Emily St. John Mandel

1 Station Eleven

Author : Emily St. John Mandel
Genre :  Science Fiction  Books  Sci-Fi & Fantasy  Fiction & Literature  Literary  Science Fiction & Literature  Adventure 
Price :  $9.99
Release Date :  2014-09-09
Description :  <b><b>2014 National Book Award Finalist</b><br /><b><br /></b>A New York Times Bestseller</b><br /><br />An audacious, darkly glittering novel set in the eerie days of civilization’s collapse, <i>Station Eleven </i>tells the spellbinding story of a Hollywood star, his would-be savior, and a nomadic group of actors roaming the scattered outposts of the Great Lakes region, risking everything for art and humanity. <br /> &#xa0;<br /> One snowy night Arthur Leander, a famous actor, has a heart attack onstage during a production of <i>King Lear</i>. Jeevan Chaudhary, a paparazzo-turned-EMT, is in the audience and leaps to his aid. A child actress named Kirsten Raymonde watches in horror as Jeevan performs CPR, pumping Arthur’s chest as the curtain drops, but Arthur is dead. That same night, as Jeevan walks home from the theater, a terrible flu begins to spread. Hospitals are flooded and Jeevan and his brother barricade themselves inside an apartment, watching out the window as cars clog the highways, gunshots ring out, and life disintegrates around them. <br /> &#xa0;<br /> Fifteen years later, Kirsten is an actress with the Traveling Symphony. Together, this small troupe moves between the settlements of an altered world, performing Shakespeare and music for scattered communities of survivors. Written on their caravan, and tattooed on Kirsten’s arm is a line from <i>Star Trek:</i> “Because survival is insufficient.” But when they arrive in St. Deborah by the Water, they encounter a violent prophet who digs graves for anyone who dares to leave. <br /> &#xa0;<br /> Spanning decades, moving back and forth in time, and vividly depicting life before and after the pandemic,&#xa0;this suspenseful, elegiac novel is rife with beauty. As Arthur falls in and out of love, as Jeevan watches the newscasters say their final good-byes, and as Kirsten finds herself caught in the crosshairs of the prophet, we see the strange twists of fate that connect them all.&#xa0;A novel of art, memory, and ambition,&#xa0;<i>Station Eleven</i>&#xa0;tells a story about the relationships that sustain us, the ephemeral nature of fame, and the beauty of the world as we know it.<br /><br /><i>From the Hardcover edition.</i>

2 Last Night in Montreal

Author : Emily St. John Mandel
Genre :  Literary  Books  Fiction & Literature  Mysteries & Thrillers 
Price :  $13.99
Release Date :  2009-06-01
Description :  When Lilia Albert was a child, her father appeared on the doorstep of her mother's house and took her away. Now, haunted by an inability to remember much about her early childhood, Lilia moves restlessly from city to city, abandoning lovers and eluding the private detective who has dedicated a career to following close behind. <br /><br />Then comes Eli. When Lilia goes out for a paper and fails to return to their Brooklyn apartment, he follows her to Montreal, not knowing whether he wants to disappear, too, or help her find her way home. But what he discovers is a deeper mystery, one that will set past and present spinning toward collision.


Author : Emily St. John Mandel
Genre :  Mysteries & Thrillers  Books  Fiction & Literature  Literary 
Price :  $5.99
Release Date :  2012-05-01
Description :  Gavin Sasaki was a promising young journalist in New York City until the day he was fired for plagiarism.&#xa0;The last thing he wants is to sell foreclosed real estate for his sister Eilo's company in their Florida hometown. But he's in no position to refuse her job offer, and there's another reason to go home: Eilo recently met a ten-year-old girl who looks very much like Gavin and has the same last name as Gavin's high school girlfriend, Anna, who left town abruptly after graduation.<br /><br />Determined to find out if this little girl might be his daughter, Gavin sets off to track down Anna, starting with the three friends they shared back when he was a part of a jazz group called “The Lola Quartet.” As Gavin pieces together their stories, he learns that Anna has been on the run for good reason, and soon his investigation into her sudden disappearance all those years go takes a seriously dangerous turn.

