Bride of the Dragons

Selina Coffey 
<b>Elokon</b><b> and Siron have yet to find a mate.</b><br /><br />Elokon became the alpha of his tribe three months ago, and since then, the human towns nearby have sent a dozen women in tribute, and even the women of nearby dragon tribes have sought them out. Elokon's tribe is powerful and any dragon would be pleased to bear a child of his bloodline.&#xa0;<br /><br />But neither he nor Siron has seen a single woman that awakens the mating instinct. At long last, the High Dragon has passed down an edict: find a mate, or Elokon will be stripped of his power and banished. There is no place in the Dragonlands for an alpha who will not carry on the old bloodlines.<br /><br /><b>As the third daughter of an impoverished Earl, Adelina has no dowry and no prospects.</b><br /><br />Desperate not to become a priestess, she makes a plan: when the High Dragon's court comes for their historic meeting with the human king, she will be so alluring that she can steal the heart of one of the richest noblemen at court. She has worked late into the night, sewing herself a dress that will catch anyone's eye.&#xa0;<br /><br />During the festivities, she knows she can tempt someone into an indiscretion…<br /><br />But much to her shock, that someone isn't human. Furthermore, it's not one someone, but two. And now that they've found their mate, Elokon and Siron aren't planning to let her go.<br /><br />Author's Note: This book contains mature language and themes, intended for adults only!<br />&#xa0;
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