Ben Macintyre

1 A Spy Among Friends

Author : Ben Macintyre & John le Carré
Genre :  History  Books  Europe  Nonfiction  True Crime 
Price :  $5.99
Release Date :  2014-07-29
Description :  <b>Master storyteller Ben Macintyre’s most ambitious work to date brings to life the&#xa0;twentieth century’s greatest spy story.</b><br /><br />Kim Philby was the greatest spy in history, a brilliant and charming man who rose to head Britain’s counterintelligence against the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War—while he was secretly working for the enemy. And nobody thought he knew Philby like Nicholas Elliott, Philby’s best friend and fellow officer in MI6. The two men had gone to the same schools, belonged to the same exclusive clubs, grown close through the crucible of wartime intelligence work and long nights of drink and revelry. It was madness for one to think the other might be a communist spy, bent on subverting Western values and the power of the free world.<br />&#xa0;<br />But Philby was secretly betraying his friend. Every word Elliott breathed to Philby was transmitted back to Moscow—and not just Elliott’s words, for in America, Philby had made another powerful friend: James Jesus Angleton, the crafty, paranoid head of CIA counterintelligence. Angleton's and Elliott’s unwitting disclosures helped Philby sink almost every&#xa0;important Anglo-American spy operation for twenty years, leading countless operatives to their doom. Even as the web of suspicion closed around him, and Philby was driven to greater lies to protect his cover, his two friends never abandoned him—until it was too late. The stunning truth of his betrayal would have devastating consequences on the two men who thought they knew him best, and on the intelligence services he left crippled in his wake.<br />&#xa0;<br />Told with heart-pounding suspense and keen psychological insight, and based on personal papers and never-before-seen British intelligence files, <i>A Spy Among Friends</i> is Ben Macintyre’s best book yet, a high-water mark in Cold War history telling.<br /><br /><i>From the Hardcover edition.</i>

2 Double Cross

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  Military  Books  History 
Price :  $9.99
Release Date :  2012-07-31
Description :  <b>In&#xa0;<i>Double Cross</i>, <i>New York Times</i> bestselling author Ben Macintyre returns with the untold story of one of the greatest deceptions of World War II, and of the extraordinary spies who achieved it.<br /><br /></b>On June 6, 1944, 150,000 Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy and suffered an astonishingly low rate of casualties. D-Day was a stunning military accomplishment, but it was also a masterpiece of trickery. Operation Fortitude, which protected and enabled the invasion, and the Double Cross system, which specialized in turning German spies into double agents, deceived the Nazis into believing that the Allies would attack at Calais and Norway rather than Normandy. It was the most sophisticated and successful deception operation ever carried out, ensuring Allied victory at the most pivotal point in the war. <br /><br />This epic event has never before been told from the perspective of the key individuals in the Double Cross system, until now. These include its director (a brilliant, urbane intelligence officer), a colorful assortment of MI5 handlers (as well as their counterparts in Nazi intelligence), and the five spies who formed Double Cross’s nucleus: a dashing&#xa0; Serbian playboy, a Polish fighter-pilot, a bisexual Peruvian party girl, a deeply eccentric Spaniard, and a volatile Frenchwoman. The D-Day spies were, without question, one of the oddest military units ever assembled, and their success depended on the delicate, dubious relationship between spy and spymaster, both German and British. Their enterprise was saved from catastrophe by a shadowy sixth spy whose heroic sacrifice is revealed here for the first time.<br /><br />With the same depth of research, eye for the absurd and masterful storytelling that have made Ben Macintyre an international bestseller, <i>Double Cross </i>is a captivating narrative of the spies who wove a web so intricate it ensnared Hitler’s army and carried thousands of D-Day troops across the Channel in safety.

3 Agent Zigzag

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  History  Books  Biographies & Memoirs  Military 
Price :  $4.99
Release Date :  2007-09-04
Description :  <b><i>NEW YORK TIMES</i> BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF </b><i><b>A SPY AMONG FRIENDS<br /></b></i><br />A <i>New York Times</i> Notable Book of the Year<br />A <i>Washington Post</i> Best Book of 2007<br />One of the Top 10 Best Books of 2007 (<i>Entertainment Weekly</i>)<br /><i>New York Times</i> Best of the Year Round-Up<br /><i>New York Times</i> Editors’ Choice<br /><br />Eddie Chapman was a charming criminal, a con man, and a philanderer. He was also one of the most remarkable double agents Britain has ever produced. Inside the traitor was a man of loyalty; inside the villain was a hero. The problem for Chapman, his spymasters, and his lovers was to know where one persona ended and the other began. Based on recently declassified files, <i>Agent Zigzag</i> tells Chapman’s full story for the first time. It’s a gripping tale of loyalty, love, treachery, espionage, and the thin and shifting line between fidelity and betrayal.

