Caleb Carr

1 The Alienist

Author : Caleb Carr
Genre :  Historical  Books  Mysteries & Thrillers  Fiction & Literature  Historical 
Price :  $9.99
Release Date :  1994-03-15
Description :  <b><b><i>NEW YORK TIMES&#xa0;</i>BESTSELLER • NOW A TNT ORIGINAL SERIES</b><br /><br />“A first-rate tale of crime and punishment that will keep readers guessing until the final pages.”—<i>Entertainment Weekly</i></b><br /><br /> <b>“Caleb Carr’s rich period thriller takes us back to the moment in history when the modern idea of the serial killer became available to us.”—<i>The Detroit News</i></b><br /><br />When <i>The Alienist</i> was first published in 1994, it was a major phenomenon, spending six months on the <i>New York Times</i> bestseller list, receiving critical acclaim, and selling millions of copies. This modern classic continues to be a touchstone of historical suspense fiction for readers everywhere.<br /><br />The year is 1896. The city is New York. Newspaper reporter John Schuyler Moore is summoned by his friend Dr. Laszlo Kreizler—a psychologist, or “alienist”—to view the horribly mutilated body of an adolescent boy abandoned on the unfinished Williamsburg Bridge. From there the two embark on a revolutionary effort in criminology: creating a psychological profile of the perpetrator based on the details of his crimes. Their dangerous quest takes them into the tortured past and twisted mind of a murderer who will kill again before their hunt is over.<br /><br /> Fast-paced and riveting, infused with historical detail, <i>The Alienist</i> conjures up Gilded Age New York, with its tenements and mansions, corrupt cops and flamboyant gangsters, shining opera houses and seamy gin mills. It is an age in which questioning society’s belief that all killers are born, not made, could have unexpected and fatal consequences.<br /><br /><b>Praise for <i>The Alienist</i></b><br /><br />“[A] delicious premise . . . Its settings and characterizations are much more sophisticated than the run-of-the-mill thrillers that line the shelves in bookstores.”<b>—<i>The Washington Post Book World</i></b><br /><br />“Mesmerizing.”<b>—<i>Detroit Free Press</i></b><br /><br /> “The method of the hunt and the disparate team of hunters lift the tale beyond the level of a good thriller—way beyond. . . . A remarkable combination of historical novel and psychological thriller.”<b>—<i>The Buffalo News</i></b><br /><br />“Engrossing.”<b>—<i>Newsweek</i></b><br /><br /> “A ripsnorter of a plot . . . a fine dark ride.”<b>—<i>The Arizona Daily Star</i></b><br /><br />“Remarkable . . . The reader is taken on a whirlwind tour of the Gilded Age metropolis, climbing up tenement stairs, scrambling across rooftops, and witnessing midnight autopsies. . . . A breathtaking, finely crafted mystery.”<b>—<i>Richmond Times-Dispatch</i></b>&#xa0;<br /><br />“Gripping, atmospheric . . . intelligent and entertaining.”<b>—<i>USA Today</i></b> <br /><br />“A high-spirited, charged-up and unfailingly smart thriller.”<b>—<i>Los Angeles Times</i></b><br /><br /> “Keeps readers turning pages well past their bedtime.”<b>—<i>San Francisco Chronicle</i></b>&#xa0;<br /><br />“Harrowing, fascinating . . . will please fans of <i>Ragtime</i> and <i>The Silence of the Lambs</i>.”<b>—<i>The Flint Journal</i></b>

