Robert Kurson

1 Shadow Divers

Author : Robert Kurson
Genre :  Military  Books  History 
Price :  $12.99
Release Date :  2004-06-29
Description :  <b>In the tradition of Jon Krakauer’s <i>Into Thin Air</i> and Sebastian Junger’s <i>The Perfect Storm</i> comes a true tale of riveting adventure in which two weekend scuba divers risk everything to solve a great historical mystery–and make history themselves.</b><br /><br /> For John Chatterton and Richie Kohler, deep wreck diving was more than a sport. Testing themselves against treacherous currents, braving depths that induced hallucinatory effects, navigating through wreckage as perilous as a minefield, they pushed themselves to their limits and beyond, brushing against death more than once in the rusting hulks of sunken ships.<br /><br /> But in the fall of 1991, not even these courageous divers were prepared for what they found 230 feet below the surface, in the frigid Atlantic waters sixty miles off the coast of New Jersey: a World War II German U-boat, its ruined interior a macabre wasteland of twisted metal, tangled wires, and human bones–all buried under decades of accumulated sediment.<br /><br /> No identifying marks were visible on the submarine or the few artifacts brought to the surface. No historian, expert, or government had a clue as to which U-boat the men had found. In fact, the official records all agreed that there simply could not be a sunken U-boat and crew at that location.<br /><br /> Over the next six years, an elite team of divers embarked on a quest to solve the mystery. Some of them would not live to see its end. Chatterton and Kohler, at first bitter rivals, would be drawn into a friendship that deepened to an almost mystical sense of brotherhood with each other and with the drowned U-boat sailors–former enemies of their country. As the men’s marriages frayed under the pressure of a shared obsession, their dives grew more daring, and each realized that he was hunting more than the identities of a lost U-boat and its nameless crew.<br /><br /> Author Robert Kurson’s account of this quest is at once thrilling and emotionally complex, and it is written with a vivid sense of what divers actually experience when they meet the dangers of the ocean’s underworld. The story of <i>Shadow Divers</i> often seems too amazing to be true, but it all happened, two hundred thirty feet down, in the deep blue sea.<br /><br /><b>BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from Robert Kurson's <i>Pirate Hunters</i>.</b>

2 Pirate Hunters

Author : Robert Kurson
Genre :  History  Books  Sports & Outdoors 
Price :  $14.99
Release Date :  2015-06-16
Description :  <b><i>NEW YORK TIMES</i> BESTSELLER • <b>NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY <i>CHICAGO TRIBUNE •&#xa0;</i></b>A thrilling adventure of&#xa0;danger&#xa0;and&#xa0;deep-sea diving, historic mystery and suspense, by the author of <i>Shadow Divers</i></b><br /><br /> Finding and identifying a pirate ship is the hardest thing to do under the sea. But two men—John Chatterton and John Mattera—are willing to risk everything to find the <i>Golden Fleece,</i> the ship of the infamous pirate Joseph Bannister. At large during the Golden Age of Piracy in the seventeenth century, Bannister should have been immortalized in the lore of the sea—his exploits more notorious than Blackbeard’s, more daring than Kidd’s. But his story, and his ship, have been lost to time.&#xa0;If Chatterton and Mattera succeed, they will make history—it will be just the second time ever that a pirate ship has been discovered and positively identified. Soon, however, they realize that cutting-edge technology and a willingness to lose everything aren’t enough to track down Bannister’s ship. They must travel the globe in search of historic documents and accounts of the great pirate’s exploits, face down dangerous rivals, battle the tides of nations and governments and experts. But it’s only when they learn to think and act like pirates—like Bannister—that they become able to go where no pirate hunters have gone before.<br /><br /> Fast-paced and filled with suspense, fascinating characters, history, and adventure, <i>Pirate Hunters</i> is an unputdownable story that goes deep to discover truths and souls long believed lost.<br /><br /><b>Praise for <i>Pirate Hunters</i></b><br /><b><br /></b>“You won’t want to put [it] down.”<b>—<i>Los Angeles Times</i></b><br /><br /> “An exceptional adventure . . . Highly recommended to readers who delight in adventure, suspense, and the thrill of discovering history at their fingertips.”<b>—<i>Library Journal</i> (starred review)</b><br /><br /> “A terrific read . . . The book gallops along at a blistering pace, shifting us deftly between the seventeenth century and the present day.”<b>—<i>Diver</i></b><br /><br /> “Nonfiction with the trademarks of a novel: the plots and subplots, the tension and suspense . . . [Kurson has] found gold.”<b>—<i>The Dallas Morning News</i></b><br /><br /> “Rollicking . . . a fascinating [story] about the world of pirates, piracy, and priceless treasures.”<b>—<i>The Boston Globe</i></b><br /><br /> “[Kurson’s] narration is just as engrossing as the subject.”<b>—<i>The Christian Science Monitor</i></b><br /><br /> “A wild ride [and an] extraordinary adventure . . . Kurson’s own enthusiasm, combined with his copious research and an eye for detail, makes for one of the most mind-blowing pirate stories of recent memory, one that even the staunchest landlubber will have a hard time putting down.”<b>—<i>Publishers Weekly </i>(starred review)</b><br /><br />“The two contemporary pirate-ship seekers of Mr. Kurson’s narrative are as daring, intrepid, tough and talented as Blood and Sparrow—and Bannister. . . . As depicted by the author, they are real-life Hemingway heroes.”<b>—<i>The Wall Street Journal</i></b><br /><br /> “[Kurson] takes his knowledge of the underwater world and applies it to the ‘Golden Age of Piracy’ . . . thrillingly detailing the highs and lows of chasing not just gold and silver but also history.”<b>—<i>Booklist</i></b><br /><br />“A great thriller full of tough guys and long odds . . . and: It’s all true.”<b>—Lee Child</b><br /><br /><i>From the Hardcover edition.</i>

