Camille Perri

1 The Assistants

Author : Camille Perri
Genre :  Fiction & Literature  Books 
Price :  $14.99
Release Date :  2016-05-03
Description :  <b>“<i>Ocean’s Eleven</i>&#xa0;meets&#xa0;<i>The Devil Wears Prada</i>” (<i>The Skimm</i>) in this hilarious, razor-sharp debut novel about a group of&#xa0;overeducated and underpaid women who decide they’ve finally had enough...<br /><br /></b><i>Rule #1: All important men have assistants. Rule #2: Men rule the world. Still. Rule #3: There is enough money. There is so much money.</i><br /><br />Tina Fontana is a thirty-year-old executive assistant to Robert Barlow, the CEO of Titan Corp., a multinational media conglomerate. She’s excellent at her job and beloved by her famous boss—but after six years of making reservations and pouring drinks from bottles that cost more than her rent, the glamour of working for a media company in New York has completely faded, but her student loan debt has not. <br /><br />When a technical error with Robert’s expense report presents Tina with the opportunity to pay off the entire balance of her loans with what would essentially be pocket change for her boss, she hesitates. She’s always played by the rules, but this would be a life-changer. As Tina begins to fall down the rabbit hole of her morally questionable plan, other assistants with crushing debt and fewer scruples approach her to say that they want in. Before she knows it, she’s at the forefront of a movement that has implications far beyond what anyone anticipated...

2 When Katie Met Cassidy

Author : Camille Perri
Genre :  Fiction & Literature  Books  Romance  Gay & Lesbian  Romantic Comedy 
Release Date :  2018-06-19
Description :  <b>From the acclaimed author of <i>The Assistants </i>comes another gutsy book about the importance of women taking the reins--this time, when it comes to love, sex, and self-acceptance.<br /><br />"Perri's book is a real gift--tender, sexy as hell and laugh out loud funny."--Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney</b><br /><br /><i>When it comes to Cassidy, Katie can't think straight.</i><br /><br />Katie Daniels, a twenty-eight-year-old Kentucky transplant with a strong set of traditional values, has just been dumped by her fiancé when she finds herself seated across a negotiating table from native New Yorker Cassidy Price, a sexy, self-assured woman wearing a man's suit. At first neither of them knows what to make of the other, but soon their undeniable connection will bring into question everything each of them thought they knew about sex and love.<br /><br /><i>When Katie Met Cassidy</i> is a romantic comedy about gender and sexuality, and the importance of figuring out who we are in order to go after what we truly want. It's also a portrait of a high-drama subculture where barrooms may as well be bedrooms, and loyal friends fill in the spaces absent families leave behind. Katie's glimpse into this wild yet fiercely tightknit community begins to alter not only how she sees the larger world, but also where exactly she fits in.

3 Die Assistentinnen

Author : Camille Perri
Genre :  Fiction & Literature  Books 
Price :  $15.99
Release Date :  2016-11-11
Description :  Weiter nach den Regeln spielen oder endlich auch ein Stück vom Kuchen abbekommen? Vor dieser Entscheidung steht Tina Fontana, die als Assistentin für Robert Barlow, den übermächtigen CEO eines internationalen Medienkonglomerats, arbeitet. Ihr Gehalt reicht kaum für ein Leben in New York, geschweige denn dafür, ihren Studienkredit abzubezahlen. Nach sechs Jahren, in denen die 30-Jährige ihrem Boss Tische in Restaurants reserviert hat, die sie sich nicht leisten kann, und ihm Drinks aus Flaschen ausgeschenkt hat, die mehr als ihre Miete kosten, steckt ihre Karriere in einer Sackgasse. Ein Fehler bei der Spesenabrechnung eröffnet Tina die Chance, ihre Schulden auf einen Schlag zu tilgen. Eine Summe, die für sie die Welt bedeutet, für ihren Chef aber nur Taschengeld ist. Ihre Entscheidung setzt eine Kette von Ereignissen in Gang, die das Leben der vielen überqualifizierten und unterbezahlten jungen Frauen der Stadt verändern wird ...

4 La asistente

Author : Camille Perri
Genre :  Fiction & Literature  Books 
Price :  $9.99
Release Date :  2017-08-15
Description :  Tina Fontana tiene 31 años y es la asistente ejecutiva del CEO de una corporación mediática internacional. Es la mejor en lo que hace y es muy querida por su jefe, pero después de seis años de hacer reservaciones y de servir tragos más caros que su renta, el <i>glamour</i> de su trabajo comienza a desvanecerse, su deuda estudiantil no.<br /><br />Un afortunado error en la comprobación de gastos de su jefe hará que tenga en sus manos la oportunidad de solucionar su futuro con una cantidad de dinero que a ella le costaría años reunir y que no significa prácticamente nada para él. Tina siempre ha sido una buena chica, pero no resiste la tentación de romper las reglas sólo por esta vez, teniendo como cómplices a las otras asistentes de la empresa: mujeres muy preparadas, aunque mal pagadas, que miran a su alrededor y se preguntan a dónde fueron a parar sus sueños.

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