2 The Angel of Darkness

Author : Caleb Carr
Genre :  Historical  Books  Mysteries & Thrillers 
Price :  $8.99
Release Date :  1997-09-16
Description :  <i><b>NEW YORK TIMES</b></i><b> BESTSELLER •&#xa0;<b>Dr. Laszlo Kreizler—the brilliant hero of <i>The Alienist, </i>now a TNT original series—returns in a “whopping thriller” (<i>The Washington Post</i>) that showcases Caleb Carr “at his strongest” (<i>USA Today</i>).</b></b><br /><br />June 1897. A year has passed since Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, a pioneer in forensic psychiatry, tracked down the brutal serial killer John Beecham with the help of a team of trusted companions and a revolutionary application of the principles of his discipline. Kreizler and his friends—high-living crime reporter John Schuyler Moore; indomitable, derringer-toting Sara Howard; the brilliant (and bickering) detective brothers Marcus and Lucius Isaacson; powerful and compassionate Cyrus Montrose; and Stevie Taggert, the boy Kreizler saved from a life of street crime—have returned to their former pursuits and tried to forget the horror of the Beecham case.<br /><br />But when the distraught wife of a Spanish diplomat begs Sara’s aid, the team reunites to help find her kidnapped infant daughter. It is a case fraught with danger, since Spain and the United States are on the verge of war. Their investigation leads the team to a shocking suspect: a woman who appears to the world to be a heroic nurse and a loving mother, but who may in reality be a ruthless murderer of children.<br /><br />Once again, Caleb Carr proves his brilliant ability to re-create the past, both high life and low. Fast-paced and chilling, <i>The Angel of Darkness</i> is a tour de force, a novel of modern evil in old New York.<br /><br /><b>Praise for <i>The Angel of Darkness</i></b><br /><br /> “A ripping yarn told with verve, intensity, and a feel for historical detail . . . Once again we are careening around the gaslighted New York that Carr knows, and depicts, so well.”<b>—<i>The New York Times Book Review</i></b><br /><br /> “Gripping . . . Carr is at his strongest, exploring the dark underside of the human psyche and ferreting out the terrors and tragedies that drive men—and women—to kill. . . . In Libby Hatch, Carr has created a villain whose cunning is nearly equal to his detectives’ crime-solving prowess. . . . The mystery is plotted with military precision.”<b>—<i>USA Today</i></b><br /><br /> “[A] whopping thriller . . . Carr keeps us racing along with him to the very end.”<b>—<i>The Washington Post Book World</i></b><br /><br /> “Fascinating . . . In a brilliant bit of historical casting, Clarence Darrow, a rising courtroom wizard from Chicago, turns up to defend the villain at a tense upstate New York murder trial.”<b>—<i>Time</i></b>

