Rushing In

Lexi Ryan 
&lt;i&gt;In the football world, quarterback Christopher Montgomery is known for his cool-headedness, his determination, and his steely self-control. He’s about to meet his match. &lt;/i&gt;<br /><br /> ***<br /> I would do anything to help out my mother, including taking in a stranger for the summer.<br /><br /> I’ve never met Grace Lee, but Mom tells me she’s a quiet and artsy college student with a troubled past. When I agreed to let her stay with me, I expected to share my apartment with a sullen girl who’d spend hours locked in her room.<br /><br /> As the quarterback leading my team to victory, I’m known for keeping a level head under pressure. I didn’t anticipate a walking fantasy determined to make me lose my cool.<br /><br /> I didn’t expect a woman with secrets so dark, so deep, I’d throw away everything if it would save her from the past.<br /><br /> Rushing in to do this favor is turning my life upside down. Keep her out of trouble? Grace is the trouble. And I want in.<br /><br /> RUSHING IN is a standalone novel and the second in The Blackhawk Boys series.<br /><br /> <i>Football. Secrets. Lies. Passion. These boys don’t play fair. Which Blackhawk Boy will steal your heart?</i><br /><br /> Book 1 - SPINNING OUT (Arrow’s story)&#xa0;<br /> Book 2 -&#xa0;RUSHING&#xa0;IN (Christopher’s story)&#xa0;<br /> Book 3 - GOING UNDER (Sebastian’s story)<br /> Book 4 - FALLING HARD (Keegan’s story)<br /> Book 5 - IN TOO DEEP (Mason’s story)
Contemporary  Books  Romance 
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