4 Operation Mincemeat

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  Military  Books  History  Politics & Current Events 
Price :  $12.99
Release Date :  2010-05-04
Description :  <b><i>NEW YORK TIMES</i> BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF </b><i><b>A SPY AMONG FRIENDS<br /></b></i><br />In 1943, from a windowless basement office in London, two brilliant intelligence officers conceived a plan that was both simple and complicated— Operation Mincemeat. The purpose? To deceive the Nazis into thinking that Allied forces were planning to attack southern Europe by way of Greece or Sardinia, rather than Sicily, as the Nazis had assumed, and the Allies ultimately chose.<br />&#xa0;<br />Charles Cholmondeley of MI5 and the British naval intelligence officer Ewen Montagu could not have been more different. Cholmondeley was a dreamer seeking adventure. Montagu was an aristocratic, detail-oriented barrister. But together they were the perfect team. They created an ingenious plan: Get a corpse, equip it with secret (but false and misleading) papers concerning the invasion, then drop it off the coast of Spain where German spies would, they hoped, take the bait. The idea was approved by British intelligence officials, including Ian Fleming (creator of James Bond). Winston Churchill believed it might ring true to the Axis and help bring victory to the Allies.<br /><br />Filled with spies, double agents, rogues, fearless heroes, and one very important corpse, the story of Operation Mincemeat reads like an international thriller.<br /><br />Unveiling never-before-released material, Ben Macintyre brings the reader right into the minds of intelligence officers, their moles and spies, and the German Abwehr agents who suffered the “twin frailties of wishfulness and yesmanship.” He weaves together the eccentric personalities of Cholmondeley and Montagu and their near-impossible feats into a riveting adventure that not only saved thousands of lives but paved the way for a pivotal battle in Sicily and, ultimately, Allied success in the war.<br /><br /><i>From the Trade Paperback edition.</i>

5 Rogue Heroes

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  Military  Books  History  Europe  Nonfiction  True Crime 
Price :  $11.99
Release Date :  2016-10-04
Description :  <b>The incredible untold story of WWII’s greatest secret fighting force, as told by our great modern master of wartime intrigue</b><br />&#xa0;<br />Britain’s Special Air Service—or SAS—was the brainchild of David Stirling, a young, gadabout aristocrat whose aimlessness in early life belied a remarkable strategic mind. Where most of his colleagues looked at a battlefield map of World War II’s African theater and saw a protracted struggle with Rommel’s desert forces, Stirling saw an opportunity: given a small number of elite, well-trained men, he could parachute behind enemy lines and sabotage their airplanes and war material. Paired with his constitutional opposite, the disciplined martinet Jock Lewes, Stirling assembled a revolutionary fighting force that would upend not just the balance of the war, but the nature of combat itself. He faced no little resistance from those who found his tactics ungentlemanly or beyond the pale, but in the SAS’s remarkable exploits facing the Nazis in the Africa and then on the Continent can be found the seeds of nearly all special forces units that would follow.<br />&#xa0;<br />Bringing his keen eye for psychological detail to a riveting wartime narrative, Ben Macintyre uses his unprecedented access to SAS archives to shine a light inside a legendary unit long shrouded in secrecy. The result is not just a tremendous war story, but a fascinating group portrait of men of whom history and country asked the most.