3 Surrender, New York

Author : Caleb Carr
Genre :  Mysteries & Thrillers  Books  Fiction & Literature  Literary 
Price :  $13.99
Release Date :  2016-08-23
Description :  <b><i>NEW YORK TIMES</i> BESTSELLER •&#xa0;“Imaginative and fulfilling . . . an addictive contemporary crime procedural.”—Michael Connelly,&#xa0;<i>The New York Times Book Review </i>(Editors’ Choice)</b><br /><br /> <b>Caleb Carr, the&#xa0;author of&#xa0;<i>The Alienist</i>&#xa0;and&#xa0;<i>The Angel of Darkness,&#xa0;</i>returns with a contemporary, edge-of-your-seat thriller featuring the brilliant but unconventional criminal psychologist Dr. Trajan Jones.</b><br /><br />In the small town of Surrender in upstate New York, Dr. Jones, a psychological profiler, and Dr. Michael Li, a trace evidence expert, teach online courses in profiling and forensic science from Jones’s family farm. Once famed advisors to the New York City Police Department, Trajan and Li now work in exile, having made enemies of those in power. Protected only by farmhands and Jones’s unusual “pet,”&#xa0;the outcast pair is unexpectedly called in to consult on a disturbing case.<br /><br />In rural Burgoyne County, a pattern of strange deaths has emerged: adolescent boys and girls are found murdered in gruesome fashion. Senior law enforcement officials are quick to blame a serial killer, yet their efforts to apprehend this criminal are peculiarly ineffective.<br /><br />Jones and Li soon discover that the victims are all “throwaway children,” a new state classification of young people who are neither orphans, runaways, nor homeless, but who are abandoned by their families and left to fend for themselves. Two of these throwaways, Lucas Kurtz and his older sister, Ambyr, cross paths with Jones and Li, offering information that could blow the case wide open.<br /><br />As the stakes grow higher, Jones and Li must not only unravel the mystery of how the throwaways died but also defend themselves and the Kurtz siblings against shadowy agents who don’t want the truth to get out. Jones believes the real story leads back to the city where both he and Dr. Kreizler did their greatest work. But will Jones and Li be able to trace the case to New York before they fall victim to the murderous forces that stalk them?<br /><br />Tautly paced and richly researched, <i>Surrender, New York </i>brings to life the grim underbelly of a prosperous nation—and those most vulnerable to its failings. This brilliant novel marks another milestone in Caleb Carr’s triumphant literary suspense career.<br /><br /><b>Praise for <i>Surrender, New York</i></b><br /><br />“[A] page-turning thriller . . . For maximum enjoyment: surrender, reader.”<b>—<i>The</i> <i>Wall Street Journal</i></b><br /><br /> “Every word of fiction Carr has produced seems to have been written in either direct or indirect conversation with&#xa0;Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. . . . &#xa0;[<i>Surrender, New York</i>]<i> </i>allows Carr to deploy his indisputable gift for the gothic and the macabre, and the pursuit is suspenseful and believable.”<b>—<i>USA Today</i></b><br /><br />“[A] long-awaited return.”<b>—<i>O: The Oprah Magazine</i></b><br /><i><br /></i>“[A] superb mystery . . . [that moves] at a swift and often terrifying pace. As in <i>The Alienist,</i> Carr triumphs at every twist and turn.”<b>—<i>Providence Journal</i></b><br /><br /> “Edgar Allan Poe would have understood this book and hailed it a masterpiece.&#xa0;. . . A terrific story with a great setting and a very modern social message.”<b>—<i>The Globe and Mail</i></b><br /><br /> “[An] engrossing mystery.”<b>—<i>Library Journal</i></b><br /><br />“A compulsive read . . . Carr once again delivers a high-stakes thriller featuring a new band of clever, determined outcasts.”<b>—<i>Booklist </i>(starred review)</b><br /><br /> “Carr’s many fans will find this well worth the wait.”<b>—<i>Kirkus Reviews</i></b>