4 The Singer's Gun

Author : Emily St. John Mandel
Genre :  Mysteries & Thrillers  Books  Romance  Suspense 
Price :  $7.99
Release Date :  2010-05-01
Description :  <i>&#xa0;</i><br />Everyone Anton Walker grew up with is corrupt. His parents dealt in stolen goods, and he was a successful purveyor of forged documents until he abandoned it all in his early twenties, determined to live a normal life, complete with career, apartment, and a fiancée who knows nothing of his criminal beginnings. He’s on the verge of finally getting married when Aria—his cousin and former partner in crime—blackmails him into helping her with one last job. <br /><br />Anton considers the task a small price for future freedom. But as he sets off for an Italian honeymoon, it soon becomes clear that the ghosts of his past can't be left behind so easily, and that the task Aria requires will cost him more than he could ever imagine.

5 My Bookstore

Author : Ronald Rice, Richard Russo, Leif Parsons & Emily St. John Mandel
Genre :  Social Science  Books  Nonfiction  Fiction & Literature  Essays 
Price :  $2.99
Release Date :  2017-04-11
Description :  In <i>My Bookstore</i> our favorite writers-from Elin Hilderbrand, to John Grisham, to Dave Eggers-express their adoration and admiration for their favorite bookstores and booksellers. The relationship between a writer and her local bookstore can last for years or even decades. Often it is the author's local store that supported her during the early days of her career and that works tirelessly to introduce her work to new readers. But authors are also readers and customers, just like us. For them, as for most of us, bookstores serve as the anchor for our communities, the place that introduces us to new ideas (and new neighbors), and that sets our children on the path to becoming lifelong readers and lovers of books. Brimming with original, deeply moving, funny, and exceedingly well-crafted tributes to bookstores, from Longfellow Books in Portland, Maine (Ron Currie, Jr.) to Powells City of Books in Portland, Oregon (Chuck Palahniuk) and everywhere in between, <i>My Bookstore</i> is a joyful celebration of our bricks-and-mortar stores and a clarion call to readers everywhere at a time when the value and importance of these stores should be shouted from the rooftops.<br />

6 Estación Once

Author : Emily St. John Mandel
Genre :  Fiction & Literature  Books 
Price :  $3.99
Release Date :  2015-11-03
Description :  “La mejor novela que leí en 2014. Un libro que recordaré durante mucho tiempo y que volveré a leer”. George R. R. Martin, autor de "Juego de tronos". Un inesperado virus mortal acaba con la humanidad tal y como la conocemos: ya no quedan trenes que unan los lugares, ni internet que nos permita conocer el mundo, ni siquiera ciudades en las que vivir, solo quedan asentamientos hostiles al visitante ocasional. En este desolador panorama un pequeño grupo de actores y músicos tienen una iniciativa sorprendente: crear la Sinfonía Viajera, con el fin de mantener vivo un resquicio de humanidad. Pero en este libro nada es fácil y pronto este rescoldo de civilización también se verá amenazado por un violento profeta. Esta novela va más allá de su argumento y escritura, originales y ambiciosos: nos sumerge en un mundo distinto y nos obliga a reflexionar sobre el presente, sobre lo que tenemos y qué valor le damos. En definitiva, un homenaje inteligente y sobrio a los pequeños placeres de la vida. Un libro difícil de dejar y, más aún, de olvidar.

7 Estação Onze

Author : Emily St. John Mandel
Genre :  Romance  Books 
Price :  $5.99
Release Date :  2015-06-11
Description :  Certa noite, o famoso ator Arthur Leander tem um ataque cardíaco no palco, durante a apresentação de Rei Lear. Jeevan Chaudhary, um paparazzo com treinamento em primeiros socorros, está na plateia e vai em seu auxílio. A atriz mirim Kirsten Raymonde observa horrorizada a tentativa de ressuscitação cardiopulmonar enquanto as cortinas se fecham, mas o ator já está morto. Nessa mesma noite, enquanto Jeevan volta para casa, uma terrível gripe começa a se espalhar. Os hospitais estão lotados, e pela janela do apartamento em que se refugiou com o irmão, Jeevan vê os carros bloquearem a estrada, tiros serem disparados e a vida se desintegrar.<br /> Quase vinte anos depois, Kirsten é uma atriz na Sinfonia Itinerante. Com a pequena trupe de artistas, ela viaja pelos assentamentos do mundo pós-calamidade, apresentando peças de Shakespeare e números musicais para as comunidades de sobreviventes.<br /> Abarcando décadas, a narrativa vai e volta no tempo para descrever a vida antes e depois da pandemia. Enquanto Arthur se apaixona e desapaixona, enquanto Jeevan ouve os locutores dizerem boa-noite pela última vez e enquanto Kirsten é enredada por um suposto profeta, as reviravoltas do destino conectarão todos eles. Impressionante, único e comovente, Estação Onze reflete sobre arte, fama e efemeridade, e sobre como os relacionamentos nos ajudam a superar tudo, até mesmo o fim do mundo.