6 The Napoleon of Crime

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  Biographies & Memoirs  Books  Nonfiction  True Crime  History  United States 
Price :  $6.99
Release Date :  2011-04-05
Description :  <b><i>NEW YORK TIMES</i> BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF <i>A SPY AMONG FRIENDS</i></b><br /><br /><i>He is the Napoleon of crime, Watson.<br />He is the organizer of half that is evil and of nearly all that is undetected in this great city.<br />He is a genius, a philosopher, an abstract thinker. . . .</i> <br />--Sherlock Holmes on Professor Moriarty in "The Final Problem"<br /><br />The Victorian era's most infamous thief, Adam Worth was the original Napoleon of crime.&#xa0;&#xa0;Suave, cunning Worth learned early that the best way to succeed was to steal.&#xa0;&#xa0;And steal he did.<br /><br />Following a strict code of honor, Worth won the respect of Victorian society.&#xa0;&#xa0;He also aroused its fear by becoming a chilling phantom, mingling undetected with the upper classes, whose valuables he brazenly stole.&#xa0;&#xa0;His most celebrated heist: Gainsborough's grand portrait of the Duchess of Devonshire--ancestor of Diana, Princess of Wales--a painting Worth adored and often slept with for twenty years.<br /><br />With a brilliant gang that included "Piano" Charley, a jewel thief, train robber, and playboy, and "the Scratch" Becker, master forger, Worth secretly ran operations from New York to London, Paris, and South Africa--until betrayal and a Pinkerton man finally brought him down.<br /><br />In a decadent age, Worth was an icon.&#xa0;&#xa0;His biography is a grand, dazzling tour into the gaslit underworld of the last century.&#xa0;&#xa0;.&#xa0;&#xa0;.&#xa0;&#xa0;and into the doomed genius of a criminal mastermind.

7 Forgotten Fatherland

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  Biographies & Memoirs  Books 
Price :  $11.99
Release Date :  2011-04-05
Description :  <b><i>NEW YORK TIMES</i> BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF </b><i><b>A SPY AMONG FRIENDS<br /></b></i><br />In 1886 Elisabeth Nietzsche, Friedrich’s bigoted, imperious sister, founded a “racially pure” colony in Paraguay together with a band of blonde-haired fellow Germans. Over a century later Ben Macintyre sought out the survivors of this “Nueva Germania” to discover the remains of this bizarre colony. <i>Forgotten Fatherland</i> vividly recounts his arduous adventure locating the survivors, while also tracing the colorful history of Elisabeth’s return to Europe, where she inspired the mythical cult of her brother’s philosophy and later became a mentor to Hitler. Brilliantly researched and mordantly funny, this is an illuminating portrait of a forgotten people and of a woman whose deep influence on the twentieth century can only now be fully understood.<br /><br /><i>From the Trade Paperback edition.</i>

8 For Your Eyes Only

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  Biographies & Memoirs  Books 
Price :  $11.99
Release Date :  2009-04-06
Description :  I am going to write the spy story to end all spy stories' One morning in February 1952, a journalist called Ian Fleming sat down at his desk and set about creating a fictional secret agent. James Bond was born and would go on to become one of the most successful, enduring and lucrative creations in literature. But Bond's world of glamour and romance, gadgets and cocktails, espionage and villainy wasn't entirely drawn from imagination: Fleming's background and his experiences as an intelligence officer during the Second World War were all formative parts in the creation of the world's most famous spy. Packed with astonishing detail and written in Macintyre's inimitable style, <i>For Your Eyes Only</i> is the most enlightening, enlivening book on the creator of the spy who not only lived twice, but proved to be immortal.

9 The Man Who Would Be King

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  Biographies & Memoirs  Books  History  Asia 
Price :  $9.99
Release Date :  2008-10-28
Description :  <b>The Riveting Account of the American Who Inspired Kipling's Classic Tale and the John Huston Movie</b><br /><br />In the year 1838, a young adventurer, surrounded by his native troops and mounted on an elephant, raised the American flag on the summit of the Hindu Kush in the mountainous wilds of Afghanistan. He declared himself Prince of Ghor, Lord of the Hazarahs, spiritual and military heir to Alexander the Great.<br /><br />The true story of Josiah Harlan, a Pennsylvania Quaker and the first American ever to enter Afghanistan, has never been told before, yet the life and writings of this extraordinary man echo down the centuries, as America finds itself embroiled once more in the land he first explored and described 180 years ago.<br /><br />Soldier, spy, doctor, naturalist, traveler, and writer, Josiah Harlan wanted to be a king, with all the imperialist hubris of his times. In an extraordinary twenty-year journey around Central Asia, he was variously employed as surgeon to the Maharaja of Punjab, revolutionary agent for the exiled Afghan king, and then commander in chief of the Afghan armies. In 1838, he set off in the footsteps of Alexander the Great across the Hindu Kush and forged his own kingdom, only to be ejected from Afghanistan a few months later by the invading British.<br /><br />Using a trove of newly discovered documents and Harlan's own unpublished journals, Ben Macintyre's <i>The Man Who Would Be King</i> tells the astonishing true story of the man who would be the first and last American king.