4 The Legend of Broken

Author : Caleb Carr
Genre :  Historical  Books  Fiction & Literature  Action & Adventure  Literary 
Price :  $4.99
Release Date :  2012-11-27
Description :  <b>“A sprawling fantasy saga . . . Caleb Carr boldly goes where he’s never gone before.”—<i>USA Today<br /></i><br /></b>Legend meets history in this mesmerizing novel from #1 <i>New York Times</i> bestselling author Caleb Carr. Demonstrating the rich storytelling, skillful plotting, and depth of research he showcased in <i>The Alienist,</i> Carr has written a wildly imaginative, genre-bending saga that redefines the boundaries of literature.<br /> &#xa0;<br /> Some years ago, a remarkable manuscript long rumored to exist was discovered: The Legend of Broken. It tells of a prosperous fortress city where order reigns at the point of a sword—even as scheming factions secretly vie for control of the surrounding kingdom. Meanwhile, outside the city’s granite walls, an industrious tribe of exiles known as the Bane forages for sustenance in the wilds of Davon Wood.<br /> &#xa0;<br /> At every turn, the lives of Broken’s defenders and its would-be destroyers intertwine: Sixt Arnem, the widely respected and honorable head of the kingdom’s powerful army, grapples with his conscience and newfound responsibilities amid rumors of impending war. Lord Baster-kin, master of the Merchants’ Council, struggles to maintain the magnificence of his kingdom even as he pursues vainglorious dreams of power. And Keera, a gifted female tracker of the Bane tribe, embarks on a perilous journey to save her people, enlisting the aid of the notorious and brilliant philosopher Caliphestros. Together, they hope to exact a ruinous revenge on Broken, ushering in a day of reckoning when the mighty walls will be breached forever in a triumph of science over superstition.<br /> &#xa0;<br /> Breathtakingly profound and compulsively readable, Caleb Carr’s long-awaited new book is an action-packed, multicharacter epic of a medieval clash of cultures—in which new gods collide with old, science defies all expectation, and virtue comes in many guises. Brimming with adventure and narrative invention, <i>The Legend of Broken </i>is an exhilarating and enthralling masterwork.<br /><br /><b>Praise for <i>The Legend of Broken</i></b><br /> &#xa0;<br />“An excellent and old-fashioned entertainment . . .&#xa0;<i>The Legend of Broken</i>&#xa0;seamlessly blends epic adventure with serious research and asks questions that men and women grappled with in the Dark Ages and still do today.”—<i>The Washington Post<br /></i><br />“[A] colossal effort . . . a fantasy epic . . . meant as an allegory, a cautionary tale for our precarious times. To make his points, Carr has summoned a dream team of soldiers, wizards, and tiny forest folk.”—<i>The New York Times Book Review</i><br /><br />“Carr keeps the action hurtling along with a steady diet of gruesome murders and political betrayals. And he clearly wants modern readers to see something of their own world in the political corruption and greed that ultimately doom Broken.”—<i>The Boston Globe</i><br /><br /><i>From the Hardcover edition.</i>

5 Killing Time

Author : Caleb Carr
Genre :  Literary  Books  Fiction & Literature  Mysteries & Thrillers 
Price :  $5.99
Release Date :  2000-11-07
Description :  Meet Dr. Gideon Wolfe, expert criminologist of the new millenium. A professor at New York's John Jay University in the year 2023, he lives in an era that has seen plague, a global economic crash, and the 2018 assassination of President Emily Forrester. In this turbulent new world order, Wolfe's life and everything he knows are turned upside down when the widow of a murdered special-effects wizard enters his office.<br /><br />The widow hands him a silver disc from her husband's safety deposit box, hoping that Wolfe's expertise in history and criminology will compel him to track down her husband's killers. The disc contains footage of President Forrester's assassination, the same video that has been broadcast countless times on TV and over the internet-with one crucial, shocking difference: This version shows that before the video was released, it was altered with sinister special effects.<br /><br />This explosive discovery will lead Gideon Wolfe on an electrifying journey from a criminal underworld of New York to the jungles of Africa and on a quest to find the truth in an age when all information can be manipulated. With this novel, Carr has boldly established a new genre-future history-combining the best elements of mystery and thrillers with unique historical insight. Breathtakingly suspenseful,<b>Killing Time</b> unfolds as the work of a master novelist.<br /><br /><i>From the Hardcover edition.</i>

6 The Devil Soldier

Author : Caleb Carr
Genre :  Biographies & Memoirs  Books  History  Asia  Military 
Price :  $11.99
Release Date :  1992-01-08
Description :  A courageous leader who became the first American mandarin, Frederick Townsend Ward won crucial victories for the Emperor of China during the Taiping Rebellion, history's bloodiest civil war. Carr's skills as historian and storyteller come to the fore in this thrilling account of the kind of adventurer the world no longer sees.

