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1 Effortless Healing

Author : Dr. Joseph Mercola & David Perlmutter, M.D.
Genre :  Health & Fitness  Books  Health, Mind & Body 
Price :  $1.99
Release Date :  2015-02-24
Description :  <b>Let your body do the work...</b><br />&#xa0;<br />Do you have to tell your leg to heal from a scrape? Your lungs to take in air? Your body that it’s hungry? No. Your body does these things automatically, effortlessly. Vibrant health is your birthright and within your grasp; you just have to step out of the way. In <i>Effortless Healing,</i> online health pioneer, natural medicine advocate, and bestselling author Dr. Joseph Mercola reveals the nine simple secrets to a healthier, thinner you. The results are amazing and the steps can be as easy to implement as:<br />&#xa0;<br />•&#xa0;Throwing ice cubes in your water to make it more “structured”<br />•&#xa0;Skipping breakfast, as it could be making you fat<br />•&#xa0;Eating up to 75 percent of your calories each day in fat for optimal health, <i>reduction</i> of heart disease, and cancer prevention<br />•&#xa0;Avoiding certain meat and fish, but enjoying butter<br />•&#xa0;Eating sauerkraut (and other fermented foods) to improve your immune system and your mood<br />•&#xa0;Walking barefoot outside to decrease system-wide inflammation (and because it just feels great)<br />•&#xa0;Enjoying a laugh: it’s as good for your blood vessels as fifteen minutes of exercise<br />&#xa0;<br /><i>Effortless Healing</i> is the distillation of decades of Dr. Mercola’s experience and cutting-edge medical knowledge. With his wisdom and that of your body, you can optimize your health, your weight, and your life…effortlessly.

2 Fat for Fuel

Author : Dr. Joseph Mercola
Genre :  Health & Fitness  Books  Health, Mind & Body  Professional & Technical  Medical 
Price :  $14.99
Release Date :  2017-05-16
Description :  For over a century, we’ve accepted the scientific consensus that cancer results from genetic disease due to chromosomal damage in cell nuclei. But what if cancer isn’t a genetic disease after all? What if scientists are chasing a flawed paradigm, and cancer isn’t a disease of damaged DNA but rather of <i>defective metabolism as a result of mitochondrial dysfunction</i>? What if that startling truth could revolutionize our understanding of other diseases as well—and show us a radical new path to optimal health?<br /><br />In this groundbreaking guide, the first of its kind, <i>New York Times</i> best-selling author and leading natural-health practitioner Joseph Mercola explains how nearly all disease is caused by defective metabolic processes. Then he reveals what’s really causing your metabolism to go haywire: damage and dysfunction in the mitochondria, thousands of which are at work in nearly every cell in your body, generating 90 percent of the energy you need to stay alive and well. When mitochondria become damaged in large numbers, it is impossible to stay healthy.<br /><br />Dr. Mercola shows you that you can to take control of your health simply by giving your body the proper fuel—and it’s not what you’ve likely been led to believe. A <i>ketogenic</i> diet, very low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats, is the way to optimize the biochemical pathways that suppress disease and support healing. And the benefits can be astonishing—not only in treating or preventing serious illness, but in boosting your brainpower, increasing your energy, helping you lose weight and keep it off, and much more.<br /><br />As you read this book, you’ll learn in clear, rational terms how your body works at a molecular level. You’ll finally understand the type of fuel it’s designed to burn in the most efficient way possible. You’ll find detailed guidelines for starting and sticking with a ketogenic eating plan. And you won’t have to wait a decade or two for metabolic mitochondrial therapy to make its way into the mainstream. You can build a healthier body and brain at the cutting edge of this exciting new discipline, starting right now.