10 The Englishman's Daughter

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  Military  Books  History  Europe 
Price :  $7.99
Release Date :  2002-01-12
Description :  <b><i>"I have a rendezvous with death, at some disputed barricade."</i> Alan Seeger, 1916</b><br /><br />In the first days of World War I four soldiers, left behind as the British army retreated through northern France under the first German onslaught, found themselves trapped on the wrong side of the Western Front, in a tiny village called Villeret. Just a few miles from the Somme, the village would be permanently inundated with German troops for the next four years, yet the villagers conspired to feed, clothe and protect the fugitives under the very noses of the invaders, absorbing the Englishmen into their homes and lives until they could pass for Picardy peasants. <br /><br />The leader of the band, Robert Digby, was a striking young man who fell in love with Claire Dessenne, the prettiest maid in the village. In November 1915, with the guns clearly audible from the battlefront, Claire gave birth to Digby's child, the jealous whispering began, and the conspiracy that had protected the soldiers for half the war started to unravel.<br /><br />Never before told, Ben Macintyre's <i>The Englishman's Daughter</i> is a harrowing tale of love, duplicity and their tragic consequences, which haunt the people of Villeret eight decades after the Great War.

11 The Spy and the Traitor

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  History  Books  Nonfiction  True Crime  Military 
Release Date :  2018-09-18
Description :  <b>The celebrated author of&#xa0;<i>Double Cross</i>&#xa0;and&#xa0;<i>Rogue Heroes</i>&#xa0;returns with his greatest spy story yet, a thrilling&#xa0;<i>Americans</i>-era tale of Oleg Gordievsky, the Russian whose secret work helped hasten the end of the Cold War.</b><br /><br /> If anyone could be considered a Russian counterpart to the infamous British double-agent Kim Philby, it was Oleg Gordievsky. The son of two KGB agents and the product of the best Soviet institutions, the savvy, sophisticated Gordievsky grew to see his nation's communism as both criminal and philistine. He took his first posting for Russian intelligence in 1968 and eventually became the Soviet Union's top man in London, but from 1973 on he was secretly working for MI6. For nearly a decade, as the Cold War reached its twilight, Gordievsky helped the West turn the tables on the KGB, exposing Russian spies and helping to foil countless intelligence plots, as the Soviet leadership grew increasingly paranoid at the United States's nuclear first-strike capabilities and brought the world closer to the brink of war. Desperate to keep the circle of trust close, MI6 never revealed Gordievsky's name to its counterparts in the CIA, which in turn grew obsessed with figuring out the identity of Britain's obviously top-level source. Their obsession ultimately doomed Gordievsky: the CIA officer assigned to identify him was none other than Aldrich Ames, the man who would become infamous for secretly spying for the Soviets.&#xa0;<br /><br /> Unfolding the delicious three-way gamesmanship between America, Britain, and the Soviet Union, and culminating in the gripping cinematic beat-by-beat of Gordievsky's nail-biting escape from Moscow in 1985, Ben Macintyre's latest may be his best yet. Like the greatest novels of John le Carré, it brings readers deep into a world of treachery and betrayal, where the lines bleed between the personal and the professional, and one man's hatred of communism had the power to change the future of nations.

12 La historia secreta del Día D

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  Military  Books  History  Mysteries & Thrillers 
Price :  $9.99
Release Date :  2013-03-05
Description :  La historia de los agentes dobles que engañaron a la Alemania nazi y contribuyeron al éxito del desembarco en Normandía es bien conocida. O así lo creíamos. Porque esta es la primera vez que estos personajes y sus actos se han investigado a fondo con la documentación de los archivos del Servicio Secreto británico, y lo que Ben MacIntyre –uno de los más prestigiosos investigadores del mundo del espionaje, autor de “El agente Zigzag” y de “El hombre que nunca existió”- ha descubierto es que lo que los propios protagonistas contaron en sus memorias no era toda la verdad. <br /><br />MacIntyre profundiza en la realidad humana de estos espías –Juan Pujol “Garbo”, Roman&#xa0;Czerniowski “Brutus”, Dusan Dusko “Popov”, Elvira de la Fuente, Lily Sergeyev- y de los numerosos personajes de los servicios de información alemanes y británicos entre los que se movían para descubrirnos la verdadera historia de unos seres “valientes, traicioneros, inseguros, codiciosos e inspirados” que llevaron a cabo una obra maestra de engaño, nunca plenamente revelada hasta ahora, que salvó incontables vidas.

