Beneath These Scars

Meghan March 
From<i>&#xa0;New York Times, Wall Street Journal,</i> and <i>USA Today</i>&#xa0;bestselling author Meghan March comes a&#xa0;<b>sexy new standalone</b>&#xa0;in the Beneath series.&#xa0;<b>Are you ready to fall in love with the villain?&#xa0;</b><br /> I’m the guy you love to hate.&#xa0;<br /> In every story in my life, I seem to end up playing the villain—and I’ve got the scars to prove it.<br /> That role works fine for me, because I’m sure as hell not anyone’s hero.&#xa0;<br /> I run my life and my empire with an iron fist—until she knocks my tightly controlled world off its axis.<br /> She’s nobody’s damsel in distress, but I can’t help but want to save her anyway.<br /> I guess we’re about to find out if there’s a hero buried beneath these scars.<br /> * * *&#xa0;<br /> See what reviewers are saying:&#xa0;<br /> "This book was&#xa0;<b>EVERY-FREAKING-THING</b>&#xa0;to me." --Author Amy Daws&#xa0;<br /><br /> "When other readers ask if I have a list of books I'll read over and over again,&#xa0;<i>Beneath These Scars</i>&#xa0;will be in the top ten I recommend." --Goodreads Reviewer<br /><br /> "I was&#xa0;<b>hooked and in love</b>&#xa0;from page one."--Goodreads reviewer
Suspense  Books  Romance 
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