Andrew Carroll

1 Here Is Where

Author : Andrew Carroll
Genre :  United States  Books  History  Travel & Adventure  Specialty Travel  United States 
Price :  $1.99
Release Date :  2013-05-14
Description :  <i>Here Is Where </i>chronicles Andrew Carroll’s eye-opening – and at times hilarious -- journey across America to find and explore unmarked historic sites where extraordinary moments occurred and remarkable individuals once lived. Sparking the idea for this book was Carroll’s visit to the spot where Abraham Lincoln’s son was saved by the brother of Lincoln’s assassin. Carroll wondered, <i>How many other</i> <i>unmarked places are there where intriguing events have unfolded and that we walk past every day, not realizing their significance?</i> To answer that question, Carroll ultimately trekked to every region of the country -- by car, train, plane, helicopter, bus, bike, and kayak and on foot. Among the things he learned:<br />&#xa0;<br />*Where in North America the oldest sample of human DNA was discovered<br />&#xa0;<br />* Where America’s deadliest maritime disaster took place, a calamity worse than the fate of the <i>Titanic</i><br />&#xa0;<br />*Which virtually unknown American scientist saved hundreds of millions of lives<br />&#xa0;<br />*Which famous Prohibition agent was the brother of a notorious gangster<br />&#xa0;<br />*How a 14-year-old farm boy’s brainstorm led to the creation of television<br />&#xa0;<br />Featured prominently in <i>Here Is Where </i>are an abundance of firsts<i> </i>(from the first use of modern anesthesia to the first cremation to the first murder conviction based on forensic evidence); outrages<i> </i>(from riots to massacres to forced sterilizations); and breakthroughs<i> </i>(from the invention, inside a prison, of a revolutionary weapon; to the recovery, deep in the Alaskan<b> </b>tundra, of a super-virus; to the building of the rocket that made possible space travel). <i>Here Is Where</i> is thoroughly entertaining, but it’s also a profound reminder that the places we pass by often harbor amazing secrets and that there are countless other astonishing stories still out there, waiting to be found.&#xa0;<br /><br />Look for Andrew's new book,&#xa0;<i>My Fellow Soldiers</i>.&#xa0;

2 War Letters

Author : Andrew Carroll
Genre :  Military  Books  History  United States 
Price :  $14.99
Release Date :  2008-06-23
Description :  <b>In 1998, Andrew Carroll founded the Legacy Project, with the goal of remembering Americans who have served their nation and preserving their letters for posterity. Since then, over 50,000 letters have poured in from around the country. Nearly two hundred of them comprise this amazing collection -- including never-before-published letters that appear in the new afterword.</b><br /><br />Here are letters from the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea, the Cold War, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf war, Somalia, and Bosnia -- dramatic eyewitness accounts from the front lines, poignant expressions of love for family and country, insightful reflections on the nature of warfare. Amid the voices of common soldiers, marines, airmen, sailors, nurses, journalists, spies, and chaplains are letters by such legendary figures as Gen. William T. Sherman, Clara Barton, Theodore Roosevelt, Ernie Pyle, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Julia Child, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, and Gen. Benjamin O. Davis Sr. Collected in <i>War Letters,</i> they are an astonishing historical record, a powerful tribute to those who fought, and a celebration of the enduring power of letters.