13 Un espía entre amigos

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  Military  Books  History  Biographies & Memoirs  Europe 
Price :  $11.99
Release Date :  2015-03-05
Description :  Kim Philby fue el mayor espía de la historia, un hombre brillante y encantador que encabezó la contrainteligencia británica contra la Unión Soviética durante el apogeo de la Guerra Fría a la vez que trabajaba en secreto para el enemigo. Nadie creía conocer mejor a Philby que Nicholas Elliott, su mejor amigo y compañero o cial del MI6. Parecía una locura pensar que Philby podría ser un espía comunista empeñado en subvertir los valores occidentales y el poder del mundo libre. Pero Philby estaba, secretamente, traicionando a su amigo. Cada palabra de Elliott fue transmitida a Moscú. También en América, Philby había hecho otro poderoso amigo: James Jesus Angleton, el astuto jefe de la CIA. Las revelaciones de Angleton y Elliott ayudaron a Philby a hundir casi cada operación importante del espionaje anglo-estadounidense durante veinte años.&#xa0;

14 Los hombres del SAS

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  Military  Books  History  Biographies & Memoirs 
Price :  $10.99
Release Date :  2017-04-11
Description :  Desde los archivos secretos S.A.S. y en la pluma del aclamado historiador Ben Macintyre, la primera historia autorizada de la más famosa y misteriosa organización militar del mundo.<br /><br /> El S.A.S. (Special Air Service) británico se creó en julio de 1941 como un cuerpo de operaciones especiales, el primero de su género. Comenzaron en el desierto del Norte de África, donde sus hombres eran lanzados en paracaídas tras las líneas enemigas para realizar operaciones de sabotaje, como volar aviones y depósitos de petróleo, y para obtener información de los enemigos capturados. Luego siguieron combatiendo en Italia, en Francia y en la Alemania nazi hasta el fin de la guerra. En sus filas había militares al estilo tradicional, pero la mayoría de sus reclutas, de todas las nacionalidades y pelajes, eran inadaptados, granujas dispuestos a jugarse heroicamente la vida, pero capaces también de acciones brutales y de cometer grandes errores. Ben Macintyre ha sido el primer investigador a quien se ha permitido consultar la documentación del cuerpo, lo que le ha permitido reconstruir las vidas y hazañas de estos héroes singulares y narrar sus acciones de guerra con toda fidelidad.

15 L'uomo che non c'era

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  Military  Books  History 
Price :  $8.99
Release Date :  2012-06-26
Description :  All'alba del 10 luglio 1943 le truppe alleate sbarcarono in Sicilia nel primo attacco alla "Fortezza Europa" in mano a Hitler. Un attacco destinato ad avere un grande successo e ad aprire una nuova, cruciale fase nelle operazioni belliche. Un vero trionfo, dovuto in buona parte a un uomo morto sei mesi prima, un'uomo che non c'era". Attorno a lui venne costruita un'imponente rete di depistaggi, un vero e proprio imbroglio escogitato da un avvocato inglese, Ewen Montagu, e noto come "operazione Mincemeat", senz'altro il più spettacolare, sfacciato e riuscito piano dissuasivo della Seconda guerra mondiale, volto a convincere i servizi informativi nazisti che il grande sbarco alleato nel Mediterraneo avrebbe avuto luogo in Grecia e non sulle coste siciliane. Nota fino a poco tempo fa in modo solo parziale, la vicenda è emersa in tutta la sua complessità solo recentemente, e in questo volume per la prima volta viene ricostruita grazie a documenti dei servizi segreti, fotografie, memoriali, diari dei protagonisti. Che raccontano una vicenda tanto avvincente e incredibile quanto vera.

