Richard Levesque

1 The Girl at the End of the World

Author : Richard Levesque
Genre :  Fiction  Books  Young Adult 
Price :  $3.99
Release Date :  2014-01-12
Description :  Her fight begins the day the world ends.<br /><br />Scarlett Fisher is an average California teenager. She likes hanging out with her friends and talking on the phone. She does all right at school, and she's made the best of her parents' divorce. But in one way, she's special: on her fifteenth birthday, a fast-moving plague wipes out everyone she's ever known, yet somehow it passes her by.<br /><br />Her family dead, alone in a corpse-strewn metropolis, she has no choice but to survive. She needs food, shelter, a safe place to sleep. She discovers that an ordinary girl is capable of extraordinary things, and that she's more resilient than she imagined. Even so, she wishes more than anything that she could just find another survivor.<br /><br />Unfortunately for Scarlett, not everyone who survived the plague is looking for companionship. And she's about to find out just how difficult survival really is.

2 All These Shiny Worlds

Author : Jefferson Smith, Richard Levesque, Bryce Anderson, Graham Storrs, Regina Richards, Karpov Kinrade, Russ Linton, Misha Burnett, Brett Adams, Becca Mills, Van Allen Plexico, Dave Higgins, J.S. Morin, Christopher Ruz & Belinda Mellor
Genre :  Fiction & Literature  Books  Sci-Fi & Fantasy  Fantasy  Short Stories  Science Fiction & Literature  Short Stories 
Price :  Free
Release Date :  2016-01-30
Description :  What do you get when you ask 34 of today's top indie authors to each submit a story and then ask a team of judges to scour that ore and pick out the gems? You get&#xa0;All These Shiny Worlds:<br />A world of today, divided, black from white, good from evil, and held apart by&#xa0;the taste of a cookie.A world of griffons and glimmer bunnies, wise old mothers, sassy llamas, and the magic of beer.A world of contemplation and serenity, of service and devotion, ruled by a jewel and guarded by children.Plus 12 more, for a total of 15 worlds to explore.<br />From the brutal curators at&#xa0;;comes this collection of indie short stories, each a distinct jewel forged in the fires of judgment, and all carrying one&#xa0;simple promise:<br /><br />Guaranteed not to suck.

3 All These Shiny Worlds II

Author : Jefferson Smith, Bryce Anderson, Christopher Ruz, Dave Higgins, Graham Storrs, J.S. Morin, Misha Burnett, Richard Levesque, Russ Linton, Meryl Stenhouse, Simon Cantan, David Kristoph & I.A. Watson
Genre :  Fiction & Literature  Books  Sci-Fi & Fantasy  Science Fiction & Literature  Short Stories  Fantasy  Short Stories 
Price :  Free
Release Date :  2017-05-31
Description :  Each year we hand-pick 50 of today's top indie authors and ask them to submit a story. Then we ask a team of ruthless judges to scour that ore and pick out the gems. The result is <i>All These Shiny Worlds II</i>:<br /><br />* a world of today where cosplay and stagecraft are bright lights hiding dark shadows<br />* a world of tomorrow, where kitchen appliances fend for themselves and take solace in each other's arms, refugees from indifferent owners<br />* a world of little cogs in big machines, where the humble trash collector is the unsung hero of getting evil done<br />* a world of small magics and big hearts, where a little chaos can go a long, long way<br /><br />From the brutal curators at comes another&#xa0;collection of indie short stories, each a distinct jewel forged in the fires of judgment, and all continuing to carry our&#xa0;one&#xa0;simple promise:<br /><br />Guaranteed not to suck.

4 The Somniscient

Author : Richard Levesque
Genre :  Science Fiction  Books  Sci-Fi & Fantasy 
Price :  $3.99
Release Date :  2018-02-03
Description :  When reformed dream hacker Nix Nighthawk's sleep chip malfunctions, he is forced to seek help from a world he is trying to avoid—his old friends in the pirate dream network. But that world has changed, and Nix soon finds himself at the center of a complex plot to overthrow the vast corporation that controls every aspect of society. Betrayed by his lover, his friends, and even the technology that defines him, he has to choose: go back to living his safe and controlled existence, or be the hero and join forces with the revolutionary known only as The Somniscient.