3 The No-Grain Diet

Author : Dr. Joseph Mercola
Genre :  Health & Fitness  Books  Health, Mind & Body  Cookbooks, Food & Wine  Special Diet 
Price :  $9.99
Release Date :  2003-04-28
Description :  <i>New York Times </i><b>bestseller</b><br /><br />With his revolutionary no-grain diet, online health pioneer, natural medicine advocate, and bestselling author Dr. Mercola will show you how to conquer food cravings and stay slim for life.&#xa0;<br /><b>&#xa0;</b><br />The debate is raging from the FDA to the nightly news: Why are 65 percent of all Americans overweight or obese? The USDA says it’s fat.<br /><br />Dr. Mercola says it’s grains and carbohydrates.<b><br /></b><br />It is finally time for the nutritional truth to come out. <i>The No-Grain Diet</i> explodes the myths of the low-fat diet and reveals the unhealthy&#xa0;aspects of other protein diets, instead providing you with a diet that really works, that is healthy, and that anyone can stay on for life.<i><br /></i><br />No more cravings, no more yo-yo dieting, no more confusion. <i>The No-Grain Diet</i> is the last diet book you will ever need. <b>Be on your way to good health in three days!<br /><br /></b>“<i>A</i>n easy-to-read guide that provides important new information about the health problems and nutritional shortcomings&#xa0;of grain-based diets. Moreover, Dr. Mercola lays out a nutritional plan for weight loss and good health that closely resembles humanity’s original culinary fare: lean meats, fresh fruits, and vegetables.”<br />—LOREN CORDAIN, PhD, author of <i>The Paleo Diet</i><br /><br />“If you are seeking a dietary plan that will truly help you lose weight and be healthy—permanently—read this essential book!”<br />—JOHN GRAY, author of <i>The Mars &amp; Venus Diet &amp; Exercise Solution</i><br /><br /><i>From the Trade Paperback edition.</i>

4 Fat for Fuel Ketogenic Cookbook

Author : Dr. Joseph Mercola & Pete Evans
Genre :  Special Diet  Books  Cookbooks, Food & Wine  Health, Mind & Body  Health & Fitness 
Price :  $14.99
Release Date :  2017-11-14
Description :  Hippocrates himself wrote that food is medicine. Today, natural-health expert <b>Dr. Joseph Mercola</b> and top Australian chef <b>Pete Evans</b> share the firm belief that food can be a tool to reshape our health. Now they’ve joined forces to put this tool in readers’ hands in an illustrated guide to eating the ketogenic way.<br /><br />Drawing on Dr. Mercola’s expertise and visionary work in natural medicine, and Evans’s experience as an award-winning restaurateur, cookbook author, and TV chef, this book offers:<br />a “Health 101” course that covers metabolism, digestion, gut health, diabetes, and moreguidance for a healthy lifestyle, from fitness, sleep, and stress relief to stocking a ketogenic kitchen100 delicious recipes aligned with both ketogenic and Paleo principles<br />Juices, soups, salads, meals, and snacks—all the recipes include complete nutrition facts, and all are illustrated with gorgeous full-color photographs shot in Pete Evans’s own studio.

5 Siła zdrowych nawyków. Proste codzienne czynności, które pomogą wzmocnić odporność, zapobiec chorobom i żyć dłużej

Author : Dr. Joseph Mercola
Genre :  Health & Fitness  Books  Health, Mind & Body 
Price :  $8.99
Release Date :  2015-12-23
Description :  Czy wiesz, że śniadanie wcale nie musi być najważniejszym posiłkiem w ciągu dnia? A wrzucanie kostki lodu do wypijanej codziennie szklanki wody wzmacnia odporność, pomaga spalać tłuszcz i nawadnia organizm bardziej niż woda bez lodu? Z kolei podczas śmiechu rozszerzają się naczynia krwionośne, a organizm spala tłuszcz, więc zamiast ćwiczyć – po prostu możesz się dużo śmiać. Niesamowite? To nie są cudowne triki, które odkrywają naukowcy w najnowszych badaniach. To siła samouzdrawiania, która drzemie w twoim organizmie - wystarczy, że pozwolisz mu działać. Doktor Joseph Mercola, słynny lekarz, niekwestionowany autorytet w dziedzinie medycyny naturalnej i autor bestsellerów, w książce „Siła zdrowych nawyków” ujawnia dziewięć prostych kroków do zdrowia. To zbiór cennych wskazówek, które pomogą wzmocnić odporność i sprawią, że bez specjalnego wysiłku i wyrzeczeń, będziesz dbał o swoje ciało każdego dnia. Z książki dowiesz się m. in., że: Masło wcale nie jest tak niezdrowe, jak próbują ci wmówić wszyscy wokół; Niektóre gazowane napoje zawierają substancje, które mogą uszkadzać komórki mózgu; Kiszonki nie tylko wzmacniają system odpornościowy, ale tez poprawiają nastrój i działają antydepresyjnie; Chodzenie boso uzdrawia stany zapalne w całym organizmie (i jest po prostu przyjemne). Skorzystaj z wiedzy doktora Mercoli i odkryj, że dzięki drobnym zmianom codziennych nawyków można radykalnie poprawić zdrowie i życie… bez wysiłku.

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