3 Rocket Men

Author : Robert Kurson
Genre :  United States  Books  History  Science & Nature 
Price :  $13.99
Release Date :  2018-04-03
Description :  <b><i>NEW YORK TIMES </i>BESTSELLER •&#xa0;<b>Perfect for Father’s Day:&#xa0;the</b> riveting inside story of three heroic astronauts who took on the challenge of mankind’s historic first mission to the Moon, from the&#xa0;bestselling author of <i>Shadow Divers</i>.<br /><br />“Robert Kurson tells the tale of Apollo 8 with novelistic detail and immediacy.”—Andy Weir, #1 <i>New York Times</i>&#xa0;bestselling author of <i>The Martian</i>&#xa0;and <i>Artemis</i></b><br /><br />By August 1968, the American space program was in danger of failing in its two most important objectives: to land a man on the Moon by President Kennedy’s end-of-decade deadline, and to triumph over the Soviets in space. With its back against the wall, NASA made an almost unimaginable leap: It would scrap its usual methodical approach and risk everything on a sudden launch, sending the first men in history to the Moon—in just four months. And it would all happen at Christmas.<br /><br /> In a year of historic violence and discord—the Tet Offensive, the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy, the riots at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago—the Apollo 8 mission would be the boldest, riskiest test of America’s greatness under pressure. In this gripping insider account, Robert Kurson puts the focus on the three astronauts and their families: the commander, Frank Borman, a conflicted man on his final mission; idealistic Jim Lovell, who’d dreamed since boyhood of riding a rocket to the Moon; and Bill Anders, a young nuclear engineer and hotshot fighter pilot making his first space flight.<br /><br /> Drawn from hundreds of hours of one-on-one interviews with the astronauts, their loved ones, NASA personnel, and myriad experts, and filled with vivid and unforgettable detail, <i>Rocket Men</i> is the definitive account of one of America’s finest hours. In this real-life thriller, Kurson reveals the epic dangers involved, and the singular bravery it took, for mankind to leave Earth for the first time—and arrive at a new world.<br /><br /><b>Praise for <i>Rocket Men</i></b><br /><br /> “In 1968 we sent men to the Moon. They didn’t leave boot prints, but it was the first time humans ever left Earth for another destination. That mission was Apollo 8. And&#xa0;<i>Rocket Men,</i>&#xa0;under Robert Kurson’s compelling narrative, is that under-told story.”<b>—Neil deGrasse Tyson</b><br /><br />“<i>Rocket Men</i> is a timely and thrilling reminder of a heroic American achievement—three dashing astronauts and the first rendezvous with the Moon. It has it all—suspense, drama, risk, and loving families. We could use those days again.”<b>—Tom Brokaw</b>

4 Crashing Through

Author : Robert Kurson
Genre :  Biographies & Memoirs  Books 
Price :  $8.99
Release Date :  2007-05-15
Description :  In his critically acclaimed bestseller <i>Shadow Divers</i>, Robert Kurson explored the depths of history, friendship, and compulsion. Now Kurson returns with another thrilling adventure–the stunning true story of one man’s heroic odyssey from blindness into sight.<br /><br />Mike May spent his life crashing through. Blinded at age three, he defied expectations by breaking world records in downhill speed skiing, joining the CIA, and becoming a successful inventor, entrepreneur, and family man. He had never yearned for vision.<br /><br />Then, in 1999, a chance encounter brought startling news: a revolutionary stem cell transplant surgery could restore May’s vision. It would allow him to drive, to read, to see his children’s faces. He began to contemplate an astonishing new world: Would music still sound the same? Would sex be different? Would he recognize himself in the mirror? Would his marriage survive? Would he still be Mike May?<br /><br />The procedure was filled with risks, some of them deadly, others beyond May’s wildest dreams. Even if the surgery worked, history was against him. Fewer than twenty cases were known worldwide in which a person gained vision after a lifetime of blindness. Each of those people suffered desperate consequences we can scarcely imagine.<br /><br />There were countless reasons for May to pass on vision. He could think of only a single reason to go forward. Whatever his decision, he knew it would change his life.<br /><br />Beautifully written and thrillingly told, <i>Crashing Through</i> is a journey of suspense, daring, romance, and insight into the mysteries of vision and the brain. Robert Kurson gives us a fascinating account of one man’s choice to explore what it means to see–and to truly live.<br /><br /><i>From the Hardcover edition.</i>