7 The Lessons of Terror

Author : Caleb Carr
Genre :  Military  Books  History  World  Politics & Current Events 
Price :  $5.99
Release Date :  2002-01-15
Description :  In <b>The Lessons of Terror</b>, novelist and military historian Caleb Carr examines terrorism throughout history and the roots of our present crisis and reaches a provocative set of conclusions: the practice of targeting enemy civilians is as old as warfare itself; it has always failed as a military and political tactic; and despite the dramatic increases in its scope and range of weapons, it will continue to fail in the future.<br /><br />International terrorism—the victimization of unarmed civilians in an attempt to affect their support for the government that leads them—is a phrase with which Americans have become all too familiar recently. Yet while at first glance terrorism seems a relatively modern phenomenon, Carr illustrates that it has been a constant of military history. In ancient times, warring armies raped and slaughtered civilians and gratuitously destroyed property, homes, and cities; in the Middle Ages, evangelical Muslims and Christian crusaders spread their faiths by the sword; and in the early modern era, such celebrated kings as Louis XIV revealed a taste for victimizing noncombatants for political purposes.<br /><br />It was during the Civil War that Americans themselves first engaged in “total war,” the most egregious of the many euphemisms for the tactics of terror. Under the leadership of such generals as Stonewall Jackson, the forces of the South tried to systematize this horrifying practice; but it fell to a Union general, William Tecumseh Sherman, to achieve that dubious goal. Carr recounts Sherman’s declaration of war on every man, woman, and child in the South—a policy that he himself knew was badly flawed, had nothing to do with his military successes (indeed, it hampered them), and brought long-term unrest to the American South by giving birth to the Ku Klux Klan.<br /><br />Carr’s exploration of terror reveals its consistently self-defeating nature. Far from prompting submission, Carr argues, terrorism stiffens enemy resolve: for this reason above all, terrorism has never achieved—nor will it ever achieve—long-term success, however physically destructive and psychologically debilitating it may become. With commanding authority and the storyteller’s gift for which he is renowned, Caleb Carr provides a critical historical context for understanding terrorist acts today, arguing that terrorism will be eradicated only when it is perceived as a tactic that brings nothing save defeat to its agents.

8 The Mysterious Island

Author : Jules Verne, Jordan Stump & Caleb Carr
Genre :  Classics  Books  Fiction & Literature  Action & Adventure  Literary 
Price :  $2.99
Release Date :  2004-04-27
Description :  Based on the true story of Alexander Selkirk, who survived alone for almost five years on an uninhabited island off the coast of Chile, <i>The Mysterious Island</i> is considered by many to be Jules Verne’s masterpiece. “Wide-eyed mid-nineteenth-century humanistic optimism in a breezy, blissfully readable translation by Stump” (<i>Kirkus Reviews</i>), here is the enthralling tale of five men and a dog who land in a balloon on a faraway, fantastic island of bewildering goings-on and their struggle to survive as they uncover the island’s secret.

9 The Alienist

Author : Caleb Carr
Genre :  Historical  Books  Fiction & Literature  Mysteries & Thrillers 
Release Date :  2018-06-11
Description :  Das Psychogramm eines Mörders<br /><br />New York 1896: Unter Polizeichef Theodore Roosevelt kommt es zu einem grauenvollen Mord, der sich als Teil einer ganzen Mordserie erweist. Mit den Ermittlungen wird Dr. Kreisler beauftragt, ein Vorläufer Sigmund Freuds. Gegen erbitterte Widerstände gelingt es ihm, mittels eines detaillierten Psychogramms den Mörder einzukreisen.