16 Operace Double Cross

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  Social Science  Books  Nonfiction  History 
Price :  $14.99
Release Date :  2015-12-30
Description :  Nejúspěšnější dezinformační operace všech dob Šestého června 1944 se 150 tisíc spojeneckých vojáků vylodilo v Normandii za neuvěřitelně nízkých ztrát Tento vynikající vojenský úspěch byl také výsledkem mistrovské lsti Operace Fortitude, která chránila a umožnila vylodění, a Double Cross, jež byla zaměřena na proměnu německých agentů v agenty dvojité, přiměly Němce uvěřit, že spojenecké útoky budou směřovat na Calais a Norsko, a nikoli na Normandii Byla to nejrafi novanější a nejúspěšnější dezinformační operace všech dob, jež zajistila spojenecké vítězství v rozhodujícím okamžiku války Tato výjimečná akce nebyla dosud nikdy popsána z perspektivy klíčových jednotlivců systému Double Cross Společně tvořili jednu z nejpodivnějších a nejúspěšnějších vojenských jednotek, jaké kdy existovaly „Poutavé příběhy z pohledu pozoruhodné skupiny špionů, která obelstila nacisty při udivující dezinformační kampani přede Dnem D Vedle ní ostatní špionážní příběhy blednou“ – People „Jak jsme jen, ksakru, mohli v roce 1944 přesvědčit Berlín, že zaútočíme v úplně jiné části francouzského pobřeží? Tato dezinformační kampaň zachránila desítky tisíc spojeneckých životů V knize Double Cross Ben Macintyre důvtipně vysvětluje, jak se to celé odehrálo“ – Frederick Forsyth „Skvělé… Tento příběh ožívá ve své úžasné, nepředstavitelné lstivosti… Výborné čtení“ – Washington Post „Macintyre je mistrovský vypravěč Využívá sarkasmu a smyslu pro detail a přináší příběh, jenž rozhodl o vítězství a který je protkán evropskou rafi novaností i nenápadným válečným hrdinstvím“ – San Francisco Chronicle BEN MACINTYRE je spisovatel na volné noze a koeditor londýnských novin Times Je autorem knih Agent Zigzag, The Man Who Would Be King, The Englishman’s Daughter, The Napoleon of Crime a Forgotten Fatherland Žije v Londýně se svou ženou, beletristkou ate Muirovou, a jejich třemi dětmi.

17 Špion mezi přáteli

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  Fiction & Literature  Books  Biographies & Memoirs 
Price :  $14.99
Release Date :  2015-12-28
Description :  Jeden z největších špionážních příběhů 20 století Ben Macintyre, autor knihy Operace Double Cross, rozkrývá ve své nové publikaci jeden z největších špionážních příběhů dvacátého století Kim Philby byl brilantní a šarmantní muž, kterému se v době, kdy vrcholila studená válka, podařilo vypracovat až do čela britské kontrarozvědky zaměřené proti Sovětskému svazu a zároveň tajně pracovat i pro SSSR Nikdo se přitom nedomníval, že ho zná lépe, než Nicholas Elliott, Philbyho největší přítel a spolupracovník v organizaci MI6 Oba absolvovali stejnou vysokou školu, oba byli členy stejných exkluzivních klubů a stali se blízkými přáteli během výzvědné činnosti za války i za prohýřených nocí naplněných pitím Philby však svého přítele skutečně klamal a informace, které mu Elliot bezděčně sděloval, přispěly k tomu, že téměř všechny významné anglo-americké špionážní operace v průběhu dvaceti let skončily neúspěchem a jejich účastníci v lepším případě ve vězení, v tom horším pak na popravišti Šokující pravda o zradě tohoto člověka měla na Elliota zničující dopad, stejně jako na celou zpravodajskou službu, která se po jeho prozrazení ocitla ve stavu ochromení „Macintyre vytvořil barvité postavy a z jeho přístupu k textu má čtenář dojem, že stát se v příštích minutách může opravdu cokoliv Postupně kreslí obraz pracovníků zpravodajství plného intrik a zrady, kde nekorunovaným králem lží je právě Philby… Autorovo vyprávění je tak poutavé a svěží, že i ty nejlepší fi ktivní příběhy obsažené v knižních thrillerech vypadají vedle tohoto naprosto nevýrazně“ – Publishers Weekly „Nikdo nepíše o podvádění a lsti tak dramaticky, přesvědčivě a vnímavě, jako Ben Macintyre“ – The Daily Mail „Máme před sebou thriller z poválečné doby, který jen tak neodložíte, protože vás bude stále udržovat v napětí, přitom každý jeho neuvěřitelný detail je skutečností, nikoliv fikcí… Jednou z příčin, proč čtenáře toto dílo doslova pohltí, je skutečnost, že jde o typický příklad existenciální pravdy, kdy nejsme vlastně nikdy schopni skutečně poznat druhého člověka Pro oba hlavní hrdiny se maska nedala odlišit od reality“ – The Observer .

