Rapturous, Quantum Series, Book 4

Marie Force 
<b>Control is his mantra…until one woman breaks his control—and his heart.</b><br /><br /> INCLUDES a TAME version of <i>Rapturous</i> IN THE BACK of the STEAMY version!<br /><br /> The story begun in the initial Quantum Trilogy picks up on Oscar night after Academy Award-winning director Hayden Roth kisses the woman he desires above all others, even though he knows she can never be his. Addison York craves her boss’s best friend, Hayden, but he has never given her an ounce of encouragement—until tonight when he kissed her after winning the Oscar. Was that kiss the start of something or another in a long line of frustrations where Hayden is concerned? Something is keeping him from acting on the attraction that simmers between them, and Addie is determined to find out what it is. But when she stumbles upon the secret that Hayden, Flynn and her other close friends have kept from her, will she allow hurt feelings to get in the way of true love? When Hayden won’t share his BDSM lifestyle with her, Addie decides to conduct her own research. Will she be intrigued or repulsed? And what will Hayden do when he finds out how she’s been spending her evenings?&#xa0;<br /><br /> Warning: If you hate foul-mouthed heroes who like it a little rough and dirty, this might not be the book for you…. Contains hot and sexy BDSM scenes among other things that might not appeal to the faint of heart. Enter at your own risk and enjoy the sensual indulgence of Hayden and Addie’s steamy story! <br /><br /> <b>The Quantum Series</b><br /> Book 1: Virtuous (Flynn &amp; Natalie, part 1)<br /> Book 2: Valorous (Flynn &amp; Natalie, part 2)<br /> Book 3: Victorious (Flynn &amp; Natalie, part 3)<br /> Book 4: Rapturous (Hayden &amp; Addie, stand alone)<br /> Book 5: Ravenous (Jasper &amp; Ellie, stand alone)<br /> Book 6: Delirious (Kristian &amp; Aileen, stand alone)<br /> Book 7: Outrageous (Emmett &amp; Leah, stand alone)
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