Lynne Olson

1 Citizens of London

Author : Lynne Olson
Genre :  Military  Books  History  Europe 
Price :  $14.99
Release Date :  2010-02-02
Description :  The acclaimed author of&#xa0;<i>Troublesome Young Men&#xa0;</i>reveals the behind-the-scenes story of how the United States forged its wartime alliance with Britain, told from the perspective of three key American players in London: Edward R. Murrow, the handsome, chain-smoking head of CBS News in Europe; Averell Harriman, the hard-driving millionaire who ran FDR’s Lend-Lease program in London; and John Gilbert Winant, the shy, idealistic U.S. ambassador to Britain. Each man formed close ties with Winston Churchill—so much so that all became romantically involved with members of the prime minister’s family. Drawing from a variety of primary sources, Lynne Olson skillfully depicts the dramatic personal journeys of these men who, determined to save Britain from Hitler, helped convince a cautious Franklin Roosevelt and reluctant American public to back the British at a critical time. Deeply human, brilliantly researched, and beautifully written,&#xa0;<i>Citizens of London</i>&#xa0;is a new triumph from an author swiftly becoming one of the finest in her field.

2 Last Hope Island

Author : Lynne Olson
Genre :  Military  Books  History  Europe  Politics & Current Events 
Price :  $13.99
Release Date :  2017-04-25
Description :  <b>A groundbreaking account of how Britain became the base of operations for the exiled leaders of Europe in their desperate struggle to reclaim their continent from Hitler, from the <i>New York Times </i>bestselling author of <i>Citizens of London</i> and <i>Those Angry Days</i></b><br /><br /> When the Nazi blitzkrieg rolled over continental Europe in the early days of World War II, the city of London became a refuge for the governments and armed forces of six occupied nations who escaped there to continue the fight. So, too, did General Charles de Gaulle, the self-appointed representative of free France.&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0;&#xa0; <br /><br /> As the only European democracy still holding out against Hitler, Britain became known to occupied countries as “Last Hope Island.” Getting there, one young emigré declared, was “like getting to heaven.”<br /><br /> In this epic, character-driven narrative, acclaimed historian Lynne Olson takes us back to those perilous days when the British and their European guests joined forces to combat the mightiest military force in history. Here we meet the courageous King Haakon of Norway, whose distinctive “H7” monogram became a symbol of his country’s resistance to Nazi rule, and his fiery Dutch counterpart, Queen Wilhelmina, whose antifascist radio broadcasts rallied the spirits of her defeated people. Here, too, is the Earl of Suffolk, a swashbuckling British aristocrat whose rescue of two nuclear physicists from France helped make the Manhattan Project possible.<br /><br /> <i>Last Hope Island</i> also recounts some of the Europeans’ heretofore unsung exploits that helped tilt the balance against the Axis: the crucial efforts of Polish pilots during the Battle of Britain; the vital role played by French and Polish code breakers in cracking the Germans’ reputedly indecipherable Enigma code; and the flood of top-secret intelligence about German operations—gathered by spies throughout occupied Europe—that helped ensure the success of the 1944 Allied invasion.&#xa0;&#xa0; <br /><br /> A fascinating companion to <i>Citizens of London, </i>Olson’s bestselling chronicle of the Anglo-American alliance, <i>Last Hope Island</i> recalls with vivid humanity that brief moment in time when the peoples of Europe stood together in their effort to roll back the tide of conquest and restore order to a broken continent.<br /><br /><b>Praise for <i>Last Hope Island</i></b><br /><br />“In&#xa0;<i>Last Hope Island</i>&#xa0;[Lynne Olson] argues an arresting new thesis: that the people of occupied Europe and the expatriate leaders did far more for their own liberation than historians and the public alike recognize. . . . The scale of the organization she describes is breathtaking.”<b><i>—The New York Times Book Review</i></b><br /><br />“<i>Last Hope Island</i> is a book to be welcomed, both for the past it recovers and also, quite simply, for being such a pleasant tome to read.”<b>—<i>The Washington Post</i></b><br /><br />“[A] pointed volume . . . [Olson] tells a great story and has a fine eye for character.”<b>—<i>The Boston Globe</i></b>