5 Cazadores de piratas

Author : Robert Kurson
Genre :  Fiction & Literature  Books  Mysteries & Thrillers  Historical  Biographies & Memoirs  History 
Price :  $13.99
Release Date :  2016-05-31
Description :  <b>La fascinante historia de dos cazadores de tesoros a la búsqueda del más legendario de los barcos piratas en la costa del Caribe.</b><br /><br /> La historia de dos hombres que en el año 2009 se lanzaron a surcar los mares en busca de un barco pirata legendario, el <i>Golden Fleece</i>, dispuestos a arriesgarlo todo --tiempo, dinero y vida sentimental--, a sortear todo tipo de dificultades y a enfrentarse a rivales en duelos dignos de la época de los corsarios. Dos cazadores de tesoros empecinados en encontrar en las profundidades del Mar Caribe un navío capitaneado por el mítico Joseph Bannister, famoso en su época por haber derrotado a la mismísima Royal Navy, y emblema de la que fue la Edad Dorada de la piratería en el siglo xvii.<br /><br /> Esta es la historia de esa hazaña no exenta de locura y heroicidad, con dos personajes quijotescos que se acaban convirtiendo en versiones modernas de los piratas que tanto les han obsesionado y en la que se da cuenta también de la vida del corsario Joseph Bannister y de su buque, en un momento y un lugar en el que la piratería era un lucrativo negocio alrededor del cual funcionaba toda la vida económica y social del momento.<br /><br /> Fascinante y adictiva, una original combinación de personajes en la línea de <i>Ocean´s Eleven</i>, el reportaje periodístico y las novelas marinas de Patrick O’Brian. Un libro que sumerge al lector en las cálidas aguas caribeñas y lo traslada a los tiempos turbulentos de la piratería, relatando esos cuatro años consagrados a una hazaña sólo comparable a lo que supuso hallar los restos del <i>Titanic</i> o alcanzar la cima del Everest por primera vez.

6 W pogoni za cieniem

Author : Robert Kurson
Genre :  Sports & Outdoors  Books  History  Military  Extreme Sports  United States  Nonfiction  Transportation 
Price :  $6.99
Release Date :  2014-03-21
Description :  Prawdopodobnie jest to najlepsza książka o nurkowaniu, jaką kiedykolwiek napisano; obowiązkowa pozycja na każdej marynistycznej półce. Historia dwóch przyjaciół, których determinacja i odwaga pozwoliła na wyjaśnienie jednej z ostatnich zagadek drugiej wojny światowej – pochodzenia tajemniczego wraku okrętu podwodnego u wybrzeży New Jersey. Od odkrycia do identyfikacji minęło sześć lat, w trakcie których ginęli nurkowie, rozpadały się małżeństwa i przyjaźnie, o prawo do nurkowania na wraku walczyły konkurencyjne zespoły, a poszukiwania odpowiedzi na pytanie o jego pochodzenie rozciągnęły się na dwa kontynenty. Z czasem historyczna ciekawość ustąpiła chęci oddania czci poległym na dnie morza przez tych, których ojcowie walczyli po drugiej stronie frontu. By nikt nie spoczywał nieznany na dnie oceanu.

7 Honba za pirátem

Author : Robert Kurson
Genre :  Mysteries & Thrillers  Books 
Price :  $8.99
Release Date :  2016-08-07
Description :  Piráti, skuteční lovci pokladů a jeden sen. A navíc je to všechno pravda...<br /><br /> Dobrodružný thriller vyprávějící skutečný příběh dvou lovců pokladů, Johna Chattertona a Johna Mattery, kteří jsou ochotni riskovat vše pro to, aby našli potopenou pirátskou loď jménem Zlaté rouno – loď, které velel jeden z&#xa0;nejslavnějších pirátů všech dob, Joseph Bannister. Kromě samotného faktu, že nalezení lodi by znamenalo teprve druhý, 100% identifikovaný vrak pirátské lodi v&#xa0;historii, je ve hře i obrovské množství zlata, které by se mohlo v&#xa0;útrobách vraku nacházet. Jde o jedinečný, vzrušující příběh o lidské touze a odvaze překonávat překážky a nebezpečí na&#xa0;cestě za svým snem. <br /><br />„Skvělý thriller o drsných chlapech a velkých snech… a navíc je to všechno pravda .“ <br /> – Lee Child, autor bestsellerů<br />

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