Michael Paterniti

1 The Telling Room

Author : Michael Paterniti
Genre :  Biographies & Memoirs  Books  Cookbooks, Food & Wine  Regional & Ethnic  Travel & Adventure  Europe 
Price :  $11.99
Release Date :  2013-07-30
Description :  <b><i>NEW YORK TIMES</i> BESTSELLER •&#xa0;NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY</b><br /> <b>NPR • <i>Entertainment Weekly • Kirkus Reviews • The Christian Science Monitor</i></b><br /><br />In the picturesque village of Guzmán, Spain, in a cave dug into a hillside on the edge of town, an ancient door leads to a cramped limestone chamber known as “the telling room.” Containing nothing but a wooden table and two benches, this is where villagers have gathered for centuries to share their stories and secrets—usually accompanied by copious amounts of wine.<br /> &#xa0;<br /> It was here, in the summer of 2000, that Michael Paterniti found himself listening to a larger-than-life Spanish cheesemaker named Ambrosio Molinos de las Heras as he spun an odd and compelling tale about a piece of cheese. An unusual piece of cheese. Made from an old family recipe, Ambrosio’s cheese was reputed to be among the finest in the world, and was said to hold mystical qualities. Eating it, some claimed, conjured long-lost memories. But then, Ambrosio said, things had gone horribly wrong. . . .<br /><br /> By the time the two men exited the telling room that evening, Paterniti was hooked. Soon he was fully embroiled in village life, relocating his young family to Guzmán in order to chase the truth about this cheese and explore the fairy tale–like place where the villagers conversed with farm animals, lived by an ancient Castilian code of honor, and made their wine and food by hand, from the grapes growing on a nearby hill and the flocks of sheep floating over the Meseta.<br /><br /> What Paterniti ultimately discovers there in the highlands of Castile is nothing like the idyllic slow-food fable he first imagined. Instead, he’s sucked into the heart of an unfolding mystery, a blood feud that includes accusations of betrayal and theft, death threats, and a murder plot. As the village begins to spill its long-held secrets, Paterniti finds himself implicated in the very story he is writing.<br /><br /> Equal parts mystery and memoir, travelogue and history, <i>The Telling Room </i>is an astonishing work of literary nonfiction by one of our most accomplished storytellers. A moving exploration of happiness, friendship, and betrayal, <i>The Telling Room</i> introduces us to Ambrosio Molinos de las Heras, an unforgettable real-life literary hero, while also holding a mirror up to the world, fully alive to the power of stories that define and sustain us.<br /><br /><b>Praise for <i>The Telling Room</i></b> <br /><br />“Captivating . . . Paterniti’s writing sings, whether he’s talking about how food activates memory, or the joys of watching his children grow.”<b>—NPR</b><i><br /></i>

2 Love and Other Ways of Dying

Author : Michael Paterniti
Genre :  Essays  Books  Fiction & Literature  Biographies & Memoirs  Travel & Adventure  Essays & Memoirs 
Price :  $14.99
Release Date :  2015-03-03
Description :  <b>LONGLISTED FOR THE NATIONAL BOOK AWARD • <b>NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY <i>KIRKUS REVIEWS •&#xa0;</i></b>In this moving, lyrical, and ultimately uplifting collection of essays, Michael Paterniti turns a keen eye on the full range of human experience, introducing us to an unforgettable cast of everyday people.</b><br /><br /> Michael Paterniti is one of the most original and empathic storytellers working today. His writing has been described as “humane, devastating, and beautiful” by Elizabeth Gilbert, “spellbinding” by Anthony Doerr, and “expansive and joyful” by George Saunders. In the seventeen wide-ranging essays collected for the first time in <i>Love and Other Ways of Dying, </i>he brings his full literary powers to bear, pondering happiness and grief, memory and the redemptive power of human connection.<br /><br /> In the remote Ukranian countryside, Paterniti picks apples (and faces mortality) with a real-life giant; in Nanjing, China, he confronts a distraught jumper on a suicide bridge; in Dodge City, Kansas, he takes up residence at a roadside hotel and sees, firsthand, the ways in which the racial divide turns neighbor against neighbor. In each instance, Paterniti illuminates the full spectrum of human experience, introducing us to unforgettable everyday people and bygone legends, exploring the big ideas and emotions that move us. Paterniti reenacts François Mitterrand’s last meal in a rustic dining room in France and drives across America with Albert Einstein’s brain in the trunk of his rental car, floating in a Tupperware container. He delves with heartbreaking detail into the aftermath of a plane crash off the coast of Nova Scotia, an earthquake in Haiti, and a tsunami in Japan—and, in searing swirls of language, unearths the complicated, hidden truths these moments of extremity teach us about our ability to endure, and to love.<br /><br /> Michael Paterniti has spent the past two decades grappling with some of our most powerful subjects and incomprehensible events, taking an unflinching point of view that seeks to edify as it resists easy answers. At every turn, his work attempts to make sense of both love and loss, and leaves us with a profound sense of what it means to be human. As he writes in the Introduction to this book, “The more we examine the grooves and scars of this life, the more free and complete we become.”<br /><br /><b>Praise for Michael Paterniti and <i>Love and Other Ways of Dying<br /></i></b><br />“One of the best books I’ve read all year . . . These pieces are exceptional artifacts of literary journalism.”<b>—Mark O’Connell, <i>Slate</i></b><br /><br /> “These pieces are extraordinary. . . . Journalism elevated beyond its ordinary capacities, well into the realm of literature.”<b>—<i>Columbia Journalism Review</i></b><br /><br /> “A fearless, spellbinding collection of inquiries by a brilliant, globally minded essayist whose writing is magic and whose worldview brims with compassion . . . The size of Michael Paterniti’s curiosity is matched only by the size of his heart.”<b>—Anthony Doerr, author of <i>All the Light We Cannot See</i></b><br /><br /> “Michael Paterniti is a genius.”<b>—Elizabeth Gilbert, author of <i>The Signature of All Things</i></b><br /><br /> “One of the best living practitioners of the art of literary journalism, able to fully elucidate and humanize the everyday and the epic.”<b>—Dave Eggers, author of <i>The Circle</i></b><br /><br />“In each of these essays, Michael Paterniti unveils life for us, the beauty and heartbreak of it, as we would never see it ourselves but now can never forget it. Paterniti is brilliant—a rare master—and one of my favorite authors on earth.”<b>—Lily King, author of <i>Euphoria</i></b><br /><br /><i>From the Hardcover edition.</i>