3 Operation Homecoming

Author : Andrew Carroll
Genre :  Military  Books  History  Biographies & Memoirs 
Price :  $4.99
Release Date :  2006-09-12
Description :  “Here is what you will not find in the news–the personal cost of war written as clear and beautiful as literature worthy of the name is. These stories are the real thing, passionate, imaginative, searing.”<br />–Richard Bausch, author of <i>Wives &amp; Lovers</i><br /><br />The first book of its kind, <i>Operation Homecoming </i>is the result of a major initiative launched by the National Endowment for the Arts to bring distinguished writers to military bases and inspire U.S. Marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen and their families to record their wartime experiences. Encouraged by such authors as Tom Clancy, Mark Bowden, Bobbie Ann Mason, Tobias Wolff, Jeff Shaara, and Marilyn Nelson, American military personnel and their loved ones wrote candidly about what they saw, heard, and felt while in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as on the home front. Taken together, these almost one hundred never-before-published eyewitness accounts, private journals, short stories, letters, and other personal writings become a dramatic narrative that shows the human side of warfare.<br /><br />• the fear and exhilaration of heading into battle;<br />• the interactions between U.S. forces and Afghans and Iraqis, both as enemies and friends;<br />• the boredom, gripes, and humorous incidents of day-to-day life on the front lines;<br />• the anxiety and heartache of worried spouses, parents, and other loved ones on the home front;<br />• the sheer brutality of warfare and the physical and emotional toll it takes on those who fight;<br />• the tearful homecomings for those who returned to the States alive– and the somber ceremonies for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation.<br /><br />From riveting combat accounts to profound reflections on warfare and the pride these troops feel for one another, <i>Operation Homecoming</i> offers an unflinching and intensely revealing look into the lives of extraordinary men and women. What they have written is without question some of the greatest wartime literature ever published.<br /><br />“Andrew Carroll has given America a priceless treasure.”<br />–Tom Brokaw, on <i>War Letters</i><br /><br />Proceeds from this book will be used to provide arts and cultural programming to U.S. military communities. For more information, please go to<br /><br /><i>From the Hardcover edition.</i>

4 Behind the Lines

Author : Andrew Carroll
Genre :  History  Books  Fiction & Literature  Military 
Price :  $12.99
Release Date :  2005-05-10
Description :  From the editor of the phenomenal <i>New York Times</i> bestseller <i>War Letters</i> comes an even more powerful, more revealing collection of rare and previously-unpublished letters from every major war in American history -- all discovered during Andrew Carroll's extraordinary three-year journey throughout the U.S. and to thirty-five countries around the world."

5 My Fellow Soldiers

Author : Andrew Carroll
Genre :  Military  Books  History  United States  Biographies & Memoirs 
Price :  $14.99
Release Date :  2017-04-04
Description :  <b>From the <i>New York Times</i> bestselling author of <i>War Letters</i> and <i>Behind the Lines</i>, Andrew Carroll’s <i>My Fellow Soldiers</i> draws on a rich trove of both little-known and newly uncovered letters and diaries to create a marvelously vivid and moving account of the American experience in World War I, with General John Pershing featured prominently in the foreground. </b><br /> &#xa0;<br /> Andrew Carroll’s intimate portrait of General Pershing, who led all of the American troops in Europe during World War I, is a revelation. Given a military force that on the eve of its entry into the war was downright primitive compared to the European combatants, the general surmounted enormous obstacles to build an army and ultimately command millions of U.S. soldiers. But Pershing himself—often perceived as a harsh, humorless, and wooden leader—concealed inner agony from those around him: almost two years before the United States entered the war, Pershing suffered a personal tragedy so catastrophic that he almost went insane with grief and remained haunted by the loss for the rest of his life, as private and previously unpublished letters he wrote to family members now reveal. Before leaving for Europe, Pershing also had a passionate romance with George Patton’s sister, Anne. But once he was in France, Pershing fell madly in love with a young painter named Micheline Resco, whom he later married in secret. <br /> &#xa0;<br /> Woven throughout Pershing’s story are the experiences of a remarkable group of American men and women, both the famous and unheralded, including Harry Truman, Douglas Macarthur, William “Wild Bill” Donovan, Teddy Roosevelt, and his youngest son Quentin. The chorus of these voices, which begins with the first Americans who enlisted in the French Foreign Legion 1914 as well as those who flew with the Lafayette Escadrille, make the high stakes of this epic American saga piercingly real and demonstrates the war’s profound impact on the individuals who served—during and in the years after the conflict—with extraordinary humanity and emotional force.

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