5 Walk a Mile

Author : Richard Levesque
Genre :  Sci-Fi & Fantasy  Books 
Price :  Free
Release Date :  2013-10-01
Description :  The girl of his dreams was out of sight.<br />Then he discovered she was out of this world.<br /><br />Mike Parker has always had it bad for Ronnie Clark, the prettiest girl in town, but she's never given him a second look. Not until tonight anyway.<br /><br />When Ronnie climbs out of her father's broken down pick-up looking for help, Mike thinks he's in the right place at the right time.<br /><br />But he's about to find out that Ronnie Clark isn't what she seems. He's about to get to know her much, much better, and he's about to find out how far out of the world she is.

6 Strictly Analog

Author : Richard Levesque
Genre :  Science Fiction  Books  Sci-Fi & Fantasy  Fiction & Literature  Mysteries & Thrillers  Hard-Boiled 
Price :  $0.99
Release Date :  2015-02-10
Description :  Fans of William Gibson, Jonathan Letham, and Richard K. Morgan will enjoy <i>Strictly Analog</i> by Richard Levesque.<br /><br />What's a private detective to do in a future where nothing is private any more?<br /><br />For Ted Lomax, the answer is to find clients who need their info kept off the grid, and that's what Ted has done for years, skirting the high tech that runs the new California and living on the fringes of society. But when his daughter is accused of murdering her boyfriend–an agent in the Secret Police–Ted has to dig himself out of the hole he's been in for years in order to save her.<br /><br />Before long, he's pulled into a shadow world of underground hackers, high-end programmers, and renegade gear-heads, all of whom seem to have a stake in California's future. The further he digs into the case, the clearer it becomes that it's about more than one dead agent. Solving it might save his daughter. And it might get him killed. And it just might open the door to secrets that reach back to the attack that almost killed him eighteen years before. At any rate, Ted Lomax will never be the same.<br /><br /><i>"…fast-paced futuristic thriller…"–</i><b>Publishers Weekly*</b><br /><br /><i>"…a well-crafted story with realistic characters we can root for in a hard-boiled landscape…It's a story that should appeal to fans of early Gibson or Sterling. And now that our world is much closer to the cyberpunk vision of tomorrow that was forecast decades ago, the story should appeal to contemporary detective fiction fans too. Strictly Analog is highly recommended."<b>–</b></i><b>The New Poddler Review of Books</b><br /><br />*This review was of the manuscript version submitted to Amazon's Breakout Novel Awards competition in 2012.

7 Dead Man's Hand

Author : Richard Levesque
Genre :  Fantasy  Books  Sci-Fi & Fantasy  Paranormal  Mysteries & Thrillers  Hard-Boiled 
Price :  Free
Release Date :  2015-03-05
Description :  Zombies, werewolves, vampires, rival Bowie tribute bands, and conjoined twin mobsters…it’s all in a day’s work for Ace Stubble, a gritty lawyer whose clients are the undead and paranormal.<br /><br />Ace should have learned a long time ago that “easy” jobs are never <i>that </i>easy, but how could this one go wrong? All he needs to do is find the right re-animator to put some life back into the dead man’s hand that his friend Pixel Patterson has acquired. There could be a good deal of money in it–and it doesn’t hurt that Pixel is easy on the eyes.<br /><br />Unfortunately, re-animators aren’t all that cooperative in this city, and before long Ace is calling in favors that lead to other favors. When a van-load of zombies goes missing, Ace realizes there’s more to the dead man’s hand than he’d thought, and there are people far more dangerous than Pixel Patterson trying to unlock the hand’s secrets. But now it’s too late for Ace to back out of the deal, and he has to rely on more than favors if he’s going to come out of this one still in one piece.

8 Unfinished Business

Author : Richard Levesque
Genre :  Paranormal  Books  Sci-Fi & Fantasy  Fantasy  Mysteries & Thrillers  Hard-Boiled 
Price :  $0.99
Release Date :  2015-01-17
Description :  It’s another open and shut case for Ace Stubble, lawyer for the undead and disembodied. At least that’s what he thinks. When Cordelia Dearborn—a ghost with a shady past—hires Ace to rid her home of pesky, freeloading descendants, Ace figures he’ll have no problem collecting his fee. But there’s more to this case than a cranky old ghost and houseful of unwanted people.<br /><br />Everyone in the Dearborn family—the living, the dead, and the mentally ill—has a secret or two, and Ace can’t avoid getting caught up in all of them. It doesn’t help that Cordelia’s beautiful granddaughter seems willing to do anything to keep from being evicted. It’s all such a mess that no one—neither the living nor the dead—seems aware that there’s bigger trouble brewing in the house. Ace Stubble has faced danger before, but is he ready for what’s living in the basement of the Dearborn estate?

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