Hannah Pittard

1 The Fates Will Find Their Way

Author : Hannah Pittard
Genre :  Fiction & Literature  Books 
Price :  $7.99
Release Date :  2011-01-25
Description :  Sixteen-year-old Nora Lindell is missing. And the neighborhood boys she’s left behind are caught forever in the heady current of her absence. <br /><br />As the days and years pile up, the mystery of her disappearance grows kaleidoscopically. A collection of rumors, divergent suspicions, and tantalizing what-ifs, Nora Lindell’s story is a shadowy projection of teenage lust, friendship, reverence, and regret, captured magically in the disembodied plural voice of the boys who still long for her.<br /><br />Told in haunting, percussive prose, Hannah Pittard’s beautifully crafted novel tracks the emotional progress of the sister Nora left behind, the other families in their leafy suburban enclave, and the individual fates of the boys in her thrall. Far more eager to imagine Nora’s fate than to scrutinize their own, the boys sleepwalk into an adulthood of jobs, marriages, families, homes, and daughters of their own, all the while pining for a girl—and a life—that no longer exists, except in the imagination.<br /><br />A masterful literary debut that shines a light into the dream-filled space between childhood and all that follows, The Fates Will Find Their Way is a story about the stories we tell ourselves—of who we once were and may someday become.

2 Visible Empire

Author : Hannah Pittard
Genre :  Literary  Books  Fiction & Literature  Historical 
Price :  $12.99
Release Date :  2018-06-05
Description :  <b>An epic novel—based on true events—of love, grief, race, and wealth, charting a single sweltering summer in Atlanta that left no one unchanged</b><br /><br /> On a humid summer day, the phones begin to ring: disaster has struck. Chateau de Sully, a Boeing 707 chartered to ferry home more than one hundred of Atlanta’s most prominent citizens from a European jaunt, crashed in Paris shortly after takeoff. It is the second-deadliest disaster in the history of aviation. Overnight, the city of Atlanta changes.<br /><br /> Left behind are children, spouses, lovers, and friends&#xa0;faced with renegotiating their lives. Robert, a newspaper editor, must decide if he can reconnect with his beloved but estranged wife, whose swindler parents have left her penniless. Nineteen-year-old Piedmont Dobbs, recently denied admission to an integrated school, senses a moment of uncertain opportunity. And Mayor Ivan Allen is tasked with the job of moving Atlanta forward—the hedonism of the 60s and the urgency of the Civil Rights movement at his city’s doorstep.<br /><br /><i>Visible Empire</i>&#xa0;is the story of a husband and wife who can’t&#xa0;begin to understand each other until chaos drives them to clarity. It’s a story of the promise and hope that remain in the wake of crisis.

3 Reunion

Author : Hannah Pittard
Genre :  Family  Books  Fiction & Literature 
Price :  $2.99
Release Date :  2014-10-07
Description :  A novel about a far-flung family reunited for one weekend by their father's death by the highly acclaimed author of The Fates Will Find Their Way<br /><br />Five minutes before her flight is set to take off, Kate Pulaski, failed screenwriter and newly failed wife with scarcely a hundred dollars to her name, learns that her estranged father has killed himself. More shocked than saddened by the news, she gives in to her siblings' request that she join them, along with her many half-siblings and most of her father's five former wives, in Atlanta, their birthplace, for a final farewell.<br /><br />Written with huge heart and bracing wit, REUNION takes place over the following four days, as family secrets are revealed, personal foibles are exposed, and Kate-an inveterate liar looking for a way to come clean-slowly begins to acknowledge the overwhelming similarities between herself and the man she never thought she'd claim as an influence, much less a father. <br /><br />Hannah Pittard's "engaging and vigorous" prose masterfully illuminates the problems that can divide modern families--and the ties that prove impossible to break. (Chicago Tribune)

4 Listen to Me

Author : Hannah Pittard
Genre :  Literary  Books  Fiction & Literature  Mysteries & Thrillers 
Price :  $2.99
Release Date :  2017-05-16
Description :  <b>A page-turning modern gothic about a marriage and road trip gone hauntingly awry</b><br /> &#xa0;<br /><b>A <i>New York Times Book Review</i> Editors’ Choice<br /> &#xa0;<br /> “Pittard deserves the attention of anyone in search of today’s best fiction.” — <i>Washington Post</i></b><br /><br /><b>“Revelatory.” <i>— The New Yorker</i><br /> &#xa0;<br /> “[<i>Listen to Me</i>]&#xa0;gripped me completely and even gave me nightmares, which is high praise in my book.” <i>— Chicago Tribune</i></b><br /> &#xa0;<br /> Mark and Maggie’s annual drive east to visit family has gotten off to a rocky start. By the time they’re on the road, it’s late, a storm is brewing, and they are no longer speaking to each other. Adding to the stress, Maggie—recently mugged at gunpoint—is lately not herself, and Mark is at a loss about what to make of the stranger he calls his wife. When the couple is forced to stop for the night at a remote inn completely without power, Maggie’s paranoia reaches an all-time and terrifying high. But as Mark finds himself threatened in a dark parking lot, it’s Maggie who takes control.&#xa0;<br /><br /><b>“Pittard proves herself a master of ordinary suspense.” — <i>New York Times</i><br /><br /> “<i>Listen to Me</i>&#xa0;elides so many genres that it’s Houdini-like, bursting through constraints. It moves between its two characters’ inner lives as effortlessly as an Olympic swimmer strokes through water<i>.</i>” <i>— </i>Ann Beattie, <i>Paris Review </i>blog<br /> &#xa0;<br /> “A psychologically complex, addictive, and quick-moving read. I didn’t want it to end!” — M.O. Walsh, author of&#xa0;<i>New York Times</i>&#xa0;best-selling novel&#xa0;<i>My Sunshine Away</i></b><br /> &#xa0;

5 Der Tag, an dem Nora Lindell verschwand

Author : Hannah Pittard
Genre :  Fiction & Literature  Books 
Price :  $10.99
Release Date :  2012-12-08
Description :  Wenn ein einziger Tag das ganze Leben verändert.<br /><br />Die 16-Jährige Nora Lindell wird vermisst. Ausgerechnet in der Halloweennacht verschwindet sie. Jeder will Nora irgendwo gesehen haben und doch weiß niemand, wo sie ist. Je mehr Zeit vergeht, desto größer wird das Rätsel um Noras Verschwinden und desto quälender die Gerüchte, die gegenseitigen Verdächtigungen. Vor allem die Nachbarsjungen verlieren sich in trügerischen Erinnerungen, die es ihnen auch Jahre nach dem schrecklichen Vorfall unmöglich machen, ein normales Leben zu führen.

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