Ariel Levy

1 The Rules Do Not Apply

Author : Ariel Levy
Genre :  Biographies & Memoirs  Books  Nonfiction  Social Science  Health, Mind & Body  Psychology 
Price :  $1.99
Release Date :  2017-03-14
Description :  <b><i>NEW YORK TIMES</i> BESTSELLER •&#xa0; <b>“This Year’s Must-Read Memoir” (<i>W</i> magazine) about the choices a young woman makes in her search for adventure, meaning, and love</b><br /></b><br /> <b>NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY</b><br /> <b><i>Vogue</i> • <i>Time</i> • <i>Esquire</i> • <i>Entertainment Weekly</i> • <i>The Guardian</i> • <i>Harper’s Bazaar</i> • <i>Library Journal</i> • NPR&#xa0;</b><br /><br /> All her life, Ariel Levy was told that she was too fervent, too forceful, too much. As a young woman, she decided that becoming a writer would perfectly channel her strength and desire. She would be a professional explorer—“the kind of woman who is free to do whatever she chooses.” Levy moved to Manhattan to pursue her dream, and spent years of adventure, traveling all over the world writing stories about unconventional heroines, following their fearless examples in her own life.<br /><br /> But when she experiences unthinkable heartbreak, Levy is forced to surrender her illusion of control. In telling her story, Levy has captured a portrait of our time, of the shifting forces in American culture, of what has changed and what has remained. And of how to begin again.<br /><br /> <b>Praise for <i>The Rules Do Not Apply</i></b><br /><br />“Unflinching and intimate, wrenching and revelatory, Ariel Levy’s powerful memoir about love, loss, and finding one’s way shimmers with truth and heart on every page.”<b>—Cheryl Strayed</b><br /><br />“Every deep feeling a human is capable of will be shaken loose by this profound book. Ariel Levy has taken grief and made art out of it.”<b>—David Sedaris</b><br /><br /> “Beautifully crafted . . . This book is haunting; it is smart and engaging. It was so engrossing that I read it in a day.”<b>—<i>The New York Times Book Review<br /><br /> </i></b>“Levy’s wise and poignant memoir is the voice of a new generation of women, full of grit, pathos, truth, and inspiration. Being in her presence is energizing and ennobling. Reading her deep little book is inspiring.”<b><i><b>—<i>San Francisco Book Review</i></b><br /></i></b><br />“Levy has the rare gift of seeing herself with fierce, unforgiving clarity. And she deploys prose to match, raw and agile. She plumbs the commotion deep within and takes the measure of her have-it-all generation.”<b>—<i>The Atlantic</i></b><br /><br />“Cheryl Strayed meets a Nora Ephron movie. You’ll laugh, ugly cry, and finish it before the weekend’s over.”<b>—<i>theSkimm</i></b>

2 Female Chauvinist Pigs

Author : Ariel Levy
Genre :  Social Science  Books  Nonfiction 
Price :  $11.99
Release Date :  2005-09-13
Description :  A classic work on gender culture exploring how the women’s movement has evolved to Girls Gone Wild in a new, self-imposed chauvinism. In the tradition of Susan Faludi’s <i>Backlash</i> and Naomi Wolf’s <i>The</i> <i>Beauty</i> <i>Myth</i>, <i>New York Magazine</i> writer Ariel Levy studies the effects of modern feminism on women today.<br /><br />Meet the Female Chauvinist Pig—the new brand of “empowered woman” who wears the Playboy bunny as a talisman, bares all for Girls Gone Wild, pursues casual sex as if it were a sport, and embraces “raunch culture” wherever she finds it. If male chauvinist pigs of years past thought of women as pieces of meat, Female Chauvinist Pigs of today are doing them one better, making sex objects of other women—and of themselves. They think they’re being brave, they think they’re being funny, but in <i>Female Chauvinist Pigs</i>, Ariel Levy asks if the joke is on them.<br /><br />In her quest to uncover why this is happening, Levy interviews college women who flash for the cameras on spring break and teens raised on Paris Hilton and breast implants. She examines a culture in which every music video seems to feature a stripper on a pole, the memoirs of porn stars are climbing the bestseller lists, Olympic athletes parade their Brazilian bikini waxes in the pages of Playboy, and thongs are marketed to prepubescent girls. Levy meets the high-powered women who create raunch culture—the new oinking women warriors of the corporate and entertainment worlds who eagerly defend their efforts to be “one of the guys.” And she traces the history of this trend back to conflicts between the women’s movement and the sexual revolution long left unresolved. <br /><br />Levy pulls apart the myth of the Female Chauvinist Pig and argues that what has come to pass for liberating rebellion is actually a kind of limiting conformity. Irresistibly witty and wickedly intelligent, <i>Female Chauvinist Pigs</i> makes the case that the rise of raunch does not represent how far women have come, it only proves how far they have left to go.

