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1 The Payoff Principle

Author : Alan Zimmerman
Genre :  Business & Personal Finance  Books 
Price :  $9.99
Release Date :  2015-03-03
Description :  Where do you hope to go with your life, your career, and your relationships? How will you muster the energy to keep on keeping on, in the good times and the bad? What skills do you have to learn—and then use—to make sure you get the payoffs you really want in your professional life and your personal life?<br /><br />The problem with so many positive-thinking books and self-help routines is that they don’t give you the <i>whole</i> formula. <i>The Payoff Principle</i> gives you that formula—<b>Purpose + Passion + Process = Payoff—</b>and then works as your guidebook, teaching you how to apply the formula to achieve success at work, at home, and everywhere you go.&#xa0;<br /><br />When you find <b>purpose</b> in what you do, exhibit <b>passion</b> for the outcome, and master the <b>process</b> to make it happen, you produce the <b>payoffs</b> you want, need, and deserve.<br /><br />Plenty of people have done exactly that, whether consciously and deliberately or accidently and luckily. But, you don’t have to depend on luck anymore. You have a formula for getting what you want. You have a practical set of strategies guaranteed to deliver greater happiness and success than you’ve ever experienced. All you have to do now is read <i>The Payoff Principle</i> to learn how to implement the formula to experience the new-and-complete you.

2 Pivot

Author : Alan Zimmerman
Genre :  Management & Leadership  Books  Business & Personal Finance 
Price :  $9.99
Release Date :  2006-01-01
Description :  Whether you are struggling with your goals, unmotivated at work, burnt out on bad news, or just uninspired, a simple turn in attitude can make all the difference.<br /><br /> In <i>Pivot,</i> Dr. Alan R. Zimmerman draws from his extensive experience as a performance consultant to reveal the crucial role attitude plays in your success. Simply put, good attitudes bring good results and bad attitudes bring bad results.<br /><br /> Through Dr. Zimmerman’s nine-step attitude revolution, you will<br /><br /> • Evaluate your status quo<br /> • Choose your mental strategy<br /> • Curb the negativity that blocks your success<br /> • Improve your confidence<br /> • Build stronger relationships<br /> • Experience an instant boost in enthusiasm<br /> • Make positivity second nature<br /> • Stop worrying<br /> • Overcome failure<br /><br /> If it’s time for a revolution in your life, <i>Pivot</i> can lead the way.

3 Brave Questions

Author : Alan Zimmerman
Genre :  Parenting  Books 
Price :  $9.99
Release Date :  2012-01-05
Description :  Communication can be magic, but it can also be maddening. It all depends on the skills you have. This book will bring out the magic. Whether it is with your spouse, your kid, your friend, or your co-worker, almost any relationship can be&#xa0; strengthened. And the strengthening process taught in this book is simple, fun, safe, and effective.&#xa0; It really works!<br /><br /> You’ll learn how to ask Brave Questions that go beyond the mundane and the superficial. &#xa0; You’ll learn how to listen with respect and understanding. And you’ll have better conversations than you ever dreamed possible.And when you dig into these Brave Questions, you’re going to:<br /><br /> &#xa0; &#xa0; * Deepen your understanding<br /> &#xa0; &#xa0; &#xa0; (You’ll learn more about people in a few minutes than you may have learned in a few years.)<br /> &#xa0; &#xa0; * Build trust<br /> &#xa0; &#xa0; &#xa0; (You’ll strengthen the very foundations of your relationships with open, honest communication.)<br /> &#xa0; &#xa0; * Strengthen your team<br /> &#xa0; &#xa0; &#xa0; (You’ll get greater cooperation on and off the job when you know how to communicate.)<br /> &#xa0; &#xa0; * And you will just plain have fun.<br /> &#xa0; &#xa0; &#xa0; In fact few things in life are more enjoyable than a great conversation, and this book will make sure you have exactly that.

4 The Economics of Counterfeit Trade

Author : Peggy E Chaudhry & Alan Zimmerman
Genre :  Economics  Books  Business & Personal Finance  Reference  Professional & Technical  Law  Finance 
Price :  $109.99
Release Date :  2009-02-21
Description :  Walk down any main street in Shanghai, Paris or New York and you will see evidence of the counterfeit goods trade. Everyone has seen or heard of fake Prada bags or Omega watches. But how large is the counterfeit market? It appears that the same numbers have been quoted repeatedly in sources ranging from serious academic journals to the BBC to the Sydney Morning Herald. This is the first book to fully examine the size of the counterfeit market.<br /><br />Many authors have proposed actions to combat counterfeiting. Chaudhry and Zimmerman are the first to take a global look at the intellectual property environment using a research-based approach. This book also gives international business managers practical, tested tools they can use to combat piracy. These recommendations are based on the successful experience of managers wrestling with these problems every day. The book is based on solid research but written in an accessible style.

5 Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights

Author : Peggy E Chaudhry & Alan Zimmerman
Genre :  Business & Personal Finance  Books  Finance  Professional & Technical  Law 
Price :  $84.99
Release Date :  2012-12-09
Description :  Counterfeit products represent a growing problem for a wide range of industries. There are many estimates of the size of this problem most of which coalesce around $500-billion annually on a global basis. Overall, a wide range of industries agree that there is a severe problem with the global protection of intellectual property rights (IPR), yet, there have been virtually no attempts to describe all aspects of the problem. This book aims at giving the most complete description of various characteristics of the intellectual property rights (IPR) environment in a global context. The authors believe a holistic understanding of the problem must include consumer complicity to purchase counterfeit, actions of the counterfeiters (pirates) as well as actions (or inaction) by home and host governments, and the role of international organizations and industry alliances. Only after establishing how all the actors in the IPR environment relate to one another can we describe global protection of the intellectual property rights environment and the managerial response of IPR owners and/or industry associations to combat this ongoing problem. The book will conclude with pragmatic recommendations for protecting intellectual property given the recent trends discussed in the previous chapters, making it of interest to practitioners and policy-makers alike.<br /><br />"Authoritative, timely, and thought-provoking, Chaudhry and Zimmerman did it again. If you are interested in the latest developments in IPR around the world, you need to arm yourself with the insights contained in this immensely useful book." - Mike W. Peng, Jindal Chair of Global Strategy, University of Texas at Dallas and author of &lt;italic&gt;Global Business&lt;italic&gt;, &lt;italic&gt;Global Strategy&lt;italic&gt;, and &lt;italic&gt;GLOBAL&lt;italic&gt; <br /><br />"Chaudhry and Zimmerman's work is comprehensive and research-based, but very accessible to the reader. This book will be of interest to lawyers, as well as corporate managers, seeking to understand the dynamics of the illicit trade in consumer goods." - Tom Snelling, Partner, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

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