3 Driving Mr. Albert

Author : Michael Paterniti
Genre :  Biographies & Memoirs  Books 
Price :  $12.99
Release Date :  2000-07-11
Description :  Albert Einstein's brain floats in a Tupperware bowl in a gray duffel bag in the trunk of a Buick Skylark barreling across America. Driving the car is journalist Michael Paterniti. Sitting next to him is an eighty-four-year-old pathologist named Thomas Harvey, who performed the autopsy on Einstein in 1955 -- then simply removed the brain and took it home. And kept it for over forty years. <br /><br />On a cold February day, the two men and the brain leave New Jersey and light out on I-70 for sunny California, where Einstein's perplexed granddaughter, Evelyn, awaits. And riding along as the imaginary fourth passenger is Einstein himself, an id-driven genius, the original galactic slacker with his head in the stars. Part travelogue, part memoir, part history, part biography, and part meditation, <b>Driving Mr. Albert</b> is one of the most unique road trips in modern literature.

4 Pravidla sýrárny

Author : Michael Paterniti
Genre :  Antiques & Collectibles  Books  Lifestyle & Home 
Price :  $9.99
Release Date :  2015-01-01
Description :  Příběh nejen o lásce, zradě a pomstě…, ale také o kousku nejvzácnějšího sýra na světě.&#xa0;Co všechno může způsobit kousek vynikajícího sýra? Páramo de Guzmán, domácí sýr vyráběný v jedné rodině po celé generace, dokáže neuvěřitelné věci. Přenese vás do&#xa0;časů, kdy jídlo bylo opravdové a znamenalo daleko víc než jen plný žaludek. Anebo ve vás probudí touhu po vzdálených světech, po jiných kulturách, než je ta zběsilá americká, ale třeba také touhu stát se úspěšným novinářem, jezdit po světě a hledat právě takové příběhy, jako je příběh sýraře Ambrosia. Právě takovou touhu vzbudil i v&#xa0;čerstvém absolventovi kurzu tvůrčího psaní Michaelovi, který se nakonec rozhodne splnit si svůj mladický sen a vydá se do zapadlé vesnice na španělské Mesetě hledat tajemství vzestupu a pádu sýra Páramo de Guzmán a jeho tvůrce. Samozřejmě záhy pozná, že věci nejsou vždycky takové, jak se jeví okouzleným očím. Zároveň ale objeví něco mnohem tajemnějšího, složitějšího a zajímavějšího – spletitý příběh lásky, přátelství a zrady, která může člověka přivést až k&#xa0;vraždě, nebo taky k&#xa0;odpuštění a poznání. A navíc najde i přátele, pochopení a odpovědi na daleko více otázek, než si na začátku své cesty vůbec dokázal položit. Napínavá i poetická kniha novináře Michaela Paternitiho, zabydlená skutečnými lidmi, překračuje hranice žánrů. Je to cestopis, kulinární průvodce a poučný exkurz do španělských dějin, kultury a zejména mentality. Zavede nás do tradiční španělské „povídárny“ nad vinným sklepem, kde si lidé na tvrdých lavicích nad červeným vínem už po staletí vyprávějí příběhy, jako je ten o sýru, který vás dokáže přenést do dětství.***&#xa0;Michael Paterniti na sebe upozornil už svou první knihou Řidič pana Alberta (Driving Mr. Albert, 2001), líčící putování Amerikou s&#xa0;ukradeným mozkem legendárního fyzika v&#xa0;kufru auta a s&#xa0;obtížným patologem na sedadle spolujezdce. Za své články, které publikuje v&#xa0;časopisech Harper’s, The New York Times Magazine, Esquire, National Geographic nebo Gentlemen’s Quarterly, byl osmkrát nominován na National Magazine Award a získal i řadu dalších ocenění. Se ženou a třemi dětmi žije v&#xa0;Portlandu. Pravidla sýrárny jsou jeho druhým knižním titulem, který vydává po více než deseti letech.&#xa0;***&#xa0;„Michael Paterniti je podle mě jedním z nejotevřenějších a nejvtipnějších autorů – je srdečný, lidský a legrační. Tahle kniha je strhující a současně okouzlující čtení.“ George Saunders, autor souboru povídek Památník války Severu proti Jihu v&#xa0;časech hlubokého úpadku&#xa0;„Elegantní, podivuhodný, zábavný a pronikavý příběh: strhující četba, výlet do světa zabydleného těmi nejnevšednějšími postavami – a sýry – jaké si dokážu vybavit.“ Susan Orleanová, autorka knihy Zloděj orchidejí

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