10 El alienista

Author : Caleb Carr
Genre :  Mysteries & Thrillers  Books  Police Procedural 
Price :  $6.99
Release Date :  2013-02-14
Description :  <b>El <i>thriller</i> en que se basa la serie de TV <i>The Alienist.</i></b><br /><br /><b>Nueva York, 1896.</b> John Schuyler Moore, reportero de sucesos de <i>The New York Times,</i> recibe en plena madrugada la llamada de su antiguo compañero de Harvard, el famoso alienista (como se conocía entonces a los psicólogos) Laszlo Kreizler, quien le cita en el puente de Williamsburg, escenario de un horrible asesinato.<br /><br />Theodore Roosevelt, jefe de policía de la ciudad, solicita la colaboración de ambos amigos para indagar el crimen, una atrevida iniciativa, pues el alienista es visto con desconfianza por una sociedad conservadora, que considera que un asesino nace y no se hace. A ellos se une Sara Howard, primera mujer que trabaja en la comisaría, y los hermanos Isaacson, pioneros en las nuevas técnicas de investigación.<br /><br />Mientras que el grupo intenta trazar el perfil psicológico de un asesino del que lo ignora todo, este parece conocerlos perfectamente....<br /><br /><b>Los blogueros opinan:</b><br />«Estupenda novela sobre los papeles iniciales de los psicólogos, psiquiatras y especialistas en enfermedades mentales en el campo de la investigación criminal.»<br />Blog <i>Crítica de Libros</i><br /><br />«Novela policíaca de la buena, de la que engancha, de la que entretiene... de la que estremece.»<br />Blog <i>Abracalibro</i>

11 Das Blut der Schande

Author : Caleb Carr
Genre :  Historical  Books  Fiction & Literature  Mysteries & Thrillers  Historical 
Price :  $18.99
Release Date :  2009-03-11
Description :  Caleb Carr ist zurück, mit einem viktorianischen Thriller, der das Fürchten lehrt<br /><br />Eine mysteriöse Nachricht führt Sherlock Holmes und Dr. Watson in ein düsteres Schloss nach Schottland, Ort eines grausamen Doppelmords, der das Land erschüttert. Galt das Verbrechen der Königin? Holmes und Watson ermitteln und sind bald einer unheimlichen Verschwörung auf der Spur.<br /><br />Autorisiert vom Estate von Arthur Conan Doyle, lässt Caleb Carr den berühmtesten Detektiv der Weltliteratur wiederaufleben: Sherlock Holmes. Ein kryptisches Telegramm führt Holmes und Watson in der Baker Street zusammen. Bald ist es entschlüsselt, die Reise geht nach Holyroodhouse, dem schottischen Sitz der Königin. In einem verwaisten Flügel des Schlosses fielen zwei Angestellte einem bestialischen Mord zum Opfer. Die königlichen Berater sind in heller Aufregung, bereits mehrere Anschläge auf die Königin konnten in letzter Minute vereitelt werden. Besteht ein Zusammenhang? Holmes’ und Watsons Ermittlungen führen in alle Richtungen, bis sich eine Verbindung mehr und mehr herauskristallisiert: ein weiterer Mord, der in Holyroodhouse in ebendiesem Flügel verübt wurde, allerdings mehr als dreihundert Jahre zuvor. Holmes, der nicht an Übersinnliches glaubt, fühlt sich auf eine harte Probe gestellt.<br />

12 L'ange des ténèbres

Author : Caleb Carr
Genre :  Mysteries & Thrillers  Books 
Price :  $13.99
Release Date :  2014-06-19
Description :  New York, juin 1897. L'épouse éplorée d'un diplomate espagnol engage la détective Miss Sara Howard pour lui venir en aide : sa petite fille a disparu... <br /> Immédiatement, l'équipe de Lazio Kreizler se reconstitue autour de Sara, et de déductions en analyses, le profil psychologique du kidnappeur apparaît peu à peu sur leur grand tableau noir. <br /> Se dresse progressivement le portrait d'un être dont les mobiles ne sont pas politiques, d'une personnalité en proie à une étrange perversion, d'un tueur d'enfants ayant toutes les apparences de la normalité.

13 Le Secrétaire italien

Author : Caleb Carr
Genre :  Mysteries & Thrillers  Books 
Price :  $10.99
Release Date :  2014-10-16
Description :  Tout commence lorsque Sherlock Holmes reçoit un télégramme de son frère Mycroft qui l'appelle à l'aide : proche conseiller de la reine Victoria, ce dernier craint pour la vie de la souveraine. En effet, deux de ses serviteurs ont été percés de plus de cinquante coups de poignard, exactement comme le secrétaire italien de Marie Stuart, assassiné trois siècles auparavant. Et on sait que celle-ci a fini sans tête... <br /> Il n'en faut pas plus à Holmes et à son fidèle Watson pour accourir sur les lieux du drame et démontrer que la force de déduction vient toujours à bout de l'inextricable quand il s'agit de défendre l'ordre, l'Empire et la reine.

