, going down fast—and there’s not a rescue in sight.<br /><br />Standalone Romantic Comedy
Contemporary  Books  Romance  Fiction & Literature  Romantic Comedy  New Adult 
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