8 Fordi overlevelse ikke er nok

Author : Emily St. John Mandel
Genre :  Fantasy  Books  Sci-Fi & Fantasy 
Price :  $38.99
Release Date :  2016-01-28
Description :  Den berømte skuespilleren Arthur Leander får hjerteinfarkt mens han står på scenen og spiller Kong Lear. Senere samme kveld begynner sivilisasjonen å bryte sammen i kjølvannet av en influensapandemi. Tjue år senere turnerer en teatertrupp til små bosetninger av overlevende. På vogna deres står en replikk fra Star Trek: «Fordi overlevelse ikke er nok».<br /> På kryss og tvers av tid og sted, skildrer romanen livet før og etter pandemien. Gradvis avdekkes skjebnens krumspring, som forbinder dem alle. Fordi overlevelse ikke er nok er en postapokalyptisk roman om kunst og erindring og om skjønnheten i verden slik vi kjenner den.<br /> Emily St. John Mandel (f. 1979) er født i British Columbia i Canada. Hun har gitt ut flere romaner.

9 Σταθμός Έντεκα

Author : Emily St. John Mandel
Genre :  Literary  Books  Fiction & Literature 
Price :  $9.99
Release Date :  2014-04-19
Description :  Μια χιονισμένη νύχτα, ο Άρθουρ Λιάντερ, διάσημος ηθοποιός του Χόλιγουντ, παθαίνει καρδιακή προσβολή πάνω στη σκηνή κατά τη διάρκεια μιας παράστασης του Βασιλιά Ληρ. Ο Τζιβαν Σόντρι, ένας νεαρός παπαράτσι που σπουδάζει νοσηλευτική, βρίσκεται στο κοινό και σπεύδει να βοηθήσει, υπό το βλέμμα μιας οχτάχρονης ηθοποιού, της Κίρστεν Ρεϊμόντ. Όμως παρά τις προσπάθειές του, ο Άρθουρ καταλήγει νεκρός. Καθώς ο Τζίβαν γυρίζει σπίτι διασχίζοντας το χιονισμένο Τορόντο, πληροφορείται ότι έχει ξεσπάσει μια θανατηφόρα γρίπη που εξαπλώνεται ραγδαία. Αποφασίζει να οχυρωθεί στο διαμέρισμα του αδερφού του, σε ένα ουρανοξύστη, απ’ όπου παρατηρεί τον κόσμο, όπως τον ήξερε, να καταρρέει.<br /><br /> Είκοσι χρόνια αργότερα, η Κίρστεν είναι ηθοποιός στην Περιπλανώμενη Συμφωνία, μια ομάδα ηθοποιών και μουσικών που ταξιδεύει στους οικισμούς του αλλαγμένου πια κόσμου, ανεβάζοντας Σαίξπηρ και παίζοντας μουσική. Η ζωή τους είναι ένας καθημερινός αγώνας επιβίωσης, καθώς οι αναμνήσεις τους μπλέκονται επώδυνα με τη νέα τους πραγματικότητα, ενώ το κακό μπορεί να καραδοκεί παντού.<br /><br /> Ο Σταθμός Έντεκα είναι ένα υποβλητικό δυστοπικό μυθιστόρημα, σκοτεινό και ελεγειακό μα συνάμα λαμπερό και αισιόδοξο. Ένα μυθιστόρημα για την τέχνη, τη νοσταλγία, τους ανθρώπους που μας σημαδεύουν και την ομορφιά του κόσμου που μας περιβάλλει.

10 Das Licht der letzten Tage

Author : Emily St. John Mandel
Genre :  Science Fiction  Books  Sci-Fi & Fantasy 
Price :  $10.99
Release Date :  2015-09-14
Description :  Niemand konnte ahnen, wie zerbrechlich unsere Welt ist. Ein Wimpernschlag, und sie ging unter. Doch selbst jetzt, während das Licht der letzten Tage langsam schwindet, geben die Überlebenden nicht auf. Sie haben nicht vergessen, wie wunderschön die Welt war. Sie vermissen all das, was einst so wundervoll und selbstverständlich war, und sie weigern sich zu akzeptieren, dass alles für immer verloren sein soll. Auf ihrem Weg werden sie von Hoffnung geleitet – und Zuversicht. Denn selbst das schwächste Licht erhellt die Dunkelheit. Immer.

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