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1 The Happiness Advantage

Author : Shawn Achor
Genre :  Self-Improvement  Books  Health, Mind & Body  Business & Personal Finance  Management & Leadership 
Price :  $12.99
Release Date :  2010-09-14
Description :  <b>Our most commonly held formula for success is broken.</b><br /><b>&#xa0;</b><br />Conventional wisdom holds that if we work hard we will be more successful, and if we are more successful, <i>then</i> we’ll be happy. If we can just find that great job, win that next promotion, lose those five pounds, happiness will follow. But recent discoveries in the field of positive psychology have shown that this formula is actually backward: Happiness <i>fuels </i>success, not the other way around. <br /><br />When we are positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient, and productive at work. This isn’t just an empty mantra. This discovery has been repeatedly borne out by rigorous research in psychology and neuroscience, management studies, and the bottom lines of organizations around the globe. <br />&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0; <br />In <i>The Happiness Advantage</i>, Shawn Achor, who spent over a decade living, researching, and lecturing at Harvard University, draws on his own research—including one of the largest studies of happiness and potential at Harvard and others at companies like UBS and KPMG—to fix this broken formula. Using stories and case studies from his work with thousands of Fortune 500 executives in 42 countries, Achor explains how we can reprogram our brains to become more positive in order to gain a competitive edge at work. <br />&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0; <br />Isolating seven practical, actionable principles that have been tried and tested everywhere from classrooms to boardrooms, stretching from Argentina to Zimbabwe, he shows us how we can capitalize on the Happiness Advantage to improve our performance and maximize our potential. Among the principles he outlines: <br />&#xa0;<br />•&#xa0;The Tetris Effect: how to retrain our brains to spot patterns of possibility, so we can see—and seize—opportunities wherever we look.<br />•&#xa0;The Zorro Circle: how to channel our efforts on small, manageable goals, to gain the leverage to gradually conquer bigger and bigger ones.<br />•&#xa0;Social Investment: how to reap the dividends of investing in one of the greatest predictors of success and happiness—our social support network<br /> &#xa0;<br />A must-read for everyone trying to excel in a world of increasing workloads, stress, and negativity, <i>The Happiness Advantage </i>isn’t only about how to become happier at work. It’s about how to reap the benefits of a happier and more positive mind-set to achieve the extraordinary in our work and in our lives.

2 Big Potential

Author : Shawn Achor
Genre :  Management & Leadership  Books  Business & Personal Finance  Health, Mind & Body  Self-Improvement 
Price :  $14.99
Release Date :  2018-01-30
Description :  <b>Bestselling author Shawn Achor shows how to unlock hidden sources of potential in ourselves and others.</b><br /><br />In a world that thrives on competition and individual achievement, we are measuring and pursuing potential all wrong. By pursuing success in isolation - pushing others away as we push ourselves too hard - we are not just limiting our potential, we are becoming more stressed and disconnected than ever.<br /><br />In his highly anticipated follow-up to <i>The Happiness Advantage</i>, Achor reveals a better approach. Drawing on his work in 50 countries, he shows that success and happiness are not competitive sports. Rather, they depend almost entirely on how well we connect with, relate to, and learn from each other.<br /><br />Just as happiness is contagious, every dimension of human potential - performance, intelligence, creativity, leadership ability and health - is influenced by those around us. So when we help others become better, we reach new levels of potential, as well. Rather than fighting over scraps of the pie, we can expand the pie instead.<br /><br />Small Potential is the limited success we can attain alone. BIG Potential is what we can achieve together. Here, Achor offers five strategies - the SEEDS of Big Potential--for lifting the ceiling on what we can achieve while returning happiness and meaning to our lives.<br /><br />The dramatic shifts in how we approach work today demand an equally dramatic shift in our approach to success. Big Potential offers a new path to thriving in the modern world.

3 Before Happiness

Author : Shawn Achor
Genre :  Business & Personal Finance  Books  Health, Mind & Body  Psychology  Management & Leadership 
Price :  $13.99
Release Date :  2013-09-10
Description :  <b>Why are some people able to make positive change while others remain the same?&#xa0; </b><br /><br /> In his international bestseller, <i>The Happiness Advantage</i>, Harvard trained researcher Shawn Achor described why happiness is the precursor to greater success. This book is about what comes before both. Because <i>before</i> we can be happy or successful, we need to first develop the ability to see that positive change is possible. Only once we learn to see the world through a more positive lens can we summon all our motivation, emotion, and intelligence to achieve our personal and professional goals.<br /><br /> In <i>Before Happiness</i>, Achor reveals five actionable, proven strategies for changing our lens to positive:<br /> &#xa0;<br /> - <b>The Most Valuable Reality:</b> See a broader range of ideas and solutions by changing the details on which your brain chooses to focus&#xa0;<br /> - <b>Success Mapping:</b> Set goals oriented around the things in life that matter to you most,&#xa0;whether career advancement or family or making a difference in the world<br /> - <b>The X-spot:</b> Use <i>success accelerants</i> to propel you more quickly towards those goals, whether finishing a marathon, reaching a sales target, learning a language, or losing 10 pounds<br /> - <b>Noise-Canceling</b>: Boost the signal pointing you to opportunities and possibilities that others miss <br />- <b>Positive Inception</b>: Transfer these skills to your team, your employees, and everyone around you&#xa0;<br /> &#xa0;<br /> By mastering these strategies, you’ll create an renewable source of positivity, motivation, and engagement that will allow you to reach your fullest potential in everything you do.