3 Those Angry Days

Author : Lynne Olson
Genre :  United States  Books  History  Politics & Current Events  Military 
Price :  $13.99
Release Date :  2013-03-26
Description :  <b><i>NEW YORK TIMES </i>BESTSELLER • <b>NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY <i>THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW </i>AND <i>KIRKUS REVIEWS</i></b></b><br /><br />From the acclaimed author of <i>Citizens of London</i> comes the definitive account of the debate over American intervention in World War II—a bitter, sometimes violent clash of personalities and ideas that divided the nation and ultimately determined the fate of the free world. <br /> &#xa0;<br /> At the center of this controversy stood the two most famous men in America: President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who championed the interventionist cause, and aviator Charles Lindbergh, who as unofficial leader and spokesman for America’s isolationists emerged as the president’s most formidable adversary. Their contest of wills personified the divisions within the country at large, and Lynne Olson makes masterly use of their dramatic personal stories to create a poignant and riveting narrative. While FDR, buffeted by political pressures on all sides, struggled to marshal public support for aid to Winston Churchill’s Britain, Lindbergh saw his heroic reputation besmirched—and his marriage thrown into turmoil—by allegations that he was a Nazi sympathizer.<br /> &#xa0;<br /> Spanning the years 1939 to 1941, <i>Those Angry Days</i> vividly re-creates the rancorous internal squabbles that gripped the United States in the period leading up to Pearl Harbor. After Germany vanquished most of Europe, America found itself torn between its traditional isolationism and the urgent need to come to the aid of Britain, the only country still battling Hitler. The conflict over intervention was, as FDR noted, “a dirty fight,” rife with chicanery and intrigue, and <i>Those Angry Days</i> recounts every bruising detail. In Washington, a group of high-ranking military officers, including the Air Force chief of staff, worked to sabotage FDR’s pro-British policies. Roosevelt, meanwhile, authorized FBI wiretaps of Lindbergh and other opponents of intervention. At the same time, a covert British operation, approved by the president, spied on antiwar groups, dug up dirt on congressional isolationists, and planted propaganda in U.S. newspapers.<br /> &#xa0;<br /> The stakes could not have been higher. The combatants were larger than life. With the immediacy of a great novel,<i> Those Angry Days</i> brilliantly recalls a time fraught with danger when the future of democracy and America’s role in the world hung in the balance.<br /><br /><b>Praise for <i>Those Angry Days</i></b><br /> <b><i>&#xa0;</i></b><br />“Powerfully [re-creates] this tenebrous era . . . Olson captures in spellbinding detail the key figures in the battle between the Roosevelt administration and the isolationist movement.”<b>—<i>The New York Times Book Review</i></b><br /> <i>&#xa0;</i><br /> “Popular history at its most riveting . . . In <i>Those Angry Days,</i> journalist-turned-historian Lynne Olson captures [the] period in a fast-moving, highly readable narrative punctuated by high drama.”<b>—Associated Press</b><br /> &#xa0;<br /> “Filled with fascinating anecdotes and surprising twists . . . With this stirring book, Lynne Olson confirms her status as our era’s foremost chronicler of World War II politics and diplomacy.”<b>—Madeleine K. Albright</b><br /> &#xa0;<br /> “[An] absorbing chronicle . . . [Olson] doesn’t so much revisit a historical period as inhabit it; her scenes flicker as urgently as a newsreel.”<b>—<i>The Christian Science Monitor</i></b><br /> <i>&#xa0;</i><br /> “Masterfully describes America’s conflicting opinions before Pearl Harbor . . . a comprehensive take on another era of angry divisions.”<b>—<i>Richmond Times-Dispatch</i></b><br /><br /><i>From the Hardcover edition.</i>

4 A Question of Honor

Author : Lynne Olson & Stanley Cloud
Genre :  Military  Books  History  Europe 
Price :  $10.99
Release Date :  2003-09-16
Description :  <b>A Question of Honor</b> is the gripping, little-known story of the refugee Polish pilots who joined the RAF and played an essential role in saving Britain from the Nazis, only to be betrayed by the Allies after the war.<br /><br />After Poland fell to the Nazis, thousands of Polish pilots, soldiers, and sailors escaped to England. Devoted to liberating their homeland, some would form the RAF’s 303 squadron, known as the Kosciuszko Squadron, after the elite unit in which many had flown back home. Their thrilling exploits and fearless flying made them celebrities in Britain, where they were “adopted” by socialites and seduced by countless women, even as they yearned for news from home. During the Battle of Britain, they downed more German aircraft than any other squadron, but in a stunning twist at the war’s end, the Allies rewarded their valor by abandoning Poland to Joseph Stalin. This moving, fascinating book uncovers a crucial forgotten chapter in World War II–and Polish–history.<br /><br /><i>From the Trade Paperback edition.</i>

