Detour (A Romantic Suspense Novel)

Sylvie Kurtz 
Sierra Martindale was one of the best P.I.s in the business... until life stopped her cold with one hell of a detour.<br /><br /> For Sierra, risk came with the job, and all risks were calculated to come out in her favor. Until her heart gave out while evading a target.<br /><br /> Following a lifesaving transplant, Sierra awoke with another woman's heart beating in her chest, a new aversion to risk, and an insistent voice in her head telling her the donor's death wasn't an accident.<br /><br /> Sierra sets out to find the truth for the woman who'd given her a second chance at life. But every step forces Sierra deeper into danger--and right into the arms of the haunted widower who loved and lost her donor.<br /><br /> OTHER ROMANTIC SUSPENSE by Sylvie Kurtz<br /> Hidden Legacy<br /> One Texas Night<br /> Personal Enemy<br /> Detour<br /><br /> OTHER TITLES by Sylvie Kurtz<br /> Broken Wings<br /> Silver Shadows<br /> A Little Christmas Magic<br />
Suspense  Books  Romance  Mysteries & Thrillers 
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