3 The Best American Essays 2015

Author : Ariel Levy & Robert Atwan
Genre :  Essays  Books  Fiction & Literature 
Price :  $9.99
Release Date :  2015-10-06
Description :  “Writing an essay is like catching a wave,” posits guest editor Ariel Levy. “To catch a wave, you need skill and nerve, not just moving water.”&#xa0;This year’s writers are certainly full of nerve, and have crafted a wide range of pieces awash in a diversity of moods, voices, and stances. Leaving an abusive marriage, parting with a younger self, losing your sanity to Fitbit, and even saying goodbye to a beloved pair of pants imbued with meaning are all unified by the daring of their creation. As Levy notes, “Writing around an idea you think is worthwhile—an idea you suspect is an insight—requires real audacity.”<br /> &#xa0;<i>The Best American Essays 2015</i>&#xa0;includes<br /> Hilton Als, Roger Angell, Justin Cronin, Meghan Daum, Anthony Doerr, Margo Jefferson, David Sedaris, Zadie Smith, Rebecca Solnit&#xa0;<i>and others</i>&#xa0;<br /><b>ARIEL LEVY,</b>&#xa0;guest editor, has been a staff writer at&#xa0;<i>The New Yorker</i>&#xa0;since 2008. She received the National Magazine Award for essays and criticism for her piece “Thanksgiving in Mongolia,” which she is expanding into a book for Random House.&#xa0;<i>Female Chauvinist Pigs,</i>&#xa0;Levy’s first book, has been translated into seven languages.&#xa0;She teaches at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and at Wesleyan University.<br /><br /><b>ROBERT ATWAN,&#xa0;</b>the series editor of&#xa0;<i>The Best American Essays</i>&#xa0;since its inception in 1986, has published on a wide variety of subjects, from American advertising and early photography to ancient divination and Shakespeare. His criticism, essays, humor, poetry, and fiction have appeared in numerous periodicals nationwide.

4 Chicas cerdas machistas

Author : Ariel Levy
Genre :  Social Science  Books  Nonfiction 
Price :  $8.99
Release Date :  2013-01-01
Description :  En &#34;Chicas Cerdas Machistas&#34;, Ariel Levy nos lleva a través de una investigación impulsada por su propia curiosidad ante la creciente cantidad de piel que se ve a nuestros alrededores. Con un lenguaje fresco, Levy diseca la cultura procaz actual, en la que ya no son los hombres sino las mujeres las que reducen a objetos sexuales a otras mujeres, y a ellas mismas. Los testimonios que la autora presenta en el reportaje demuestran que los ídolos femeninos de la actualidad están lejos del ideal de mujer inteligente y liberada por el que abogaban las primeras feministas, y se encuentra más cercano a los estereotipos híper sexualizados de siempre. &#34;Chicas cerdas machistas&#34; dará nuevos argumentos a un tema que está lejos de ser comprendido a cabalidad.

5 Gegen alle Regeln

Author : Ariel Levy
Genre :  Fiction & Literature  Books 
Price :  $21.99
Release Date :  2017-08-18
Description :  Die erfolgreiche New Yorker Journalistin Ariel Levy hat eine aufregende Affäre, eine liebevolle Ehepartnerin und den Wunsch nach einem Kind. Emanzipiert lebt sie nach ihren eigenen Regeln. Doch als sie eine Fehlgeburt erleidet, bricht alles auseinander.<br/> <br/> Im fünften Monat schwanger reist Ariel Levy nach Ulan Bator in die Mongolei, um für eine ihrer Reportagen zu recherchieren. Kurz nach der Ankunft hat sie starke Schmerzen im Unterleib und bringt ihr Baby allein auf dem Badezimmerboden des Hotelzimmers zur Welt. Für wenige kostbare Minuten lebt ihr Sohn. Traumatisiert von ihrem Verlust und taub vor Schmerz tritt sie einige Tage später die Heimreise an. Ein Anknüpfen an ihr altes Leben ist nicht möglich, denn sie scheint ihrer Identität beraubt: Ihr Körper schreit nach seiner Mutterrolle und verhindert eine Rückkehr in ein vertrautes Frauendasein. Ariels Ehepartnerin Lucy hat sich zu diesem Zeitpunkt in den Alkohol und aus der Beziehung geflüchtet. So zersplittert das selbstdefinierte Leben der 37-Jährigen. Allem beraubt, bleibt ihr nur noch die Liebe zur Sprache.

6 Le regole non valgono

Author : Ariel Levy
Genre :  Biographies & Memoirs  Books 
Price :  $10.99
Release Date :  2018-04-18
Description :  “Negli ultimi mesi ho perso mio figlio, la mia compagna e la casa.” Il memoir di Ariel Levy comincia così, con la normalità che deflagra e poi si sgretola. Il punto di collasso è la perdita di un bambino, avvenuta alla diciannovesima settimana di gravidanza nella stanza di un albergo di Ulan Bator, in Mongolia. <br />Quando Ariel Levy torna a casa, la vita di prima – quella che ha programmaticamente costruito sulla libertà di autodeterminarsi, di fare della propria esistenza di donna tutto ciò che vuole, come lo vuole, contro le regole tradizionali – non esiste più. Al suo posto c’è solo un grumo di dolore e la consapevolezza difficile che l’unica a poter fare davvero ciò che vuole è madre natura: le sue sono le sole regole che valgono. <br />Riconoscerlo segna per Ariel Levy il passaggio a una nuova fase della vita adulta, una lezione per imparare ad apprezzare meglio ciò che si possiede: “Mentre tutto il resto si è disfatto, qualcosa è rimasto intero, qualcosa che ho sempre avuto e mi ha reso una scrittrice: la curiosità. La speranza”.

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