18 Ben Macintyre's World War II Espionage Files

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  History  Books  Military 
Price :  $23.99
Release Date :  2012-09-04
Description :  Ben Macintyre’s two bestselling accounts of World War II espionage&#xa0;are now available together exclusively as an ebook with an excerpt from the <i>New York Times</i> bestseller, <i>Double Cross</i>. A <i>New York Times</i> Notable Book of the Year, <i>Agent Zigzag </i>is the story of Eddie Chapman, a charmer, a criminal, a con man, and one of the most remarkable double agents in all of British history. Deemed “brilliant and almost absurdly entertaining” by Malcolm Gladwell,<i> Operation Mincemeat </i>unveils top secret material directly from the officers, spies, and masterminds of World War II. Each true tale is told through the vantage point of covert officials as they unravel webs of espionage and deception to yield Allied success. Macintyre’s are words that read, according to <i>Entertainment Weekly</i>, “like something by Ian Fleming.”

19 Jogo Duplo

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  Europe  Books  History 
Price :  $17.99
Release Date :  2012-11-06
Description :  O Dia D ficou para a história como o princípio do fim do Terceiro Reich, de Hitler. Nesse «dia mais longo», as forças aliadas desembarcaram nas praias da Normandia e venceram, com grande coragem e sofrimento, as disciplinadas tropas nazis. Foi uma vitória alcançada pelas armas, mas poucos saberão que ela só foi possível graças a uma operação prévia de logro e engodo, destinada a convencer os nazis que Calais e a Noruega, e não a Normandia, eram os locais de desembarque da força invasora de 150 000 homens.

20 Dobbeltspil - den sande historie om D-dags spionerne

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  History  Books 
Price :  $14.99
Release Date :  2013-09-01
Description :  D-Dag var vendepunktet under Anden Verdenskrig. Med landgangen i Normandiet bed de allierede tropper sig fast i det europæiske fastland. Det blev begyndelsen til enden på Det Tredje Rige.<br /><br /> Men sejren blev ikke vundet med kanoner alene. I ugerne op til invasionen startede de Allierede en vildledningskampagne, der skulle føre tyskernes opmærksomhed væk fra Normandiet.<br /><br /> Dobbeltspil er fortællingen om de fem agenter, der med fantasi og mod, forræderi og grådighed førte Hitler bag lyset og Europa mod friheden.<br /><br /> Ben Macintyre (f. 1963) er engelsk forfatter, historiker og klummeskribent ved The Times. Han har skrevet en lang række bestsellere om spionage og kontraspionage under Anden Verdenskrig.

21 Il segreto del D-Day

Author : Ben Macintyre
Genre :  World  Books  History 
Price :  $8.99
Release Date :  2014-06-17
Description :  6 giugno 1944, D-Day. Il giorno che ha segnato le sorti della Seconda guerra mondiale e dell'Occidente intero. Un'immane operazione bellica. Dietro la quale c'è stata una prodigiosa azione di intelligence. O, meglio, di inganni. Al centro di tutta l'operazione, nome in codice «Fortitude», c'era il sistema «Double Cross», volto a trasformare le spie dei tedeschi in doppiogiochisti e a creare una squadra di agenti che, con coraggio e spregiudicatezza, è riuscita a convincere i nazisti che l'attacco alleato avrebbe avuto luogo a Calais e in Norvegia. I loro nomi in codice erano Bronx, Brutus, Treasure, Trycicle e Garbo. Un gruppo bizzarro quanto efficace, composto da una seducente peruviana bisessuale, un pilota mingherlino, una volubile francese, un playboy serbo e un allevatore di polli spagnolo. Non hanno combattuto sulle spiagge di Omaha, ma hanno salvato ugualmente migliaia di vite umane. Questa, raccontata per la prima volta, è la loro storia, che svela i retroscena della più grandiosa azione di depistaggio mai tentata. Ben Macintyre, con il suo stile narrativo accattivante e con rigoroso rispetto della documentazione storica, riesce a far rivivere sulla pagina non le tecniche e le strategie, ma gli uomini e le donne. Quegli uomini e quelle donne che hanno cambiato il corso della Storia.

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