Elaine Sciolino

1 The Only Street in Paris: Life on the Rue des Martyrs

Author : Elaine Sciolino
Genre :  Europe  Books  Travel & Adventure  Biographies & Memoirs  Nonfiction  Social Science 
Price :  $12.99
Release Date :  2015-11-02
Description :  A New York Times Bestseller<br /><br /> "Sciolino’s sharply observed account serves as a testament to…Paris—the city of light, of literature, of life itself." —The New Yorker<br /><br />Elaine Sciolino, the former Paris Bureau Chief of the New York Times, invites us on a tour of her favorite Parisian street, offering an homage to street life and the pleasures of Parisian living. "I can never be sad on the rue des Martyrs," Sciolino explains, as she celebrates the neighborhood’s rich history and vibrant lives. While many cities suffer from the leveling effects of globalization, the rue des Martyrs maintains its distinct allure. On this street, the patron saint of France was beheaded and the Jesuits took their first vows. It was here that Edgar Degas and Pierre-Auguste Renoir painted circus acrobats, Emile Zola situated a lesbian dinner club in his novel Nana, and François Truffaut filmed scenes from The 400 Blows. Sciolino reveals the charms and idiosyncrasies of this street and its longtime residents—the Tunisian greengrocer, the husband-and-wife cheesemongers, the showman who’s been running a transvestite cabaret for more than half a century, the owner of a 100-year-old bookstore, the woman who repairs eighteenth-century mercury barometers—bringing Paris alive in all of its unique majesty. The Only Street in Paris will make readers hungry for Paris, for cheese and wine, and for the kind of street life that is all too quickly disappearing.

2 La Seduction

Author : Elaine Sciolino
Genre :  Social Science  Books  Nonfiction 
Price :  $9.99
Release Date :  2011-06-07
Description :  <b>The hidden truth about the French way of life: it's all about seduction—its rules, its pleasures, its secrets</b><br /><br />France is a seductive country, seductive in its elegance, its beauty, its sensual pleasures, and its joie de vivre. But Elaine Sciolino, the longtime Paris bureau chief of <i>The New York Times</i>, has discovered that seduction is much more than a game to the French: it is the key to understanding France.<br /><br />Seduction plays a crucial role in how the French relate to one another—not just in romantic relationships but also in how they conduct business, enjoy food and drink, define style, engage in intellectual debate, elect politicians, and project power around the world. While sexual repartee and conquest remain at the heart of seduction, for the French seduction has become a philosophy of life, even an ideology, that can confuse outsiders. <br /><br />In<i> La Seduction</i>, Sciolino gives us an inside view of how seduction works in all areas, analyzing its limits as well as its power. She demystifies the French way of life in an entertaining and personal narrative that carries us from the neighborhood shops of Paris to the halls of government, from the gardens of Versailles to the agricultural heartland.<br /><br /><i>La Seduction</i> will charm you and encourage you to lower your defenses about the French. Pull up a chair and let Elaine Sciolino seduce you.

3 Persian Mirrors

Author : Elaine Sciolino
Genre :  Politics & Current Events  Books 
Price :  $9.99
Release Date :  2000-10-03
Description :  No American reporter has more experience covering Iran or more access to the private corners of Iranian society than Elaine Sciolino. As a correspondent for <i>Newsweek </i>and <i>The New York Times,</i> she has reported on the key events of the past two decades. She was aboard the airplane that brought Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini to Tehran in 1979; she was there for the Iranian revolution, the hostage crisis, the Iran-Iraq war, the rise of President Mohammad Khatami, and the riots of the summer of 1999. <br /> In <i>Persian Mirrors,</i> Sciolino takes us into the public and private spaces of Iran -- the bazaars, beauty salons, aerobics studios, courtrooms, universities, mosques, and the presidential palace -- to capture the vitality of a society so often misunderstood by Americans. She demystifies a country of endless complexity where, on the streets, women swathe themselves in black and, behind high walls, they adorn themselves with makeup and jewelry; where the laws of Islam are the law of the land, and yet the government advertises as tourist attractions the ruins of the pre-Islamic imperial capital at Persepolis and the synagogue where Queen Esther is said to be buried; and where even the most austere clerics recite sensual romantic poetry, insisting that it refers to divine, and not earthly, love. Iran is also a place with a dark side, where unpredictable repression is carried out, officially and unofficially, by forces intent on maintaining power and influence. <br /> Sciolino deftly uses her travels throughout Iran and her encounters with its people to portray the country as an exciting, daring laboratory where experiments with two highly volatile chemicals -- Islam and democracy -- are being conducted. <br /> Like the mirror mosaics found in Iran's royal palaces and religious shrines, there is more to the whole of the country than the fragments revealed to outsiders. <i>Persian Mirrors</i> captures this elusive Iran. Sciolino paints in astonishing detail and rich color the surprising inner life of this country, where a great battle is raging, not for control over territory but for the soul of the nation.

4 La Séduction

Author : Elaine Sciolino
Genre :  Social Science  Books  Nonfiction  Sociology 
Price :  $17.99
Release Date :  2012-02-02
Description :  <b>Dans la veine d'Une année en Provence et de Sacrés Français !, Elaine Sciolino nous convie à un voyage au coeur du " French Way of Life ". La France : capitale mondiale du jeu de la séduction. <br /> </b> <br /><br /> La France, première destination touristique mondiale, exerce son pouvoir d'attraction sur la planète : vins, fromages, foie gras, parfums, haute couture et lingerie fine, tout évoque un " French way of life " où la quête - et le partage - du plaisir occupe une place essentielle. Pour nos détracteurs, ce " modèle français " qu'on présente comme si enviable n'est qu'une mascarade : la France est un vieux pays fatigué, à l'économie anémique, les Françaises sont des marie-couche-toi-là d'une indulgence coupable avec leurs hommes, lesquels se réduisent à une bande de beaufs en rut – n'a-t-on pas vu l'un de nos plus éminents représentants accusé de viol et sortant menotté du commissariat comme dans une mauvaise série télé ? <br /> La vérité est plus complexe et plus intéressante, explique Elaine Sciolino au terme de cette enquête au cours de laquelle elle a interrogé une vaste gamme de figures de la culture, de l'art mais aussi de la politique et de l'économie. C'est moins la quête du plaisir pour le plaisir qui occupe une place centrale dans notre culture et nos relations sociales que l'art et la manière d'y parvenir, à savoir le jeu de la séduction.<br />

5 Moje ulice v Paříži

Author : Elaine Sciolino
Genre :  Fiction & Literature  Books 
Price :  $6.99
Release Date :  2017-10-08
Description :  „Někteří lidé se podívají na rue des Martyrs a vidí ulici. Já vidím příběhy,“ zní úvod spisovatelky Elaine Sciolino ke knížce, ve které popisuje bohatou historii a rušný život jedné pařížské ulice. Svět kolem se mění, ale rue des Martyrs si stále zachovává svůj půvab. Elaine odhaluje kouzlo a osobitost ulice i jejích různorodých obyvatel, díky nimž Paříž ožívá ve vší své velkolepé kráse. Moje ulice v Paříži vás okouzlí svou jedinečností i vylíčením každodenního pouličního života.

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