14 L'Aliéniste

Author : Caleb Carr
Genre :  Mysteries & Thrillers  Books 
Price :  $16.99
Release Date :  2015-05-28
Description :  <b>La réédition d'un roman culte !</b> <br /><br />John Moore Schuyler, jeune chroniqueur criminel au New York Times, est appelé d'urgence par Laszlo Kreizler. Ce dernier, précurseur brillant de ce qui est aujourd'hui appelé la psychologie - un aliéniste selon le vocabulaire de l'époque -, a découvert le corps horriblement mutilé d'un jeune garçon. Il n'est pas le premier et ne sera pas le dernier... <br /> Quel genre d'être humain est capable de commettre de tels crimes, et pour quelle raison ? Ayant obtenu le soutien de Theodore Roosevelt, le futur président des Etats-Unis, alors préfet de la police de New York et une vieille connaissance de Kreizler et de Moore, les deux amis ouvrent leur enquête. Leur approche est inhabituelle, pour le moins : en étudiant ces crimes, ils pensent pouvoir brosser le portrait psychologique de l'assassin pour le devancer dans ses projets meurtriers. En cela, ils sont assistés par deux détectives juifs, spécialistes de méthodes révolutionnaires comme la dactyloscopie et l'anthropométrie judiciaire, et par une jeune femme ambitieuse qui rêve d'être la première femme officier de police. La petite équipe incongrue suscite l'intérêt, et, très rapidement, la réaction violente d'un groupe de personnes qui entendent utiliser à leurs fins la série de meurtres. Le tueur frappera de nouveau. Une course de vitesse s'engage, où se confondent chasseur et proie...

15 Sindssygelægen

Author : Caleb Carr & Joyce Grosswiler
Genre :  Mysteries & Thrillers  Books 
Price :  $12.99
Release Date :  2016-07-15
Description :  Denne kriminalroman udspilles i New York anno 1896. Den handler om den intense jagt på en galning, som myrder løs blandt byens trækkerdrenge. Politidirektøren (senere præsident) Theodore Roosevelt hverver psykiateren Laszlo Kreizler til at hjælpe med oprydningen af det korrumperede politimiljø og lede jagten på morderen. “CC skildrer malende storbyen fra slumkvarterer til magthavere, der helst vil stoppe efterforskningen og lukke øjnene for børneprostitution og anden elendighed. Han går grundigt til værks, og skønt der er både spænding, gru og en sindsoprivende finale, vil yndere af action i lyntempo nok finde bogen for tung. Kræsne krimilæsere med sans for kvalitet og USAs nyere historie vil til gengæld notere sig CC som en ny stjerne i genren.” Gyde Neergaard, Lektørudtalelse “Den sociale forståelse i romanen er stor. Det er en kriminalroman, som vil mere end at underholde, og det lykkes, men den er stadig utroligt spændende. Kriminalplottet er virkelig gennemtænkt, og den lille detektiv kommer frem i læseren. Vi følger langsomt med i opbygningen af den psykologiske profil af morderen og danner vores eget kartotek over mistænkte. Det er den bedste roman, jeg længe har læst, og det var svært at lægge den fra sig. 'Sindssygelægen' er absolut anbefalelsesværdig …” Michael Høyer-Nielsen, Litteratursiden