4 Resilience (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series)

Author : Harvard Business Review, Daniel Goleman, Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld & Shawn Achor
Genre :  Self-Improvement  Books  Health, Mind & Body  Business & Personal Finance  Management & Leadership 
Price :  $19.99
Release Date :  2017-04-18
Description :  How do some people bounce back with vigor from daily setbacks, professional crises, or even intense personal trauma?<br /><br />This book reveals the key traits of those who emerge stronger from challenges, helps you train your brain to withstand the stresses of daily life, and presents an approach to an effective career reboot.<br /><br />This volume includes the work of:<br />Daniel GolemanJeffrey A. SonnenfeldShawn Achor<br />This collection of articles includes “How Resilience Works,” by Diane Coutu; “Resilience for the Rest of Us,” by Daniel Goleman; “How to Evaluate, Manage, and Strengthen Your Resilience,” by David Kopans; “Find the Coaching in Criticism,” by Sheila Heen and Douglas Stone; “Firing Back: How Great Leaders Rebound After Career Disasters,” by Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld and Andrew J. Ward; and “Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure,” by Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan.<br /><br /><b>How to be human at work. The HBR Emotional Intelligence Series</b> features smart, essential reading on the human side of professional life from the pages of <i>Harvard Business Review</i>. Each book in the series offers proven research showing how our emotions impact our work lives, practical advice for managing difficult people and situations, and inspiring essays on what it means to tend to our emotional well-being at work. Uplifting and practical, these books describe the social skills that are critical for ambitious professionals to master.

5 Choisir l'optimisme

Author : Shawn Achor
Genre :  Self-Improvement  Books  Health, Mind & Body  Nonfiction  Family & Relationships 
Price :  $10.99
Release Date :  2015-09-24
Description :  Après le succès de <i>Comment devenir un optimiste contagieux</i>, vendu à près de 13.000 exemplaires, le nouveau concentré d'optimisme de Shawn Achor. Une méthode riche en humour et en anecdotes pour apprendre à développer nos ressources cognitives, intellectuelles et émotionnelles, ouvrir les yeux sur nos opportunités et provoquer le changement que nous souhaitons dans nos vies. <br />On pense souvent que la réussite appelle la réussite, que le succès fait voir la vie en rose et que ce qui manque pour accomplir notre existence, c'est un simple coup de pouce du destin. <br /> Faux ! nous explique Shawn Achor, le professeur de bonheur et ancien assistant de Tal Ben-Shahar à Harvard. Le succès, ça se prépare. Comment ? En changeant notre perception du monde, en nous ouvrant à l'idée du bonheur ; en un mot, en choisissant l'optimisme. <br /> Dans sa méthode ludique et pratique, qui allie de passionnantes anecdotes aux plus récentes découvertes de la psychologie positive, Shawn Achor détaille les cinq étapes du chemin vers le bien-être : choisir la situation qui pourra entraîner un changement positif ; identifier le meilleur chemin pour y parvenir ; s'appuyer sur les succès passés ; se détourner des distractions futiles pour se concentrer sur l'essentiel ; partager son parcours avec les autres. <br /> Être optimiste, ce n'est pas rêver les yeux ouverts ou rester aveugle aux contrariétés de l'existence. Choisir d'être optimiste, c'est se dire que l'on peut être heureux, même par mauvais temps. Un guide indispensable pour élargir le champ des possibles, s'épanouir dans les défis et avoir confiance en l'avenir.

6 Comment devenir un optimiste contagieux

Author : Shawn Achor
Genre :  Self-Improvement  Books  Health, Mind & Body 
Price :  $11.99
Release Date :  2012-07-19
Description :  Il est communément admis que si nous travaillons dur, nous réussirons mieux, et que si nous réussissons, alors nous serons heureux. Si nous pouvons décrocher ce poste génial, obtenir cette nouvelle promotion, perdre ces cinq kilos, le bonheur suivra. Mais si c’était l’inverse ? Un excellent ouvrage de psychologie positive, plein d’humour, par le cotuteur du cours de Tal Ben-Shahar à Harvard.<br /><br /> S’appuyant sur sept principes, testés d’Argentine au Zimbabwe, Shawn Achor nous montre comment développer son optimisme et décupler son potentiel à la maison comme au travail. <br /> Comment se fixer des objectifs, dépenser de l’argent pour des activités et non pour des objets, ruser avec soi-même pour abandonner ses mauvaises habitudes et se donner l’opportunité d’être fier de soi, contrecarrer « l’effet Tetris » qui nous enferme dans un champ de possibilités réduit, et reprogrammer notre cerveau pour être plus créatif, plus motivé, plus énergique, et plus productif. <br /> Un essai stimulant, abondant en anecdotes amusantes, et étayé par l’expérience de l’auteur comme professeur et comme consultant, qui parle aussi bien aux étudiants qu’aux traders de Manhattan ou aux écoliers d’Afrique…

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