Andi Dorfman

1 It's Not Okay

Author : Andi Dorfman
Genre :  Biographies & Memoirs  Books  Arts & Entertainment  Performing Arts 
Price :  $11.99
Release Date :  2016-05-17
Description :  Discover the <i>New York Times</i> bestselling book that <i>Bachelor </i>fans—and even <i>Bachelor </i>stars—can’t stop talking about! Beloved fan favorite Andi Dorfman tells the unvarnished truth about her engagement, her public breakup, and why looking for love on television is no paradise.<br /><br />Millions of people tuned in to see <i>Bachelorette</i> star Andi Dorfman get engaged to her chosen suitor. But when the cameras turned off and the dust (or rose petals) had settled, Andi realized she was engaged to a man she’d known for barely two months. And as they endeavored to return to normal life, they discovered that happily ever after wasn’t as easy as it looked. In her own words, Andi delivers “plenty of surprise (and some disturbing) details” (<i>Cosmopolitan</i>) as she tells the whole truth about her entry into the exclusive <i>Bachelor </i>family, her experience on the show, and finally, what happened to make it all fall apart.<br /><br />But this is much more than the diary of a very public breakup—Andi divulges her story along with some no-nonsense, straight-talking advice to other women dealing with their own romantic issues. In <i>It’s Not Okay,</i> Andi is the best friend we all wish we had, telling us the good, the bad, and the ugly to inspire us to always be true to ourselves and remember breakups may be hard, but it’s always going to be okay.

2 Single State of Mind

Author : Andi Dorfman
Genre :  Biographies & Memoirs  Books  Arts & Entertainment  TV 
Price :  $12.99
Release Date :  2018-01-09
Description :  Andi Dorfman, breakout star of ABC’s <i>The Bachelorette </i>and <i>New York Times </i>bestselling author of <i>It’s Not Okay, </i>returns with this new collection of her adventures as a still-single gal surviving and thriving in New York City.<br /><br />Sharing moments like finding her first New York apartment (the front door broke so she had to use the fire escape), her first dates on “celebrity Tinder” and finally, watching her ex-fiancé propose to another woman on <i>Bachelor in Paradise</i>, Andi Dorfman doesn’t shy away from pulling back the curtain on the life of a reality star who’s returned to reality.<br /><br /> Dorfman’s supremely relatable personality has inspired incredible devotion from her fans, who follow her every move on social media. Filled with a mix of romantic mishaps, city adventures, and, of course, plenty of insider <i>Bachelor</i> details, Andi’s new book is <i>Sex and the City</i> for the reality TV generation.

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