16 La leyenda de Broken

Author : Caleb Carr
Genre :  Adventure  Books  Sci-Fi & Fantasy  Science Fiction & Literature  Science Fiction  Fantasy  Historical  Epic 
Price :  $11.99
Release Date :  2013-05-02
Description :  <b>Una narración salvajemente imaginativa, una saga épica monumental que redefine los límites de la literatura</b>.<br /><br /><i>La leyenda y fantasía se une con la historia en esta fascinante novela; el esperadísimo regreso del autor best seller y Nº1 del New York Times, Caleb Carr.</i><br /><br />Corren tiempos agitados para el reino de Broken, a merced de la peste y la guerra. Allí encontramos a dos caracteres opuestos pero que a su vez se entrelazan: Lord Baster-kin -el hombre más poderoso después de los dioses- lucha contra su conciencia, incluso mientras lleva a cabo el más mortífero y devastador de los planes, y Sixt Arnem, un guerrero que tras huir de los barrios pobres se ha convertido en el líder del poderoso ejército del reino y sus aliados.<br /><br />Keera, un oscuro espía, se embarcará en un peligroso viaje para salvar a su pueblo de la opresión. Mientras tanto, en las profundidades del salvaje Bosque de Davon, Caliphestros, un filósofo exiliado, y su leal compañero se unen para extender la venganza, convocados para auxiliar al vilipendiado e incomprendido Bane en su batalla contra el poder impuesto.<br /><br /><b>Los colosales muros del reino de Broken están a punto de derrumbarse.</b><br /><br /><b>Opinión:</b><br />«Los aficionados a George R. R. Martin que esperen la próxima entrega de <i>Juego de tronos</i>¸ podrán aliviar su sed de heroísmo mítico, guerras internas y miembros depravados de la realeza con esta brutal y esplendorosa novela de Caleb Carr.»<br /><i>The</i><i> Washington Post</i>

17 L'alienista

Author : Caleb Carr
Genre :  Mysteries & Thrillers  Books 
Price :  $5.99
Release Date :  2017-11-30
Description :  Su Netflix la serie più attesa dell'anno<br /><br /> Bestseller del New York Times<br /> Un successo internazionale pubblicato in oltre 24 Paesi<br /><br />NEW YORK 1896. Il reporter John Schuyler Moore riceve la chiamata inaspettata di Laszlo Kreizler – psicologo e “alienista” –, un suo amico di vecchio corso. Il dottore lo prega di raggiungerlo al più presto per assistere al ritrovamento di un cadavere. Il corpo è stato orrendamente mutilato e poi abbandonato nelle vicinanze di un ponte ancora in costruzione. La vista di quel macabro spettacolo fa nascere nei due amici un proposito ambizioso: è possibile creare il profilo psicologico di un assassino basandosi sui dettagli dei suoi delitti? In un’epoca in cui la società considera i criminali geneticamente predisposti, il giornalista e il dottore dovranno fare i conti con poliziotti corrotti, gangster senza scrupoli e varia umanità. Scopriranno, a loro spese, che cercare di infilarsi nella mente contorta di un assassino può significare trovarsi di fronte all’orrore di un passato mai cancellato. Un passato pronto a tornare a galla di nuovo, per uccidere ancora.<br /><br />Bestseller internazionale pubblicato in oltre 24 Paesi<br /> Su Netflix la serie TV più attesa dell'anno&#xa0;<br /><br /> «Un thriller coraggioso, appassionante e imperdibile.»<br />Los Angeles Times<br /><br /> «Una storia con un intreccio che terrà i lettori con il fiato sospeso fino all’ultima pagina.»<br />Entertainment Weekly<br /><br /> «Appassionante, intelligente e divertente.»<br />USA Today<br /><br /> «Tiene i lettori avvinti come pochi altri romanzi.»<br />San Francisco Chronicle<br /><br /> «Avvincente.»<br />Newsweek<br /><br /><b>Caleb Carr</b><br /><br />È un autore americano e uno storico militare. Ha scritto in tutto dieci libri, tra cui L’alienista, vincitore di numerosi premi e diventato un bestseller internazionale tradotto in oltre 24 Paesi, diventato presto una serie.

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