5 Troublesome Young Men

Author : Lynne Olson
Genre :  Europe  Books  History  Military  Biographies & Memoirs  Politics & Current Events 
Price :  $9.99
Release Date :  2008-04-29
Description :  <b>A riveting history of the daring politicians who challenged the disastrous policies of the British government on the eve of World War II</b><br /><br />On May 7, 1940, the House of Commons began perhaps the most crucial debate in British parliamentary history. On its outcome hung the future of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's government and also of Britain—indeed, perhaps, the world. <i>Troublesome Young Men </i>is Lynne Olson's fascinating account of how a small group of rebellious Tory MPs defied the Chamberlain government's defeatist policies that aimed to appease Europe's tyrants and eventually forced the prime minister's resignation.<br /><br />Some historians dismiss the "phony war" that preceded this turning point—from September 1939, when Britain and France declared war on Germany, to May 1940, when Winston Churchill became prime minister—as a time of waiting and inaction, but Olson makes no such mistake, and describes in dramatic detail the public unrest that spread through Britain then, as people realized how poorly prepared the nation was to confront Hitler, how their basic civil liberties were being jeopardized, and also that there <i>were </i>intrepid politicians willing to risk political suicide to spearhead the opposition to Chamberlain—Harold Macmillan, Robert Boothby, Leo Amery, Ronald Cartland, and Lord Robert Cranborne among them. The political and personal dramas that played out in Parliament and in the nation as Britain faced the threat of fascism virtually on its own are extraordinary—and, in Olson's hands, downright inspiring.

6 Churchill e três americanos em Londres

Author : Lynne Olson
Genre :  Fiction & Literature  Books 
Price :  $11.99
Release Date :  2013-06-13
Description :  Tempos sombrios aqueles no início da década de 1940, quando a Alemanha de Hitler parecia invencível, a França tinha caído, a Inglaterra estava encurralada e os Estados Unidos ainda não tinham entrado na Segunda Guerra. Churchill e três americanos em Londres é o retrato desse momento histórico no qual civis americanos deram início à costura da complexa e decisiva aliança entre o primeiro-ministro inglês Winston Churchill e o presidente americano Franklin D. Roosevelt, até então desconfiados um do outro.<br /> Escrito pela experiente jornalista Lynne Olson — que trabalhou durante sete anos na Associated Press, incluindo um tempo como correspondente em Moscou, e depois no Baltimore Sun como repórter de política em Washington —, o livro refaz a trajetória desses americanos e suas relações com Churchill. Mas quem eram eles e qual foi o papel de cada um?<br /> Os mais conhecidos foram o influente jornalista Edward R. Murrow, chefe da CBS News na Europa, e W. AverellHarriman, presidente da Union Pacific Railway e administrador de um programa de ajuda ao Reino Unido. O menos conhecido, até pelos americanos, era John Gilbert Winant, o idealista embaixador dos Estados Unidos (seu antecessor fora Joseph P. Kennedy, pai do presidente John Kennedy, que fugia de Londres durante os ataques aéreos e afirmou a Roosevelt que o país sucumbiria ao poderio de Hitler). Enquanto Harriman e Winant iam e vinham com recados e ponderações entre os líderes, Murrow usava as transmissões radiofônicas da CBS para defender uma aliança multinacional contra o nazismo.<br /> Pesquisadora incansável, Olson estabelece ainda que a política e a diplomacia entre esses homens também se misturavam com questões muito pessoais. Murrow e Harriman, por exemplo, tiveram um caso, em tempos diferentes, com Pamela Churchill, nora do primeiro-ministro, enquanto Winant se envolveu com Sarah Churchill, a filha preferida dele. E quando os Estados Unidos foram atacados pelos japoneses em Pearl Harbor, em 7 de dezembro de 1941, e o país definitivamente entrou em guerra, Winant e Harriman jantavam com Churchill, e Murrow estava na Casa Branca com Roosevelt... O resto é história.

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